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Herald's Report

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The Council of HONOR meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon. Members in attendance were Emperor Logan, Magistrate Kodo, Senator of Arcane Earwen, Senator of War Akroma, Senator of Genesis Lora De Blood, and Head of State Kaatya. A quorum was declared and the meeting proceeded.


At the suggestion of Senator Akorma and with the full agreement of those present, it was decided to open the floor to discussion of this topic before any Resolution was formed.

Senator Akroma recommended that we adhere to the color patterns established in the past and that the ceremonial attire for Senators be a white or purple robe with colored cloaks signifying the house each Senator represented and that each Senator carry a similar staff. She noted that it has become almost impossible to do the armor.

Senator Lora agreed on the ceremonial garb but stated that a sash and apron should always be worn. If the attire does not allow sash, it should at least be carried with you.

Emperor Logan stated that only a doublet or a surcoat block the wearing of a sash. So the uniform should be a robe, apron, cloak of house color, and sash of house color. The sash will be hidden by the robe which is why the cloak should be of the house color.

Senator Earwen suggested a white robe, apron, cloak, sash, and staff for ceremonial purposes, with the non-ceremonial attire set as sash and apron.

Emperor Logan received an urgent call for his assistance. The formal proceedings were suspended until he could return. During his absence, the Council members discussed combinations for the uniforms and tried on several samples, including new colors for some Senate houses. The meeting was called back to order upon the return of Emperor Logan.

After viewing the Senators in differing forms of attire, Emperor Logan entered a Resolution to amend the Codex to set the ceremonial uniform of Senators as a white robe, cloak of house color, purple half apron, sash of house color, hat of house color, and a staff. Senator Lora seconded his motion.

Kaatya asked what type of staff the Emperor had in mind. Senator Lora mentioned the carrying of a scepter rather than a staff.

Emperor Logan commented that scepters signified royalty, kings. He felt it not appropriate for the Senators to carry one. Emperor Logan amended his Resolution to specify an energy black staff be carried as part of the ceremonial uniform. Senator Lora seconded the motion and a vote was taken.

All Senators voted Aye, the Head of State voted Nay. The motion passed with better than a 2/3 majority vote.

Senator Earwen entered a motion that the color for the House of Arcane be changed to charcoal and that the color for the House of Genesis be changed to dark blue. Senator Lora seconded this motion.

Senator Akroma noted that black is the color of the House of Espionage and that there might be a conflict with these colors being too similar to each other.

Senator Lora agreed with Akroma's point and stated she would find another color for Genesis.

Senator Earwen then withdrew her motion until the next Council of HONOR meeting.

Emperor Logan entered a motion to delay the selection of House colors until the next meeting. Senator Lora seconded his motion, the motion carried with unanimous vote of approval.

Emperor Logan advised that those seeking new colors to find one that ties into the House's skill set.


Emperor Logan made a motion to appoint Colin Mor as the guild's official Lore Keeper because of his vast knowledge of guild and shard lore. Senator Lora seconded this motion.

Kaatya spoke in support of a Council member being named to work with Colin Mor on this project.

Emperor Logan amended his motion to appoint Senator Earwen to partake in this endeavor with Colin Mor. Senator Lora seconded the amended motion and it carried with a unanimous vote of approval.

Emperor Logan commented that he wold like to see a minimum of one Lore topic a month on the Forums, old stories revisited, etc. More than one monthly would be even better.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

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