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Lord Logan

Orcs of the White desert

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Sponsor: Shadowclan Orcs

Location: Yew Orc Fort

Start Date: Jan 24 2004 1:05pm EST

End Date: Jan 30 2004 8:05pm EST

Recurrance: Daily (M-F)

The Shadowclan Orc guild of Catskills shard is interested in putting together a long term plot. It requires many pieces, and this is the first. While we greatly appreciate current Shadowclan members creating new characters for the plot, we are more appreciative of new players creating the enslaved orcs to interact with already established characters.

If you are someone who regularly plays on another shard, you are absolutely encouraged to try out Catskills through this plot. You do not need to have any resource for armor, weapons, or entertainment, as Shadowclan will provide all that your character needs. Come share in a diverse shard of role playing.

To create an orc for this plot, remember to play your character as an escaped and formerly enslaved orc that has recently arrived at the Shadowclan Orc Fort. Look for other characters who are created for this piece of the plot and interact with them as though you know them. We need someone to take the initiative and play the orc who led the escape.

Create your character following the directions on this web site: http://www.shadowclan.org/catskills/gruntee.htm . It is recommended that you mention the enslaved orc background somewhere in your character's profile.

Take your newly created character to the Shadowclan Orc Fort in Yew Trammel, pass the simple test and role play out your travels and background, and then enjoy! We will have a meeting Friday, January 30th at 8pm EST/5pm PST at the Shadowclan Orc Fort to lead the first attempt at revenge. The next steps you will be informed of as we progress

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I encourage everyone with an open character slot to do this if you are on catskills. it will be a learning experience for everyone who participates, and if i had a slot i would be participating

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