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Lord Logan

Return of the King

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Farewell to the King

Rourke, Town Cryer Guildmaster Dec 19 2003 11:36AM

I report with you now a matter of great significance to all Britannia—to all Sosaria—and I do so with a heavy heart. Truly, this may no longer be news to you. Word has spread quickly throughout the realm that our King, Lord British, has bid his final farewells to Britannia. Many of his subjects were present during his final noble act—

…But, I get ahead of myself. Please, allow me to begin again.

Earlier in the day, the Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard learned that an agent of Minax that had been spied in the Ilshenar facet. Summoning the troops to Castle British, the Commander reasoned that it would be a routine mission for the Royal Guard to investigate.

In tight formation, the guardsmen made their way south from the City of Compassion, to Britain’s moongate. Before they could enter it and cross facets, they were halted by Clainin, royal mage and member of the ruling council of Britannia.

Clainin was in a frantic state, panting and gasping confusing bits of conversation about Lord British and some “final ritual.” After composing himself, the mage begged the Commander to follow, exclaiming insufficiently that “the timing was too early” and that he was going to fetch Dupre to help.

As to why Clainin was in such a panic, the guardsmen were at a loss—all save the Commander, who seemed somehow to follow Clainin’s curious conversation. They only knew, after the royal mage disappeared into the moongate on his way to Felucca, that the Commander hastened them all back toward Britain, to the Chamber of Virtue.

As they entered the Chamber they saw fragments of the legendary Gem of Immortality, shattered long ago when the Stranger defeated Mondain, positioned over the symbols of Virtue. Standing in the center of the Chamber, of equal distance from all the shard-fragments, was Lord British, King of Britannia. Outside the perimeter were close friends and members of the ruling council of Britannia.

A crowd was building in the Chamber of Virtue, and was fluttering with concern and speculation. Some knew that the King was safeguarding several wayward shards, but why were they displayed in such a manner, here, out in the open?

As the crowd calmed, Lord British issued a statement. The shards were in danger—verily, they were in near constant danger. He would bring them to a place where no harm could come to them, nor could anyone use them for evil. He intended to personally bring them into the Void, where they—and each duplicate Sosaria within—would be kept safe. And he would not come back.

Before he did so, Lord British appointed the Commander to a position in the ruling council. For acts of heroism, Virtue, diligence, and leadership, the Commander would now be a leader for all of Britannia. And once this appointment was completed, the King began his mystical ceremony.

Lord British began calling out magical words of power, “Vas Ort Rel Por An Tym!” Curiously-hued moongates had appeared at each symbol of Virtue. One after another, a duplicate Lord British appeared at each moongate and moved to the existing King, each bearing one of the Gem-fragments. And, as each King met, they merged into one being.

When only one Lord British remained, he called out again, “Kal Vas Rel Por,” and a massive black gateway appeared. “In Sanct Por Ort Vas Bet Ylem,” the King commanded, and the gateway opened. Through it, one could see the vast emptiness that was the Void—our King’s destination.

However, before the King could traverse the gateway, evil creatures began appearing and assaulted everyone that had gathered. The Royal Guard quickly put their swords to task, and more than a few of the onlookers were prepared to defend themselves and their King. The battle was quick, chaotic, and furious, but the citizens of Britannia stood their ground, and victory was theirs in the end.

As the tumult settled, Lord British returned to the task at hand. He bid everyone goodbye, said his final farewells, and humbly thanked Britannia for all that it was. Our King approached to the gateway, stepped into the Void with the wayward shards, and was gone.

His was always a cause most noble, but the crowd was heartbroken. Our King was gone, this time most likely forever.

Once upon a time, Lord British gave us direction, and we shall honor his memory by continuing to choose the Virtuous path. We shall respect the sacrifice that our King made not only for us, but for every being on every shard, and shall endeavor to live up to his example. We wish our liege—our former liege well in his travels into the Great Unknown.

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