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I created ITC TradeConsortium (no space in tradeconsortium) on STAR WARS GALAXY of HEROS phone game app.

It is a PvP game of team vs team that you build up overtime different characters (Jedi) (Sith) (Mixed) (Droid) (Alien)...and battle other players teams they have built up and trained.

Level 22 is guild entry.

RAIDS can be opened up for the Guild to then do overtime as we all send out team into the darkness of the Raid space.....can we defeat the RANCOR is the current Raid option.

Join the PHONE version of The IMPERIAL TRADE CONSORTIUM ......Lord Vaders Dreadknights.......we improve the Empire one credit at a time.

Apple App Store


Google Play

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Tips from various sources:

You should definitely get ahsoka she is a strong attacker and can sometimes help in healing. Barris is a weak attacker but good healer. And I highly recommend Ventress. Strong attack and stun powet. Don’t try the Guardian not worth it. So if you want my opinion get the Ahsoka+ Barris+ Ventress. But as you are new first of all try to open Luminara and it’s not hard to open. You can get her shards from GW. Strong healer and attacker. And if you want a really strong attacker go for rey

Hero abilities and stats: http://www.swgohcantina.com/hero-stats/

Positive and negative buffs: http://www.swgohcantina.com/positive-and-negative-status-effects-explained/


And of course, reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes/

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Currently we are consistently RAIDING the RANCOR Pit.....with Sparty and Balandar taking the brunt of the beast on ....everyone can get damage score upon him and everyone who does WILL get rewarded...regardless of amount of damage.....silly not to hit him at least one time to get Raid loot.   ALL 50 positions in guild (max size a guild can be) are eligible for Raid loot.....all based on damage done.......so far only 5 or 6 of the 11 people in guild are Raiding or hitting the beast.    Easy Loot......HIT HIM!!!

WE also have begun sharing to each other excess upgrade items.....this is in the GUILD section as well.....we can donate to  each other parts to help you level up your gear for your Galaxy of Heros Star Wars characters.

Free game.....each day it regenerates your "power" to do quests or seek items or credits.


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