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Total War Battles: KINGDOM


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Available for almost all platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android (can be found on steam as well). Similar to Clash of Clans with a mix of Dominations tossed in..


Current THE players:

Balandar - @Balandar
BorgStonewall - @Borg

Once you reach aprox level 15 you add friends.


For those playing Total War Battles: Kingdom... "To celebrate the occasion and make your start a little easier, we're throwing in a voucher code for 1000 Silver, Food, Stone and Wood, redeemable once per account and valid until 21st April 2016.


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Units with swords beat units with spears. 

Units with spears beat cavalry. 

Cavalry beats units with swords. 

The Longbowmen you start with are effective against all targets at range. Don't fire into a fight taking place without using Take Aim or Precision, because they will kill your own guys too. 

You get to see in advance how the AI army is laid out. Change your own layout to optimally beat theirs. Is their frontline all cavalry? Make your frontline have spears (favored) or cavalry (equally matched). 

Time the charges to be Great or Perfect. It's important. Different units have different optimal times to charge. For cavalry, it's fairly far away. For spearmen, you need to wait until they're closer. 

Use your artillery as often as possible. 

Use your church orders as often as possible. 

Use your unit abilities (once per unit per battle). 

Advanced unit info: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/comment/1498760/#Comment_1498760 

Pasted from <https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/170319/army-setup-help> 

Additional Information

There's a bit more to the units than just their raw numbers. There's an interaction between weapons (the cavalry->infantry->spears triangle), armor types, and shield types. Plate armor is more effective than leather, even if the numbers are equal. 

Easy example: Crossbowmen have great stats -- high numbers all around. But their equipment is lackluster: short sword, hard leather, small shield. They cannot stand up to swordsmen of equal stats. 

Ballista: Fast reload. Small area of effect. Sometimes "misses", but is otherwise effective against all armor types. Does notfriendly fire. Ballista is really quite weak, and you should buy/craft Mangonel or Trebuchet as soon as you can. Nobody in the top 10 of the PvP ladder uses these. 

Mangonel: Medium reload. Murders cloth/leather armor units. Okay against chain. Almost never kills plate. Will kill your own units. 

Trebuchet: Slow reload. Kills anything in a slightly smaller area than mangonel. Will kill your own units. 

Swordsmen: Average infantry. Effective against spears. Can use Critical Strike or Saviours. 

Spearmen: Very effective against cavalry. Not great against other footsoldiers. Chain armor with no shields makes them uniquely vulnerable to ranged attacks. Can use Spear Wall or get instant reinforcements. 

Macemen: Not sure on the specs, but I've seen them used in PvP and they seem okay. 

Axemen: Very high attack, very low defense. Seems to lose in most matchups, likely due to bad defense. They're supposed to be good against knights, but I don't see it. Can use Invincibility or Fear. 

Light Cavalry: Very high attack, very low defense. See axemen. Murders ranged units, but tends to die quick. Can boost attack for 10 seconds, or get instant reinforcements. 

Medium Cavalry: Balanced stats. Good against infantry. Can use Critical Strike or rider brotherhood. Max of 1. 

Knights Cavalry: Balanced stats. A bit overpowered with its plate armor and medium shield, really. Can use Invincibility or Fear. Max of 1. 

Longsword Knights: Balanced, very strong stats. Since these are free and better than swordsmen, you should definitely have one unit in your army. Max of 1. 

Greatsword Knights: Strong stats with a slant toward attack. Pretty strong, but their lack of shields makes them more vulnerable to ranged attacks, javelin throwers, and they can't Shield Wall. Max of 1. 

Greataxe Knights: Strong stats with a heavy slant toward attack. Similar to Greatsword Knights, but their lower defense makes them strictly worse in most cases. Max of 1. 

Longbow Archers: Longest range. Good against all targets, but no specialization. Can use precision or feather brotherhood. 

Javelin Throwers: Very short range. Effective against any armor, but does almost nothing against medium/large shields. Effective in melee versus cavalry. Can use Wild Shot or Spear Wall. 

Crossbowmen: Can only fire at enemy unit directly in front, or to the side if they are in the "melee row". This means they'll be firing at your own units in a melee (Precision, Take Aim, or Invincibility highly recommended). You cannot fire over a melee. Effective against all targets. Fast first shot, but very slow reload. Good melee stats for ranged, but their poor equipment hurts them. Has shields for Shield Wall. Can use Critical Strike or Precision. Max of 1. 

Composite Bow Archers: Slightly shorter range than Longbows. Faster fire rate. Good against leather armor units, but not very effective against chain or plate. Can use Flurry, or something else I forget. Max of 1. 

Hunters: Bad version of Longbow Archers. 

Levies: Bad version of Spearmen. 

Pasted from <https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/comment/1498760/#Comment_1498760>  

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