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Ruins of Ravensmoor - at level 37

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Thought I would try out bot the armored warrior method we all geared up for as well as a caster form, using skills still effective as the armored warrior.

Either way this zone is a deathtrap. They added Ghosts. Ghost drain you and heal themselves in one shot. I have killed 1, died about 10 times. Tried it as a warrior mage, meaning I can summon a pet, use circle of flame, fiery weapon. died 2x fast

tried as a pure mage with very low fizzles. spells went off good and in three tries killed the first ghost once. Ever since, pure mage doesn't have the ability to overcome that harm touch/heal they have.

I believe the zone is generated based on the level of the player so perhaps if I switched out skills for a more purer mage I could do it. But I am convinced these setups do not provide a good success rate.

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This is definitely the case now. I went and gave it a shot solo as well. The regular mobs i.e. skeletons and spiders are no issue, but the ghosts just wipe you out. I did get some progress when I lured skeletons into a ghosts room then died. When I came back in the skeleton fought the ghost and killed it for me. But that is not a regular method. I think they'll be tweaked. I saw on the forums that some had success using death ray on ghosts or something. I'm assuming magical ability but at this point I can't complete the Ravensmoor quest

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