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On August 27th, Combat will be added, 3 weapons will become available (Crafted), a sword, a staff and a Bow. Considered Tier 1.

Gear also available, some droppable. Look for chests in tunnels and caverns, possible Store items, possible creature drops. A few craftable pieces.

PVP will be available on claims marked as PVP – Do not enter a Claim that indicates it is PVPO unless you are ready to die.

New things coming (Likely 27th)

Movement items – Teleporters – Set Teleporter and then set reception point. There appears to be a distance limit equal to about 1 claim distance, perhaps a bit more. Effect can be further but will require a “zoning’ effect instead of smooth transport. Smokejumper/Dave G tested it out and it appears to be roughly 195 voxels distance, possible farther.

Flingers” – Think of a teleporter that is spring activated to toss you up to another level, as in video games.

Floating platforms – Set start point, set Platform, set reception point, Platform then constantly goes back and forth.

August 18th – Gamestop – New game cards, get $25.00 SC for 20 + (something else, notes were unreadable – sorry)

Monsters – 5 Monsters – Chomper (already shown months ago), Scorpion Bush (Poison), Exploding Mushroom (fire), and 2 others. Creatures will also appear in caves and caverns, so near-instant death may be around the corner…..

World Data – Tiers will soon matter more than current. Want tier 3 materials? Must get down to T3 Cave/Cavern system. Pulverizers Rule.

Islands - Assume all surface is T1. Have to dig to get T2. Coming soon if not 27th.

<Leyline upgrade> - Each Island will have a series of crystals on the Island itself, to port around to, including spots underground. To access these other crystals, you must first manually find them to open them up for use.

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