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I have access to the beta.

It is basically...........PVP with Personal Housing (BUNKERS)....since everything you do to your house actually gives you bonuses to skills etc. Various large add ons can give you a personal bank, workbenches and even raid portal.

Im currently only gaming in UO much now and doing PT for knee.....and looking at job options and hoping to either start my business or find a job.

Chadaroo has me looking at Streaming also as an option and linking it to the website.

I think a lot of us are kinda in flux everywhere.....gravitating to their old favorite games or ones that they still enjoy.....I see GW2, Star Wars Vigilance, UO and Ive been listening in on Chad and Martok playing the PRELAUNCH of Archage. (it says Alpha but its a complete game just with Korean Cinematic cut scenes) They will launch it with English.

So kinda enjoying the favorites I can while looking for job and something that can bring us all back together......it is what I personally miss the most....the teamwork goofy adventuring and struggles that new games and old games present to our online family.....love you all.

Just wish we could be all together again somewhere constantly.

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I agree with you, Borg! I miss the old days of us all being together. I wish we all could find that next game we all enjoy.

I am unable to play Wildstar after all.. :( I thought my Alienware laptop, which is about 3 years old, had a decent graphics card, but apparently not.

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