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Closed Beta Keys

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Please post here if you wish to participate in closed beta. Also post if you meet the minimum requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS – Windows 7 64 bit
Processor – Intel i5 Quad Core or higher / AMD Phenom II X4 or higher
Memory – 4GB RAM
Hard Drive – 20GB Free
Video Memory – 1,024 MB RAM
Video Card – nVidia GeForce GTX 275 series or higher / AMD HD 4890 or higher
Sound Card – DirectX compatible
Internet – Broadband (3Mbit/sec or higher)

Limited monthly bandwidth plans will not work as you'll likely exceed your limit quickly.

For your video card, you should rank around a 120 or lower on this site: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_list.php

You have until Friday 7pm EST to post below for a closed beta key.

Keys will be given out Friday Night or Saturday morning.

* This giveaway is for existing members prior to 4/2/2014

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I will check this out. I have no idea how much I'd be able to play so if it comes down to a lottery for keys, choose someone that would know they could commit over me. Otherwise I'd be in

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Closed beta would be a godsend for the wife as she has been dying to get in but hasn't got a key and had surgery Friday so be awesome give her the oppurtunity to play her favorite game and we FAR exceed mini specs

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Funny thing, I've been tossing the idea of coming back and emerging myself back into the wonder. I'd seriously be interested in this and my computer meets specs. BUT as mentioned above if you have a HARD CORE addict i would understand, as I still have that three letter word in my life……a JOB!

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I have 3 left to give out, but I'll see if I can scrounge some up from our other members to get everyone here a key (unless we see some more posts before Friday night).

Most of us are casual gamers or have jobs (I have a full time job, 10 month old son, and another on the way!) so don't worry if you can only play now-and-then.

We'll be writing a guide for new players (or finding an existing one) as the there is little information in the tutorials (in the EQ landmark folder when installed) on what to do when you get into game.


P.S. I'll send keys via a PM on these forums.

P.P.S. Make sure your email is up to date and notifications are turned on.

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Giveaway is now closed.

I am checking to see if I can get a couple more keys so I can give keys to everyone who replied.

I'll send keys out tomorrow once I hear back from the other Trailblazers (I just got off work so they may be asleep).

If anyone else finds this thread, I'm afraid we are out of keys. However, if you are DIEING to play, you can still get into closed beta by purchasing a founders pack for $19.99. There are also higher end packs:


The base pack will give you a pick-axe that allows you to harvest every tree in game and mine tier 2 materials (otherwise you have to work up to those items in game).

See you in game!

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Keys sent! Check your PMs on the forums! Be sure to add everyone as a friend and join TheHonorEmpire chat channel.

Fast Start Guide for T.H.E. members:


Please post your in-game name in the following thread so we can add you as a friend:


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