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Mining Guide

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POSTED by DARKLADY on EQLandmark Forums

Before you start your mining adventures there are a few thing you need to know:

1.You don't have to equip your tools to use them, keep them in your inventory and just drag them on your hotbar.

2.You can't mine next to the starting point. Your tools are not broken, there is a small area around the portal where you can't mine anything. Head out a bit and you will be able to mine everything.

3.Make sure you are in the correct tier area. Look around the portal, the minerals you see there are the ones you are going to find on your current map. If you don't see a lot of bright orange then you are in the wrong zone. Go to the middle of the portal and click on the stone above your head and select a Tier 1 zone.

Tier 1 mining: you can mine everything with the Founders Pick

Copper Ore: Bright Orange, always found on the surface. If you are in a tier 1 zone you will see a lot of it wherever you look.

Tin Ore: Metallic Silver, mostly found under Copper deposits, rarely found on the surface. Fully mine the Copper deposits to uncover the Tin deposits.

Agate: Yellow-ish in color, found on the surface or under Tin deposits that spawned on the surface. Not very rare, but not the most common thing to come across. Mostly found in desert areas.

Tourmaline: Green with yellow, very rare to find, can be found on the surface or under both copper and tin deposits. If there are a lot of people hunting for it, it might take some time to find. Keep an eye out of it though since you need it to craft your next pick.

Tier 2 mining: requires a Bronze Pick

Iron Ore: Metallic Dark, mostly found in tier 2 zones, always on the surface.

Aquamarine: Light blue-green, found on the surface and also under Iron Ore deposits. Easier to find then the tier 1 gems.

Topaz: Yellow mixed with orange, found both on the surface or under Iron Ore deposits.

To craft your bronze pick you need:

15 Plain Wood Planks (1500 Plain Wood) + 3000 Plain Wood Planks (not processed)

45 Tourmaline (1 deposit should give you that)

15 Elemental Tin (provided by Tin deposits)

5 Burled Wood Plank (500 Burled Wood Log)

13 Tin Ingots (1300 Tin Ore)

15 Elemental Copper (provided by Copper deposits)

20 Copper Ingots (2000 Copper Ore)

These materials would provide enough for you to craft the following:

Copper Pick (needed for crafting the Bronze Pick)

Copper Reinforced Saw Table (you need it to make the Wood Planks. To use this you need to place your claim and drop the item inside it. To find a valid claim spot open the minimap and zoom out. Look for a spot that is not within a box - you'll know what I mean when you see the minimap. Might be hard to find a valid spot, I found mine on the far right corner of a map.)

Bronze Pick

Tier 3 mining: requires an Iron Pick

Silver Ore: Bright Silver, mostly found under Iron deposits. Fully mine the Iron deposit to uncover the Silver. Found on tier 2 maps.

To craft your Iron Pick you need:

3 Burled Wood Planks (300 Burled Wood Logs)

45 Aquamarines

15 Elemental Iron (provided by Iron deposits)

30 Plain Wood Planks (3000 Plain Wood Logs)

15 Iron Ingots (1500 Iron Ore)

Tier 4 mining: requires a Silversteel Pick

Tungsten: Dark Green, found on the surface on tier 2 maps. There is loads of it, you can't miss it, especially in the desert areas.

Marble: Plain White, found on the surface on tier 2 maps.

To craft your Silversteel Pick you need:

20 Plain Wood Planks (2000 Plain Wood Logs)

60 Topaz

10 Silver Ingots (1000 Silver Ore)

20 Elemental Silver (provided by Silver deposits although the drop rate seems really low)

7 Burled Wood Plank (700 Burled Wood Logs)

This seems to be the last pick that can be crafted at the moment. The servers went down as I was starting to try mine with my new pick so if I find anything else I will add it.

If you want to craft all your planks in one go and not have to run back and forth to your claim spot, you need a total of 6.800 Plain Wood Logs and 1.500 Burled Wood Logs to make all the planks you need and never have to go back (for now). The rest of the materials and the actual picks can be crafted at the crafting station at the starting portal.

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