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Terrathan for Rent


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After a long hiatis deep into the lost world, I am happy to return. During my travels I came across a runestone leading to a place called the Terrathan Keep. Feeling adventurous I decided to recall to that dismal place to discover that six spider-like creatures were closing in on me.. fast.

Needless to say, my sewing kit and house keys didn't provide much defense against these vile creatures. So after escaping with minmal health, I found an hall leading to a room, filled with treasures.

Treasures of all sorts, piles of gold and chests, diamonds and rubies.. magical weapons -in addition to demons and other un-earthly disasters waiting to loot my corpse of sewing kits and house keys!

I opened up my runebook and quickly found comfort. But now, I seek company to return to that dismal location. I seek a team of experienced adventurers and warriors who will be responsible for the protection me and one pack animal.

Think of it as a sort of expedition to discover what sort of treasure can be found in the deep. If you are interested, I believe a party of:

3 - Fighters

2 - Mages/Healers

1 - Locksmith

Will be needed. Anyone interested?

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oh oh can I be the solo magnet! please?....*im being sarcastic* Cmon warriors unsheathe your blades!

Regardless Thiork Im ready altough I hope it ends better than the last trip I took with you to Terri *grins*

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