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Not bad for what I paid.

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...which was nothing, really, as I got it free with my WoW pass.

But anywho, I'm finding the game quite fun. Graphics are very nice, or at least the environment graphics are ( character models are still pretty crappy ), and the loot grind hasn't been this fun since Diablo 2. There's enough item customization and choices to keep me testing build after build, and the skill / glyph system is loads more fun than the previous iterations.

All in all, I rather enjoy the time I play.

Which is the regrettable part, as I get to play so very little. See, I have Time Warner Cable for my ISP, which in NC means I get connection hiccups every 15 - 40 minutes. Yes, that's a broad window, but it's completely random. Usually this is just enough to make me lag a bit in games like WoW or DCUO, maybe cause a streaming video to pause or a webpage to misload, but in Diablo 3 this means I get fully disconnected and have to repeat the map I've been clearing all over again. This is becoming quite frustrating to me and my local friends who have the same issue, and I can see it being a very big reason as to why I eventually get tired and move on to another game. I'm all for grinding loot, and I realize I'll be repeating content many times over many characters, but doing the same map 3 times in a row because of a 20 second internet drop is getting ridiculous.

....sigh. Anywho, I've vented. Think I'mma go play some Secret World. I don't feel like clearing the Oasis a third time tonight.

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ya, the few times i've been disconnected I've had to clear the area again. Annoying!

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