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Live the ship droid experience!

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This ought to outweigh the "adjustments" in 1.2 and make us forget that rakata armor is hideous:

Cruising around the galaxy in your own personal starship is an important aspect of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. The player’s starship is like a home, and the player’s companions are like a family. No one knows this better than the dedicated Ship Droids who maintain the vessels: C2-N2 for Republic characters and 2V-R8 for Imperial characters.

Jedi Knights, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters and the other class characters may be the heroes in the wider galaxy, but on board the starship, the Ship Droids are the heroes. That’s why, as part of Game Update 1.2, you will soon be able to assume direct control over your Droid’s actions with Ship Droid™, a brand new mini-game coming to The Old Republic!

Features of this mini-game include cleaning the cockpit windows, calibrating the ship’s food processors, and several other exciting maintenance duties:


But that’s really only the beginning. No Star Wars: The Old Republic mini-game would be complete without the fourth pillar of “story.” In addition to your character’s personal storyline, you can also experience the storyline of these loyal companions! In Ship Droid, you will be asked to make decisions that have a meaningful impact on the story and greatly affect the climate aboard your starship.


Another feature of Ship Droid is the Etiquette Points System. Not unlike social points that you can earn during regular conversations in The Old Republic, players living out the adventures of C2-N2 or 2V-R8 can accumulate these Etiquette Points in conversations and use them to unlock special features within the mini-game. Ship Droids earn these points in conversations with the class characters as well as conversation with other companion characters. We can reveal that companion to companion romance will be just one of the Etiquette Points unlocks.


We don’t want to spoil all of the Etiquette Points unlocks. We’ll leave those details for you discover when you play Ship Droid. However, we do want to reveal that there will be an exclusive in-game vendor for Droids that will be selling and add-on mini-game especially for your C2-N2 or 2V-R8.


To be clear, earning maximum etiquette points in Ship Droid™ will not be an easy task, but if you are able to achieve it, you unlock the ability to really turn the tables. Playing as the ship Droid, you can become the main hero and your class character will become the companion.


If you weren’t already excited about all the new content coming in Game Update 1.2, we certainly hope you are now. We weren’t 100% certain that we could get Ship Droid to the necessary of polish to release with this update, and that’s why we’re extra-excited that it’s come together so well.

Thanks again for joining us in this epic adventure, and we hope to see you online soon in The Old Republic!

Now does anyone else find the uh, subtlety in the pose on the last image?

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yeah, the sarlaac enforcer last year was much, much better... still gave me a chuckle though.

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