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Call to arms!

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By Eban Mcfarlin

*Fliers posted at the common points throughout Olympus*

Sons and Daughters of the Empire, even in this time of relative peace we must again ask you to pick up arms, and prepare for battle. This weekend past, we sent a small troop into shame, and ridded Sosaria of but a minor fraction of the new beasts that now call that forsaken place home. Let it be known, that on the Emperor's order we will be amassing once again this coming Sunday at 1800 hours by the eastern sun, to return and attempt to limit the swell of this ill-breed foe. We request members of the legion, our allies; any capable of holding blade or twisting magic to join us in pursuit of further fortune, and Imperial Glory. Strength and Honor.

Eban McFarlin.

*Seal of the Imperial Legion.*

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