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How Bula came to be - by BULA


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2007-01-27 10:10:07

Within the plains of Mulgore lay many scattered but united tribes of the ancient Tauren. One such tribe known as the Proudhoof was known for its skilled hunters and warriors. Laying on the outskirts of Mulgore within a days travel of the Barrens the Proudhoof tribe was the most distant from Thunderbluff.

The sun was riseing above the distant mountains as it begin its accent to the heavens. The long grass of the plains begin to glisten from the mornings dew. The dark shade of night was passing as the newborn sun claimed the skys once again. Two Large totems marking the enterance to the village began to cast there shadow as the dwellers arose from there slumber. The tribe came to life as the Tauren began there day.

This was no ordinary day though this was the day of the great hunt. Once a year the male bulls would leave for the barrens to hunt the mighty Kodos. The kodos serverd the Taurens well with fresh skins and food. The male bulls would be gone for 5 moons. Upon there return the tribes would have a mighty feast and celebrate with plenty of orcish swill and tauren mead. But all was not as it seemed on this day….

“It iz like dah warlord said. Most ub dah malez are gone on der tupid hunt” an ogre said as he peered through the tall grass. There were around 50 ogres all hideing in the hills undercover of the tall grass. The morning dawn left the hills in shadows, just enough to keep the ogres from being spotted as they laid in wait. “ we no hab long dah shadowz be gone when dah sun get big” said the smaller ogre. “Ok tell dah udderz to get ready me will count to tree and we will bash dah tupid taurenz” The ogre turned to the war party and told them to be ready. Then the war party leader began to count. “ one………ummm…….” The ogre turned to the smaller ogre and asked “whut come after one?” Both ogres sat there with bewildered looks on there faces. “Hmm me not know whut come abter one” the smaller ogre replied. “Hmmm me tinkz u ask Mula, him am big so him hab big brain, him know” So the smaller ogre crawled to the back of the war party till he found Mula. Mula was not hard to find being that he was very big, even by ogre standards. “Mula wid dah big brain Grok wunt to know whut come abter one” The smaller ogre said.

Mula removed hiz finger from his nose and gave the smaller ogre a puzzled look then replied. “ Grok wuntz to know whut come abter one whut?” Mula replied as he gazed at his finger. Ths smaller ogre replied “Grok wunt to know whut come abter dah number one” “ ohhh me understand. Abter one comes fibe.” Mula replied az he stuck his finger in his mouth. “den whut come abter fibe?” the smaller ogre asked. Mula sat there puzzled as he began to think. The smaller ogre sat and watched the mighty ogre with the big brain in amazement. The surrounding ogres began to take notice and waited patiently for the answer. One of the ogres turned to the others and said “him am amazing, him so smartz just watchen him tink makez me head hurt” The other ogres nodded and grunted in agreement. Mula’s face started to become twisted and distorted with different shades of red and purple as he strained to think. Then suddenly the ogre jumped up and shouted “Tree” “one fibe tree” The ogres gasped in amazment. But there cheering and celebrating was cut short by the sound of horns being blow from the tauren tribe below. The sun had made its way high into the sky and the shadows that had kept the ogres hidden had long since retreated. The horns sounded the alarm and were quickly followed by the sound of drums. The Taurens were alerted to the presense of the ogres and would not but such easy prey.

“Bash dah taurenz, show dem dat ogrez iz bigger and stronger den tupid cowz” Grok shouted as he raised his axe above his head and began to charge down the hill towards the tribe with the war party following behind him. The first priority of the tribe was to get the young Tauren to safety. The few male Tauren that were left in the village were either to old or to young for the great hunt. They new they wouldn’t be able to hold the ogre war party for long but hopefully long enough to let the others escape to safety. Lead by the old Tauren named Jukal the small band of Taurens lined up at the enterance of the village where they would stand there ground. Some could barely hold up the mighty hammers, axes and staffs that were given to them. Jukal being a warrior of old knew they must hold off the ogres as long as possible but as he looked to his left then to his right he realized hardly any of the defenders were fit for fighting. “Earth Mother guide our blades this day” Jukal shouted as he braced himself for the coming onslaught.

“Cut dem down, stomp dem to piezes brudders” Grok shouted as he tripped over a stone and fell on his axe sliceing his skull in two. The other ogres trampled over top of him and into the defending Tauren. The Tauren fought bravely but one by one were cut down by the enemy. As the defending Tauren were slain the ogres made there way into the tribe killing any Tauren in there path and destroying everything in site.

Many of the fleeing Tauren were caught and killed including the young. All were slaughtered but one. The female Tauren known as Gula. The ogres made there way through the incampment pillaging and burning everything in site. Gula was dragged out of her tent kicking and screaming. As Gula lay on the ground she looked around. The carnage was unbarable. Her many friends and loved ones were slain. Bodies were left to burn. The ground had turned a dark red as the victims bled. Many of the bodies were beheaded as it was common for ogre war parties to take the heads of there victims as trophies. Tears filled Gulas eyes as she layed there preparing to die.

A small group of ogres stood around Gula looking down at her. There skin tainted by the blood of many tauren. “Whut we do wid diz one?” asked one of the ogres. “hmm me tinkz we make her our lunch, fresh tauren wid barbeque sauze be gud” said another. Mula made his way to over to the group of ogres to see what all the fuss was about. As he made his way to the center of the ogres he saw Gula. “No no me make her me wife” Mula said without hesitation. Mula dropped the head of Jukal on the ground near his feet and grabbed Gula and through her over his shoulder then proceeded into the tent.

37 seconds past when Mula heard a commotion coming from outside the tent. “u be done wid her yet Mula? We tink it be our turnz now” Mula opened the tent only to see the entire ogre war party waiting. “Yeh me done wid her now, but she sleep now u no bodder her” Mula said as he arose from the tent. “But we wunt our turn now, no fare u hog her” one of the ogres said as he clenched his large stone mace. “Me said she sleep u go way now” Mula replied as he grabbed his axe. The war party was getting restless and weren’t about to take no for a answer. “No me hab her now!” the ogre shouted as he raised his hammer in the air bringing it down on Mula. But Mula was a seasoned warrior and much larger then the other ogres. As the hammer came down Mula grabbed it with his hand and swung it into the head of a near by ogre killing the ogre instantly. Then Mula brought his axe up with the swiftness of a ox and severed the attacking ogres head clean off his shoulders. The smell of fresh blood put the mighty ogre into a furious rage as he began to attack the other ogres.

After a few hours Gula regained conciousnous. She couldn’t believe she was still alive although she was very sore then she remembered what had proceeded earlier. The most terrifying 37 seconds of her life. The young Tauren passed out at the very thought.

The next morning Gula awoke again. As she made her way out of the tent she couldn’t believe her eyes. The entire ogre war party had been slain. It was as if they had turned on each other. But what could have caused this she wondered to her self as she stepped out of the tent and over the many bodies of Tauren and Ogre alike. The smell was unbareble as she made her way past the bodies and to the edge of the camp. She looked back at the camp one last time before turning and heading for the safety of the nearest Tauren village never to return to the village again.

Months later Gula gave birth to a son. But this was no ordinary Tauren. He had many features of a typical Tauren but there was something else. For one he was extremely large for a Tauren baby and didn’t possess a lot of hair which Tauren babies are known for being hairy. Gula died shortly after giving birth to Bula. Before she died she had made arrangements for a orc clan to take Bula in. Gula figured Bula would fit in better with the orcs then with his Tauren brethren. After many years Bula grew into a fierce warrior. Learning the savage ways of the orcs Tauren has become a mighty and feared warrior. It has been said that sometimes if in battle Bula will lose control and his ogre heritage takes him into a beserker fenzy that is truly frightening.

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