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Da stury uv Volonazra - by Volonazra

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2005-03-03 08:22:55

Volonazra'z stury startz when Volonazra wuz burne un da nuw moon (a bad sign dem blah). Mama be stress'd by da war wit da scurge an hab baby earlee. So me start libe az weak un little. Dada wuz away clompin Oomies, suw Mama did bes she culd ta mak me tuff. Az me gruw, me lurn da be smurta den udda Urks cuz me nub big ur strong.

When me cum ub age, me try ta be tuff Clomp'r. Me nub gud at dat, suw me try lurnin da old ways lik da Warboss Thrall. Me find out da spirits nub lik me an da elements resist me will.

Me find dusty paper scribblez un day, an me read it. Dat day me find wat majik be an wat it kin du. Me den fink, Volonazra kin lurn dis. Dis be huw me kin be strong an bring honor to me family.

When me studee i finds dat da shadow magik be dangeruus. Me lurns dat it wuz da warloks dat damn da Urks ta bez slav ub da Legion. Me lurn dat many Urk be ebil un wan go against all dat we Urk stand fer nuw. Dey eben wan help da Legion turn uz ta slavs 'gain.

Dis, me fink, must neber haben! Dis drive me ta be masta ub shadow magik. Me wan lurn all 'bout it so me see huw ta beat da Shadow Council an keep uz free.

Ash day, me clompin da ebil trullz ub Echo Isles un find Grawuulf huntin dem tu. We clomp ull day un night, till dem isles run red wit da blood ub trulls and we had takin Zalazane'z head az a troffee. Grawuulf un me gu back ta village fer sum rest. Him blah 'bout da great strength un honor ub da Skullcrushaz. Him blah, me be gud Urk fer da clan. Suun me blah wit chieftain un join az peon ta serve da boss. Volonazra start az peon agh reach da honor rank uv Captain

Nuw, me still lurnin da shadow maguk agh servin da clan. Me hab lurnt da mastery uv taalurin agh da enchantin maguk.

Me hab a coven of udda 'locks dat wurk tugedda ta keep uz safe frum da lur ub da legion and frum fallin ta da void. Volonazra be gruwin strong danks ta da clan, agh da powa uv shadow.

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