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A Trolls Journey - by meifftor

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2004-11-20 11:29:43

As a young troll living in the Den, Meifftor found his true meaning of his life; to help the orcs in their cause. He came to this realization of this when one day a badly wounded orc came staggering back to the Den. Everyone arose as the unknown orc collasped on the ground. All of the orcs just sat there and watched one of their own bleed to death. Soon they began cheer knowing that their companion was dieing of wounds from battle. Knowing that a live orc is better then a dead orc, Meifftor began to chant. Soon all the orcs wounds had disappred. One orc noticed this and took and intrest in Meifftor, he was one of the members of the Skullcrusher Orc Clan.

So to this day Meifftor can be found healing the Orcs of the clan and will continue to till the end of his days.

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