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Tol Barad


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Well a month is into the books nearly and the new Tol Barad 85 level battleground (akin to Wintergrasp) has now seemed to roll out as quite the challenge for the attacker.

While it is true attacking is supposed to be harder than defending....the coordination is definetly needed in sweeping up the 3 locations to win this event and control the quest givers.

Ironclad Fortress...........Flag in back under fortress spire...............NORTH NODE

Slagworks.....................Flag on front setps of fortress spire...........SOUTH EAST NODE

Wardens Vigil................Flag in front of fortress spire.....................SOUTH WEST NODE

3 Towers that when destroyed by attacking siege machines ADD 5 minutes to the battle

North West, North East and South


Towers need to be kept up as long as possible and focus on 1 node to maintain......Wardens Vigil or Slags.....since Ironclad Fortress will eventually fall to the incoming zerg Alliance at the gate

Destroy sieges at any opportunity so that the Towers do not fall (5minutes added to gametime) Running out the clock is the defending way to win....Towers are key to victory.

If they do fall....it will be a Zerg circle jerk of moving opposite the opponents Zerg around the island from Node to node to deny them 3 Node Captures.


Let the Zerg (PUGS) attack Ironclad Fortress (north) at beginning of game....eventually it will fall to the attacking force.

Take at least 5 members and go to Wardens Vigil at the beginning....if a group greater than 10 split forces to Slags also.

Quickly taking the WV and SLAGS will result in a FAST WIN.....since all the PUGS will flow into ICF at the north first off.

If on Attack and we have not won within the first 5 minutes....Focus on 1 Tower at a time with as many siege units possible.

this will add 5 min for each tower that falls....once they all fall....its a grind to win.

If we are a group of 5 to 10 we need to play catch....heheh...catch the rezzing alliance as they float down from ressurection.

Delaying thier reinforcement zergs will give the PUGS time to maintain nodes.

Intersect and stop defending resserected forces from reaching any node....irritate/occupy and delay defenders ability to maintain full zerg defense group.

As an Attacking force...EARLY WIN is BEST win....Defenders will get into rythm but right out of the gate (literally) is best chance to overwhelm all 3 nodes at once.

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