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Ronstin's journal

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Post-Cataclysm, 10 Days, Undercity

I'm out from under that stupid troll's thumb at last. I thought that when I volunteered to defend Lordaeron from human and dwarf raiders that he'd leave me alone and I'd get some time for. . . other pursuits, but that sneaky pushdog kept dropping in to check up on things. Gah, he's even got me using his words now. I didn't get away from him a moment too soon.

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Day 12, Bladefist Bay

I've signed up as a spell-casting auxiliary for a Horde expedition to a new island off the Stormwind coast. I'm maintaining a military service cover qas I did in Hillsbrad and Silverpine to keep Scryll off my back if he comes snooping around again (I don't think it's likely though, he seems entranced with that new project of Thrall's) but I intend to get away and head for Karazahn. I'm no more interested in the Horde war effort than when I abandoned that pointless fighting on behalf of the Warsong, it distracts from furthering my powers. I'll be able to go over Medivh's tower for any hidden secrets now that I won't have to deal with a whole tromping Clan strike-force underfoot, constantly looking over my shoulder.

Addendum: It looks like it will be even easier to get away than I had imagined. Most of the fleet has already departed. I'll be heading to the Eastern Kingdoms with a small reserve force, on a chartered vessel

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Day 19, Somewhere north of the Maelstrom

I need to kill him. His continued existence is an affront to all intelligent life. But that oaf Nazgrim insisted we not bother the crew, and I'd be stranded out here if I simply slew everyone on the ship.

Hmm. . . I wonder if I could get Huug'ak to hold Bud down under the water the next time he sees something shiny, without that sharp-eyed witch Adarrah noticing? My demon is a similar color as this ocean water. . .

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Day 25, Coastal waters

I am damned. I must have died again when the ship was destroyed and been condemned to some circle of hell for my misdeeds in animated non-life. Everybody around me is a damnfool idiot and it is my eternal punishment to keep saving their useless lives because I will never be able to accomplish something in these sun-filtered depths if I don't have warm living bodies around to keep the naga distracted.

They sank the charted ship I was on, and apparently a great many other Horde and Alliance vessels. I fought my way free and found a Broken shaman rescuing others, including that Garrosh-blinded legionnaire Nazgrim. I tried to form a force to recover some of the wrecks and maybe salvage a seaworthy vessel, but the orcs got captured. It turns out they do that almost every time I try to get a little work down down here. The only ones evading the naga are those damned shaman swimming like fishes themselves and they don't trust me. I scare them, because I'm not reliant on their paltry magicks to survive down here. They can't keep me under their thumb the way they do with the orcs.

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Day 31, Vash'jir

Scryll found out I was missing. He got some mage or priest to establish a brief mind-link with me. I broke it as soon as I could without arousing his suspicion. The pawn did convey some potentially useful news. Apparently the elder druid of the Clan, Hoofstomper, was with one of the primary battle squadrons which the naga destroyed, and he's down here too. Not all that surprising that he survived, that old druid is as tough as a gronn, and would have no problem living down here as some aquatic animal to survive. I haven't run across him yet, but I can seek him out if I really need help, and now that I know he's down here I know to keep an eye out. I don't want him observing or interfering at an inopportune time.

This was the site of the ancient elven city of Vash'jir! There's no telling what secrets or powers might be recovered down here. There's been no meddling dragon to scoop them all up as in Azshara. One of these Earthen Ring meddlers has already inadvertently put me on the track of one artifact, and even if that lead doesn't pan out there has to be others down here. The naga can't keep me from claiming them, there hasn't been an entity down here capable of matching me.

I have heard from surviving Horde scouts that there may be veritable army of naga in these depths, but if I can get a trace on something sufficiently valuable, I can summon my own allies. Calling on those pacts would be one of the things I can't risk the Clan finding out about. Scryll may be a fool, but he is capable enough at assassinating magickers and he knows my spells well. He wouldn't be the only one coming after me either, if I am discovered breaking the edicts of Volnazra's Tower.

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Day 34, Lost City of Vash'jir

A fresh battle-fleet has arrived on the surface. With luck, Hoofstomper will leave with it, there was another representative of the Earth Ring there droning on about helping some Farseer. Hoofstomper will send a message to Scryll, saying I'm staying down here to investigate what is going on between the naga and the Tidecaller, that should provide me enough cover for my real search.

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