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Hello Crushers, it has been... some time.

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*sorry so long winded*

Hello everyone, the ones that remember me :yub:

I wanted to apologize, I never really told anyone goodbye. :(

(Granted it was one my usual 4am log ons after the bar and noone else was on as usual)

Like most things In my life I find are bad for me one day I tend to walk away and never look back... like I did with smoking.

All there was for me was PvP as my playtime dwindled, and beside farming arena points there wasnt too many other PvPers anymore. And it seemed the guild was moving into a more raid heavy framework, the last few times I logged in I think was shortly after Ulduar? And everynight the chat would be near silent as the whole guild was raiding except the odd person or two. That and my love for my Druid and stubborn refusal to even reroll another toon helped lead to the burnout lol. Once they seperated the feral dps and tank was the straw that broke the camels back. DPS was a dime a dozen and tanking was useless at PvP. Healing sucked for farming, and there was always the love of moonfire spam.... Ahhh

I do have some of the fondest memories hanging with all of you, my long distance friends. Marriages and divorces and new lives brought into this world. Its really crazy how an online game could bring people from so many walks of life together that would have never had anything in common otherwise.

From joining back in the day as a feral druid in MC. Not many people would give someone that chance back in the day. Miss you guys, and hope your thanksgiving went well.

Ive been wanting to post for a long time but never felt it was the right time. Cataclysm is tempting, but free time is few and far in between these days. I dont ever see myself putting enough time in to make any progress in the game.

Lil before and after for anyone that cares



That was me at the height of my WoW addiction. 5' 10" 220lb. Who knows how far I was into double digit bodyfat.

I smoked cigarettes, and drank at least a 12pack every night as I played. Sometimes up to 24 packs or more as I would play from getting home from work at 6pm on friday sometimes until dawn on Saturday. Back hurt all the time and I consumed mass quantities of garbage on a daily basis.

I pulled alot of all nighters, I think one of my last times raiding I passed out at the comp during Naxx on a sunday...

Granted I quit smoking the year that pic was taken. And by the end of the year would drop by 220lb to 160lb in 6 months after me and my gf broke up(we didnt have a healthy relationship if anyone remembers lol). And then using the new found love of fitness to become a D-bag and womanizer.To the point of having a weekday and a weekend gf, and they knew about each other... I was something else :/



That pic makes me look like a redneck O-o

An accidental text from my ex I mentioned above squashed everything and she had found the Lord. Long story short, I started going to church. And the Lord got a hold of me and saved my life. As you can see Ive taken up paintball, I eat healthy. 170lb now. I go to church twice a week, sometimes up to 4 nights depending on other events.

Quit partying(still drink every other month or so but nothing like I did) and having sex till marriage. I do alot of charity and volunteer work through the church. And even took up running not long ago. Just finished my first 5 mile run(A21 run) and working toward my first half marathon in March(Gate River Run)

Also Im working with At-risk youth in a group home... Yes, they are letting me work with kids! lol. And going on my first mission trip to Costa Rica next year.

I hope everyone has an awesome holidays. Always be thankful even in the darkest times. Some things like our freedom to even go outside, or not have to walk 4 miles to get dirty water we take for granted every day.

These probably arent the exact numbers but close enough(lost my notes journal)

If you make 17k a year, you are in the top 20% of income earners in the world

If you make 35k a year, you are in the top 10% of earners in the world

If you make 50k a year, you are in the top like 1-5% in the world.

Do you feel wealthy?

Anyone wants to say hello, drop me a line on Facebook. Id love to hear from yah. Ill check back in more often. May even pop into the Druid forum and see if were still a bunch of masochists for still playing our class. Lol


Email TotaleclipseGt01@aol.com

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Good to hear from ya. We wondered what the heck happened to ya.

If you decide to ever poke your head in game again we will be here :yub:

And of course you look like a redneck. We never had any doubt!

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