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Report on da Nort'

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To Blood-scribe Galam, Clan Archivist

It haz been ash long war. Outland wuz nub ash war fer me. Me only went dere t' explur agh scout, t' see de wurld da urks come frum. Me never did much mur den skirmish dere, findin' new allies fer da Clan, coverin' de flanks agh backsides uf 'orde forces frum t'reats like dat demun dat set up in Karazahn, Mediv's abandoned towur. 'ere in Nort'rend, me been much mur involved.

Me came t' dis roof uf de wurld partly t' explur agh scout fer de Clan agin, even t'ough now me be ash eldur agh supposedly hab ot'er duties. but really me come fer ash dragun. Da Clan, most uf de 'orde, dem wanted t' beard de Lich King in hiz lair, but me t'ought dat be ash fools errand. Him ruled de damned, him wuz gunna raise anyash dat fell aginst him agh we wuz gunna hab t' fight dem too. Nub, dat not me place. But Malygos. . . him wuz da ultimate majicker. Agh me make it mah business t' clomp doze whem dem least expect it. But when me showed up in de Dragonblight, havin' come in at de Fjords wit de Royal Apot'ecary Society (agh let me blah at lat, dem sure kept ash secret frum me!) me found dat Malygos agh hims Blue Flight had reformed! Dem wuz tryin' ta stop doze majickers too! Now me like draguns in general, agh have always felt kind uf sorry fer de ashes dat me hab had t' clomp (agh even mur sorry fer de ashes dat me nub had t' clomp but did anyway) so me did nub gruk what t' do. Me aided Alexstraza at hers temple, becuz me still liked draguns agh she represented mur uf dem agh iz sumtin' like der Queen agh all, but me wuz very conflicted.

Me had also been helpin' out some natives uf Nort'rend, dem Tuskarr. Dem nice peepul, like ta fish lotz, agh me mebbe tink dat sum uf dem hab finally made da wurld uf spirits makle sum sense t' me, in ways our shaman never have. Deze Tuskarr iz simple peepul dat me like a lot. Me found out dat ash settlement uf ders had dun been destroyed. By Malygos majickers. Him nub have de right idea after all. Him wuz tryin' t' stop ot'her majickers but in de process him wuz fallin' mur fully into der excesses dan even dem nurmally did. So dragun ur nub, me wuz right all along, him da biggest majicker der be agh da ultimate target fer mah blades. It took ash long while, longer dan even me expected wit' him bein' ash Aspect, but me finally got sum uf da Clan t' aid me, leave off what dem wuz doin' wit' de Argent Crüe ur Ashen Blade ur whatever dem takin' t' callin' demselves, ash we clomped dat majicker gud.

Me hab been sumwhat at loose ends since den. Me hab dun quite ash bit uf travelin' on da Clan's behalf, gat'ering lore fer da Clan archives. Since me supposed ta keep de records uf Clan deeds in de field as eldur, me t'ought dat wuld be appropriate. Me spent quite a lot uf effort solidifyin' da Clan's alliances fer our efforts in Nort'rend, even leadin' sum mishuns t' de Timbermaw agh Mag'ari. Me been tryin' ta impress da Bronze Flight, so me followed de footsteps uf Polveru, de Scarab Lord, t' write sum scrolls on hims epic effort ta put da Scepter uf de Shifting Sands toget'er agh open up Ahn'Qiraj. Like de rest uf de Clan, me took part in de Argent's competishun t' bring toget'er agh test our champions, agh so me accompanied Clan forces when de Lich King wuz acshully destroyed. Dat Tirion had ash better plan den me t'ought, even t'ough him almost ruined t'ings by nub callin on hims strength agh breakin' out uf dat block uf ice until de Lich King used dat runeblade t'. . . nub, me can nub blah uf dat. De memory still makes me scream. Agh me need ta blah wit lat agh de Chief about sumtin' dat happen after, but it be really important ta blah privately, it nub sumtin' t' share wit every ash dat have ears.

My point been, me been out 'ere ash long time. It been dub yeers since me dun mur den pass t'rough 'orde lands. Da skirmishin' wit Alliance knights agh scouts nub count, dat wuz still fightin' agh never mur den transitory. Me want to come home. Me heerd dat Vol'jin finally reclaimed de Isles, agh dat be gud, but dem haz nub been home since Zalazane took mah parents. Me gunna come back t' T'under Bluff agh rest. Ot'er Clan be comin' back too, so lat might want t' keep mur supplies at de Hold in Un'goro.

Scryll, 'orde Scout agh Clan Eldur uf Glory.

P.S. What dis me heer about elementals?

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