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Trinsic Watchtower Weekend Wrapup


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Galehaven Destroyed

By Taye Kitt

Last Night, no doubt almost every citizen of Trinsic awoke to a thunderous noise coming from across the bay to the north, in the city of Olympus. A large plume of smoke and debris was easily spotted from the walls of our city, and concerned citizens quickly set forth, only to be intercepted by an unnamed Guardian of Honor who told them that the area was unsafe. After persuading him that a member of the press may never be stopped, I was allowed to proceed further without any extra interference. Approaching the area that once held the cheerful and often raucous Galehaven Tavern, so named after the Emperor who had it constructed first in Malas, had been obliterated down to it's foundation. With few of the buildings heavy walls still standing, much less intact, It was clear that this must have been a deliberate act of sabotage.

The scene could only be described as utter devastation. Large areas of forest near the building were flattened. Dark patches of scorched earth where large pieces of rock from the heavy walls had lain, and many scores upon the fortified walls of olympus marked the blast.Debris littered the bay, along with dead fish. Embers still burned brightly amongst the wreckage, windows nearby were blown out, and the entire area was covered in dust and debris. While many of the Warlock Knights employed by the Empire were still at work using water elementals to help douse the flames and embers, others were combing the area over, and questioning all the bystanders. After a very long amount of questioning people with no answer to anything, I was able to determine that the count of missing people stands at fourteen, including serving staff and two guards. According to rumor, at least three members of the Guardians were nearby enough to suffer hearing damage, and Senator Katherine Elle was wounded by glass shrapnel while at work in her office. When I inquired at the Infirmary of the Guardians, there were no patients there in conjuction with the explosion, and the Trinsic Healers refused to let me past.


Galehaven, Before the explosion

Your roving reporter has many questions. How badly must someone want the Guardians dead to use such a concussive force? I've unearthed blueprints and designs that show that the Tavern was specifically reinforced with heavy metal weave, due to the fact that the original Galehaven in Malas suffered a similar fate. How long is it before we as citizens become the target, instead of the Guardians? Are they truly defending us as well as they claim when it seems that they draw danger just by their very existence? This reporter doesn't know, but would like to hear your thoughts.


Galehaven, After the explosion

In the quest to get answers, we submitted questions to various areas of the Guardians, but so far all have been returned with 'We will comment on that at a later time, once information is confirmed.' We will provide an extra edition when new information comes available.

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