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Uglutz and the rocket

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A tale told while toiling with camp chores, near Valentines Day.


Uglutz walks into camp, waves. "Ug der"

Kalea drops a love rocket down Uglutz’ armor

Xiris : "Kalea, dat be naughty"

Kalea looks a teensy bit guilty

Jhend: "What, she is helping him. He lost his own love rocket years ago"

Kieranna snickers

Kalea: "How do you know Jhend?"

Xiris (eyes wide) "Yes, do tell how duz lat know dat?"

Jhend: "Me work for Scryll agh him Clan Loremaster, right?"

Kalea looks skeptical

Kailand: "Wut be da lore behind dat one?" (breaks out some snacks)

Jhend: "It wuz when him wuz chasin’ after Rhoach one time."

Nandoe: "Scryll gruk stuff he shuldn’t."

Xiris: "He’s a nosy busybody den!"

Kailand: "Uglutz. . . agh Rhoach! Wut lat wuld ov grok dat!"

Jhend: "Rhoach had been wandering arund da dorf diggings at Uldaman, picking tings pockets."

Kailand nods in anticipation. "And den?"

Jhend: "Uf curse, him always be stickin hims nose sumash him shuldn’t agh dey noticed him agh captured him. Back den Uglutz wuz always da Cheef’s furst pick fer

getting’ peepul out uf truble. Me tink himz wuz trying ta keep da camp smelling, if nub rosy, at leest less nub like ash sewer. Agh Uglutz wuz ash mighty clomper in da

Clan anyway. Former cheef, in touch wit da spirits like da Warchief, agh wit ash strong right arm."

Uglutz grins.

Kailand: "Da chief be always wise."

Jhend: "Uglutz wuz known fer making ash racket back den too. Culd nub figure out doors, wuz always breaking dem. Me tink Kalea remembah dat periud. It be da same time as da great Stinkweed fluwur debate."

Kailand peers toward Kalea for confirmation

Kalea shrugs. "Jhend is usually right."

Jhend: "Anyways, himz go right up ta dat dorf fortress near Uldaman. Dat be da natural place fer dem ta keep Rhoach locked up. Me nub gruk what da dorfs call it, me

hab neber been dere. Scryll has, but him wuz drunk on junglevine wine when him blah dis story at me."

Nandoe: "More story, less blah"

Jhend: "Uglutz charges right through dat front door dey hab dere agh starts ransacking da fortress."

Kailand nods at Jhend and laughs. "Dat duz sound like Uggy."

Jhend: "But becuz him nub sneaky, dey hab time ta get ready fer him. Dey got peepul in ash uf doze steem tanks dat be in da middle uf da fortress. Dem let fly at Uggy

when himz comes into da servicing bay."

Uglutz: "Har"

Kailand gasps

Jhend: ""Him be ash old agh powerful magicker but him wuz nub reddy fer dat. Him nub eben hab time ta call on da urth spirits ta gib him skin uf stone."

Kailand: "Did nub lats stink be wurkin its own magick?"

Jhend: "Da ting dey shot at him be sum boom dat goblins ur gnomes made. Prubably goblins. It split into many small pieces. Ash uf doze pieces… went sumwhere nub nice."

Kailand gasps and crosses his legs . "Nub dere."

Uglutz nodded

Jhend: "Uf curse, Rhoach wuz nub eben dere anymur. Unlike Uggy, him WUZ ash sneeker agh him had alreddy escaped. Uglutz wuz pretty mad when him finally found dat olog."

Nandoe: "Dat sum story Jhend. Tanks."

Edited by Scryll

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Wait, where's the part where Kailand sets something on fire? He ALWAYS sets stuff on fire!

A very good story, though! It explained a LOT....

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*cackles* Me tink he made dat up!

**Great story Scryll! Very well done!**

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