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Trinsic Watchtower Weekend Wrapup


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High Profile Hitmen?

By Anna Vanna Thanh

For those citizens of Trinsic who frequent the Guardians City of Olympus, many have been overjoyed that the much loved Emeritus Gregory Meridius has once more been a common sight for our fair city. Although his rule was fraught with many outside dangers, and covered some of the most perilous of our city's days, He has always been remembered as a Just and Honorable ruler. It is with prayer in heart that I pen this article, detailing a dastardly occurrence which has left the Former Emperor and now current Head of State bedridden in the Olympus Infirmary.

According to eyewitness statements, it was just a few nights ago that Emeritus Gregory was seen fleeing to his estate in an advanced state of undress, and was almost immediately followed by Legion Knight Faeryl Kilsek, on patrol, stumbling upon the scene. Gregory's roommate and brother, the Former Senator of Trades Hippocrates, was in a state of unconsciousness, and there was evidence of a fight having occurred. Very shortly after, Senator of War Eban, Senator of Commerce Katherine Elle, and Empress Piper arrived at the scene and Hippocrates was roused. After a search of the premises turned up only more questions, they departed the Estate and began to search for Gregory.

The first to find him was reportedly Legion Knight Faeryl Kilsek, who administered immediate aid and began to secure the location. The other three arrived shortly after, and once the location was secured, further aid was administered to the mortally wounded Head of State, and he was ferried to the Infirmary as quickly as the people's champion Senator Eban could carry him. When asked for her comment on the situation, the Empress is quoted as saying "It's extremely fortunate that all were present. Emeritus Gregory was gravely wounded when first discovered, and without the assistance of all involved, it's unlikely he'd have pulled through as well as he did -- if at all."

The brazenness of this assault on a former Emperor is absolutely staggering. The Empire is besieged by enemies from all sides, and still they stand firm in their defense of their people, we the citizens, and their ideals. We can only say that it is thanks to those brave defenders of Honor such as Knight Kilsek for her dedicated patrolling and Senator Eban who we are sure will be quick to bring the perpetrators to Justice that we can still rest easy at night. All wellwishers are asked to please send their notes of encouragement and any gifts and cards to Emeritus Greg by way of former Senator Hippocrates, and that they not visit the Infirmary outside of posted visiting hours, unless accompanied by a member of the Legion.

Although this reporter would be remiss in asking, if even a former Emperor is at risk of lethal attack in his own home, for how long will we be able to continue to live in safety? Time and the Virtues only know.

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