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Trinsic Watchtower Special Edition


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Trinsic Watchtower Special Edition! Extra! Extra!

Editorial Column By Anna Vanna Thanh

In the recent wake of several attacks on the fair city of Olympus, directed at the Guardians themselves, a group of werewolves is claiming responsibility according to the Acting Praetorian Prefect, Emeritus Kodoz. The hardened warrior came and spoke to us at our offices to give a statement and asked that we report on the matter.

First, our own reporting efforts have been keeping track upon things. The Legions duties have always been to protect the City of Honor and it's citizens, and through invasion, war, siege, and the like they have never let us down. Though our city has seen dark times, we have always come through stronger for it. Recently, the currently on hiatus Senator of War Eban has made it a mission to seek out and destroy the creatures of the night that have plagued us recently. When all of Trinsic's citizens can still remember the evil cackle of Juo'nar and his minions, we stand stalwartly against the undead in all their incarnations, be they lich, skeleton, or vampire. No citizen of Trinsic could ever think of being civil to such monsters. [Ed. Note: The opinions expressed by this reporter do not reflect the official stance of the Trinsic Watchtower or it's ownership. They are the sole opinions of the reporter.]

Second, bombs have been left upon the lands of Olympus itself, and not in Trinsic. The Prefect said any suspicious packages should immediately be reported to a member of the legion for disarming. So far, according to the Prefect, there have been two victims of outright attack, one who was lightly wounded and identified only as a strong example of our Legion's great members, and another who was found deceased inside of Galehaven Tavern. The Prefect said that the woman has yet to be identified clearly, but it was noted that she had recently come from Britain, and was likely one of it's citizens. The woman has not been claimed for identification or reported as missing from any Trinsician family. It is possible she is of the nobles of the city of Britain, as a woman somewhat matching the description has been noted as missing. The Prefect went on to note that while there were signs of blood and violence in the tavern, the body was found outside with what appeared to be animal marks. Prefect Kodoz quickly mentioned that 'The entire scene appears contrived; In my years as a warrior I've seen what animals do, and even had limited interaction with werewolves. Their attacks would not cause the blood pattern inside the Tavern.' This reporter was curious and asked for his thoughts of what it meant, but he gave no further comment.

Lastly, The prefect brought a script that had been left on Olympus territory to us, and the gist of it is to claim that a citizen of Trinsic wrote it, and is blaming the legion for the attacks brought on by the werewolves (or so they claim to be). The book questions the abilities of the Knights to protect the citizenry, and of the legion of doing it's job. The script then further devolves into requesting vigilante Justice against Sir Eban, who has fought valiantly for us against this threat! The book says that due to him being named, that he should be condemned! As a sane person who has been with this city for years, I can say that whomever wrote this may possibly reside in Trinsic, but they are no Trinsician! It claims that they have organized and have orders, and it is this reporters opinion that if it's true, they are as much a danger as the wolves themselves! We know that the wolves assist the vampires, and any friend of the abominations who have so often plagued our city and very way of life are enemies of Trinsic and every citizen therein! Anyone who is a true Trinsician knows that we cannot capitulate to evil, and doing so only causes worse things to happen. We tried to reason with Juo'nar, and our city was nearly destroyed. We have tried to redeem Lord Blackthorne, and his affronts only got worse. I say that all true citizens of Trinsic know who stands up for them, and for their lives and rights. The Guardians have sent Orc, Undead, Beast, Pirate, Crimson Dragons, and even Casca's tax collectors back to whence they belong. We have trusted them through full sieges of our great city, and I implore all of my readers to continue to trust them who have never betrayed us.

The Prefect insisted that at least one of his statements be printed in it's entirety, and that it reach all of our citizens. The statement was as follows. "Citizens of the Empire, Citizens of Trinsic, Citizens of Olympus. We are under attack by a foreign enemy, who claims to reside within our own territory. I assure you that all steps that are possible are being taken to insure the safety of the city. For now, Be careful of strangers if your instincts tell you something is wrong. Imperial supplies of importance are being shored up to help in this time of need, as well as contingency plans against precisely this sort of enemy. Until they are put into effect, Please be wary of those whom you do not know, and because at least one of the enemy is known to wear our colors in an attempt at deciet and subterfuge, Make sure that you ask for the proper sign of whether someone is a true Guardian of Honor or not. Any Citizen who has lived in Trinsic for more than two years will know the procedure, and those who have not should ask a close friend who has. If noone they know has, please direct your requests for the proper signals to the office of the Prefect. If any suspicious objects or persons are spotted, Please alert a guardian or a town guardsmen. As always, Stay strong brave citizens. You are our heart and soul, and you are the reason we fight so hard to preserve your freedom. Those wishing to assist in the struggle against these evils should speak with myself, the Emperor, the Empress, or active knights. May Honour Guide and Bind you all, and may the virtues watch over us all." The Prefect paused at this point, and then added one more thing. "To those cowards who attack us with traps and prey on those alone, And are afraid to engage our Legion, I say only one thing. Your cowardice will not save you, and no amount of secrecy will hide you for long. And when we find your base of operations, Justice will be swiftly dealt."

When asked to clarify his final statement, the Prefect merely said "We will not allow anyone to strike us with impunity in our homes while hiding their own." The Prefect then bade me to have a good evening, and wished me well as he returned to his duties.

This reporter is only left with one question: How will these "Werewolves" respond? Time will tell.

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