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Build 8905 Info


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As with every new build, servers are very unstable for several days.


  • Storm Peaks is reopened! Server stability is iffy as a result :yahoo:
  • Icecrown is finally open and available for questing!
  • Chilly the penguin, a new companion pet, has been introduced and mailed to all characters *cheers* He's ADORABLE.
  • Talent points have been refunded for many, if not all classes. Please remember to spec before heading out to adventure!
  • Experience required to level continues to be adjusted and should be slightly lower now.
  • Video and sound settings have been added to the Options window, and enhanced a bit.
  • Honour and Arena points have been added to the Tokens pane under a new "PvP" section.
  • The bug that allowed a player to go "At War" with an entire heading has been fixed.


  • Guild banks in the main banks finally work again.
  • Breanni has a new item to sell, a Pet Grooming Kit. Buy one and make your companion pet shine!
  • Flying mounts can be called on Krasus Landing for leaving/entering the city.
  • Hira Snowdawn, a Cold Weather Flying trainer, has been added on Krasus Landing. The cost for the ability is 950g. Unknown if this replaces the existing quest line in Sholazar that rewarded the same ability.
  • Tattered Training Dummies have been added to the Sewers. These dummies are level 80 and intended to simulate level 80 mobs armour-wise.
  • Rhonin now gives a quest that involves entrance to Violet Hold.
  • Heroic Training Dummies have been added to the Sewers as well. These dummies are level 83 and intended to simulate raid bosses.


  • Cooking:
    • Misensi, a cooking supplier, has been added to Dalaran and carries recipes that can be purchased with the cooking daily rewards (the recipes were removed from Arille Azuregaze and given to Misensi instead).
    • Cooking dailies have been fixed and can be completed now.
    • Many of the new cookable foods have new icons.
    • Chilled Meat, as well as some of the other previously-not-dropping meat ingredients are now dropping from animals around Northrend.
    • A new recipe has been added to Grand Master Cooking trainers: Dalaran Clam Chowder (60 AP, 35 spell power, and 40 stamina for 1hr).
    • Dalaran Cooking Awards are stored in the Token pane rather than a player's inventory (great space-saver!).


    • Master and Grand Master ranks are available to be trained.
    • Pigments have new icons, so they don't looking like enchanting materials now.


    • Two new potions have been added to the trainer (health and mana). They seem to be specifically for Arena use and require a certain Alchemy level to use. This also leaves the question: can potions other than these still be used in Arenas? There is much outrage over this, but we'll see if it sticks...


    • Crafting ammunition now creates a stack of 200 instead of just one of that type of ammo.


  • A tabard reward has been added for the Explore Northrend achievement.
  • New "Loremaster" achievements have been added, as well as a title and tabard, for completing a certain number of quests in each of the continents.
  • Wintergrasp has a set of achievements associated with it now, although they all remain NYI.
  • Several new (and funny) cooking achievements have been added.
  • Many title rewards have been added for the seasonal events, including Brewmaster, Flame Keeper, and several others.
  • Server firsts seem to be announced everywhere...I hit 450 fishing and got the Realm First...followed by a HUGE amount of whispers of "gratz!" :) In a way, I wish I hadn't, since I know El from El's Extreme Anglin' was definitely the first 450 angler on Northrend before this build.
  • Realm Firsts are apparently broadcast server-wide. I got tons of whispers from all over the server immediately afterwards.


  • Storm Peaks:
    • ...has been reopened and is available for questing. Has been closed again.


    • ...is finally open! Has been closed again.

    [*]Crystalsong Forest:

    • Mobs have been added to Crystalsong Forest. Some are not so friendly, others are fairly harmless.

    [*]The North Sea (Northrend):

    • This odd zone off the coast of Sholazar Basin (as well as Icecrown, and possibly Storm Peaks) is now tagged as flyable.


    • The quest "Sabotage" can once again be completed.


  • Death Knight:
    • Many Death Knight abilities have received (rather large) damage adjustments.
    • New quests have been added to Ebon Hold to bridge the 57-58 experience gap and add more flavour to the experience.
    • NPCs in faction capitals will now jeer, verbally harrass, and throw fruit at death knights to show their displeasure at the actions of the death knight while they were in the service of the Lich King.


    • The final rank of Arcane Intellect has been added (thankfully).
    • The final rank of Ritual of Refreshment has been added (again, thankfully). Misread the spell given, and the new one...
    • Conjure Refreshment has been added, which combines the top rank of Conjure Food and Water into a spell that conjures a stack of 20 "mana biscuit-like" items that replenish health and mana (15k/12960 from top-rank Rank 2).
    • A new spell, Mirror Image has been introduced. It looks interesting :laugh:


    • LOTS of changes, including the previously discussed changes to the class abilities and talents.
    • Poisons are finally available on the poison vendors.

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