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Arugal's Revenge!


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Before tackling the Amphitheater of Anguish, Kalea had told me of a most intriguing quest chain involving one of Azeroth's freakiest farm-status wizards: Archmage Arugal!


I had to blast through many small chains to catch up to our mama shaman, but it was well worth it to take a crack at the worgen master.

When we were ready, we ascended the rolling hills of Bloodmoon Island, and fearlessly took down his goons one by one.

Varlam, a crazed barbarian on horseback.

Selas, a masked wolf who finally realized the value of fighting in more than just a loincloth.

Goremaw was cleverly hidden at the base of the tower, so we took him out last.

The tower at the top of the island wasn't too impressive from the outside...but then again, Arugal's budget probably went into a good portion of SFK before the twink-gear farmers intruded his lawn.


Despite it's size, the inner visuals gave you a feeling of dread like none other.


Best. Ocean. View. Evar.


Mama Kalea & I easily stomped the denizens during our (strangely laggy) climb up.


With some added help from Tyrandius, Argual's new spells did not lay a dent in us!


Down goes the Archmage, and not surprisingly, he didn't drop Shadowfang :). Even worse: he haunted us from the grave when the World Server crashed 4 times in an 8 minute span. Get me outta here!!


My only real gripe about this chain is that Arugal himself, while still a fun fight, was disappointingly straightforward: no evil taunts ala Shade of Aran, and no eerie spells to catch people off guard save for Mind Control (oh noes!). Would have been nice to hear him bellow out "Release your rage!" one last time :devil:

The rewards were rather satisfying in the end. Holy got some spikey new shoulders, and the chain rewards a generous amount of XP. But damn, Blizzard: fix yer sh1t!

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The three of us had a lot of fun doing this quest and the Amphitheater of Anguish. On a side note, I rather like the look of the couple of pieces of armor I'm trying out for the stats. It looks like "real" armor would look. No more wrenches on the shaman shoulders.


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But damn, Blizzard: fix yer sh1t!

Hehehe, trust me, it has been (and sometimes continues to be) worse. After they re-opened Storm Peaks last night, we crashed every 2-5mins on average and, at one point, I was in combat with a mob for 30mins, but neither of us were moving. Longest stare-down ever...

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