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Ok, so after weeks and weeks of bashing our heads on the 1500 wall, Lithola and I figured we'd post something to discuss strategies. We can split this up into topics when we get the PVP forums, but until then we'll just keep it all here in a mega-thread.

Being on 3 arena teams, I can tell you that 5v5 strategies are way different then 2v2 just with group dynamics alone, let alone class makeup. 'We Eat Puppies' (a 5v5) has been having trouble breaking through that 1500 wall, we'll go 8:2, then loose 6 straight. So...we have what would be considered a decent night, but we seem to be stuck in the 1400's. We have 7-8 people that play each week, 3 of which are druids and 2 hunters...so when we swap out the people, the class makeup stays more or less the same. The core is:



Hunter (swap w/2nd Hunter)

Druid (Feral)

Druid (Feral/Balance)

sometimes we'll swap a Shammy with the Mage, but not so much lately (DOOOM WHERE ARE YOU?!?!)

I know I know...no warrior. I'd like to think that a warrior isn't necessary to breach 1600, but maybe it is. Anyway, our strategy is to put me on the target primary healer and CC for 12-15 seconds (which I do) while the other 4 burn down the main DPS target, then we switch to my target and burn the rest of the way. We generally crush melee teams, but we seem to be having trouble with teams that have 3 healers...any suggestions? Maybe take the 2nd feral and CC the 2nd healer? At that point, I don't know if mage/hunter can out-dps the 3rd healer...anyway, thoughts on this or any other idea?


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I do think when there is 2 Healing opponents.....

A) CC the main healing class

B) Focus fire the 2nd healing class...when B is down...all focus fire A

C) pick thru clothy-range-stealth-armor in that order.

Our stumbling block has been 3 or 4 healing class opponent groups

I have seen where if it is 4 they pair up and do an old bonewall tactic of cross healing which ever of the pair is being attacked.....leaving the solo to attack our main healing unit.

If we focus on thier solo unit they all heal it....

Perhaps this is one situation where we all go independant and pick one target to each attack?

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