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Colin Mor's Suggestions on Wow Boards

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Well.....the below links USED to work....but the ones in RED have been deleted 2 times by Blizzard....interesting that they deleted them repeatidly....leaving the others....maybe Colin is too close to target or they are taking the idea to heart.

I will though consolidate my posts on the Wow Boards and keep posting here in advance of the Wow Postings going forward.

As always I appreciate commentary being put on the official WoW SUGGESTIONS Board posts so that the discussions go well and have the most opportunity for interaction with the Blizzard Dev team.

Colin Mor's March 2008 WoW Suggestion Post....There is a whole realm out there to conquer...

Colin Mor's February 2008 WoW Suggestion Post......Over thar....port side....man the Cannons!!!

Colin Mor's January 2008 Wow Suggestion Post...Guild Housing and Dungeon Decor

Colin Mor's December 2007 Wow Suggeston Post...Tabbard and Pet Collectors Rejoice!!!

I hope you all enjoy the posts and keep the topics active with support or participation in discussions that might follow them.


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I just posted on the WOW site- I like the idea of the dungeon defense scenario. Don't know how feasible it is, but would be a tremendous element to the game. :thumbsup:

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March is UP on the Wow Suggestion boards....

I bumped the older ones too so there near the top pages.....comments always welcome to keep them active conversations on the Wow Boards.. :D


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Dec '07

Colin Mor’s comments on community and collections.

Greetings…as we adventurer’s of World of Warcraft online continue to meet the challenges and receive the rewards of loyal, dedicated work (grinding)….Faction reputation….there comes to light an area where the living GODS of the realm(DEVS) should bring to its loyal….I repeat this clearly loyal citizens…..loyal as defined in terms of years of service (active account).

Two item categories sit directly in this area of my thoughts…..Unique non-combative Pets and Faction Tabbards.

Both items could take a large amount of work to achieve via faction, quest drop or special event participation. This great effort and success should not be in anyway a form of drawback. Just a bit back the GODS of the realm (DEVS) brought to the complete population the most appreciated KEYRING….which helped with the numerous keys which adventurer’s were required to hold and have to travel to the darkest places and in groups continue their efforts over time.

The Guild banks have brought great opportunity for members of secure guilds to be able to relieve their individual bank vaults various items that adventurer’s collect…..but this cannot be done with the soulbound or individual reputation rewards of pets or tabards.

I believe there are numerous collectors out there and even more that would work toward these pets and tabards if there was no worry of using up the finite bank positions that the realm bankers provide us.

These 2 new items would appear on the character bar screen like the keyring but only be usable by characters of an account that is 3 yrs old or greater (36months past paid service)

PET CARRIER (30 slot pet-caller holder)

This would allow NON-Combative pet calling items to be stored.

FOOTLOCKER (30 slot tabard holder)

This would allow storage of Faction Tabards (not guild) to be stored.



The tabards themselves are a fantastic and untapped opportunity for the GODS to use as a PRE-Requisite for participation in a larger or ongoing content issue. Years ago I worked with the Origin staff on the Ultima Online and conducted numerous “Shardic Lore” events which a cloak was required to participate…one only needed then to swear fealty to acquire. Each shard had its own end results and overall the citizens thoroughly enjoyed the activities and after those 5 years of event coordination there are hundreds of items, monsters or mechanic systems in place as part of the UO gaming experience that came from these “Shardic Lore” events. World of Warcraft already has numerous mechanics in place that could be modified to utilize the Faction tabard being worn to allow participation….Faction Instance battles or Faction dungeon challenges….no reinventing the wheel needed here…just a new rim to be installed.

Well I hope all of you are enjoying your adventure’s and challenges the GODS have presented you.

Surely, there will be more to come in the future….I just wanted to toss a thought into the collective brew of ideas that would make our time and the GODS time much more fun and enjoyable….reducing the worry of collection and allow even more….oooh…should I say it…..HORDING ehhehe

(yup…I am Horde indeed..this be just my namesake here on this server for posting ideas…..Rawr…FOR THE HORDE!!!)

Be safe everyone...have a great holiday season and looking forward to a great new year '08

Keep up the solid work Blizzard....

"oh what pleasures I can show you..."

-Colin Mor

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Jan 08

Colin Mor’s comments on Guild Housing and Decoration.

Greetings and Happy New year to all my fellow adventurer’s as well as to the GODS (Devs).

Guild Housing….ooooo…you say that and either ears or ire perk up….sometimes the look of “oh boy here we go again”…well it is a new year and this is not a post of wanting guild housing but is a post about when guild housing does occur (which it will at some point)….how can the guilds decorate it and utilize it?

First off is the matter of eligibility….a guild starts as a small number of player signing a charter. (We surely know of the Bank tellers that assisted in the creation of personal vaults for accounts or for duo-account holding players) Eligibility for housing (size and style) would be tied to active guild membership rosters. This then would eliminate 1000s of housing instances that the system would have to keep track of....if the guild does not maintain the housing standard....ye be homeless and NO HOME FOR YOU...back of line!!!!

Guilds would be redefined as the following (based on active membership).

Charter…………8 or less

Club……………9-24 members

Guild or Clan….25-74 members (25 accounts)

Garrison……….75-249 members (50 accounts)

Legion…………250+ members (100 accounts)

What could members of the above groups have and utilize?


No Housing


A Small 1st floor building with Theme options based on Profession


A Meeting Hall with Theme options based on Profession or Faction achievement of overall guild

Optional 4 vendors (Theme based) can be placed for only player-crafted items to be sold

Optional 1 Player Quest Giver with Clan Reward Tokens (usable for designate guild items)


A Keep with which can optionally act as city shop for Horde or Alliance entry

All options of Guild/Clan

Additional 2 vendors can be placed for player-crafted items to be sold

Additional 1 Player Quest Giver


A Fortress, which can optionally act as Dungeon for opposing Alliance/Horde to enter

All options of Garrison

Additional 2 vendors can be placed for player-crafted items to be sold

Additional 1 Player Quest Giver

Optional 1 Stable-master that guild members could use summoning item to bring any of their pets stabled inside the Fortress

Optional 1 Battle-master (challenge other pre-mades….with 250+ members….not a problem)

The area to enter the guild house would be an instance within the Faction city of choice.

Guild members would automatically go into their guild’s instance if it was designated private.

If the guild house had been designated public there would be a “doorman” to declare which instance.

If the Fortress size house is chosen to be a Dungeon…entry to this would be in outdoor areas.

Potentially…. Un'Goro Crater, Winterspring, Badlands, Crossroads…all have nice plateus.

that a fortress image could be placed…many locations available elsewhere.


Instead of Vendor unit options you have Boss units (7) 1-A, 2-B and 4-C level strength

Each level of Boss has compliment trash mobs

Each area of Fortress has limits on max units designated

Adventurers will gain Honor (slaying dungeon dwelling members) and Opposing or Designated Faction based on Theme

Defending Dungeon dwelling members also gain Honor for killing Adventurers as well as Dungeon Themed Faction

(good job for recruits/plebs/peons.....heheh trash mobs and helps improve thier Faction rating)

Once slain…Dungeon dwelling members can choose to view in ghost mode, Mob ress (3-5 times) or resurrect outside

Adventurers have a time limit to complete Instance.

Dungeon dwelling members who login or enter instance “spawn” at cleared locations

and never “spawn” in A-Boss location.

A notice or alert will be visible to all online dwellers paper-doll that their Dungeon is under attack

Rewards in gold and/or Items are provided from the Dungeon ownership (dwellers guild bank)

Dungeon dwellers guild bank will receive gold and Dread points for every adventurer slain

as well as every “wipe” or time failure by adventurers

Dread points are used to upgrade Bosses and Dungeon traps, riddles or puzzles as well as unique item rewards.

Below are just examples of the number of exhalted members that would be required to be able to puchase the THEME for the décor for the guildhouse or dungeon ….the cooler/harder ones would be at the more difficult end to achieve…..making these faction goals HARD to achieve…while it makes many growl….we certainly rather it be hard to achieve….cause it makes the reward stand out and feel so much more accomplished…..har…accomplishment from grinding hehehe.

EXAMPLES….there are certainly PLENTY more to dream about here…


5 Exalted member minimum required within guild membership

Horde or Alliance Race City Factions

10 Exalted members minimum required within guild membership


20 Exalted members minimum required within guild membership

Horde or Alliance Forces Factions

Darkmoon Faire (<====would be cool evil Dungeon ehheheh)

40 Exalted members minimum required within guild membership

Steamwheedle Cartel City Factions

Hyrdaxian Waterlords

60 Exalted members minimum required within guild membership

Shattrath City Factions

Keepers of Time

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Feb 08

Colin Mor’s comments on Ships and Naval Combat.

Greetings and while it is still Winter for most….soon the spring will be in the air and boats will begin to be uncovered and set sail again on the open lakes, waterways and seas of our lil’ version of paradise here we call earth…heheh.

Ships…….Piracy…..Naval Combat events….many have discussed it in length and the realm itself has many examples in port and out to sea we can look at….but not utilize much more than visiting. Well a ship in dock is nothing more than a museum really and its glory is out to sea in adventure and at battle against enemies and or pirates. So who can have a boat or ship of any size….what could they do with it…how could they utilize it?

Again as in last month…

First off is the matter of eligibility….a guild starts as a small number of player signing a charter. (We surely know of the Bank tellers that assisted in the creation of personal vaults for accounts or for duo-account holding players) Eligibility for Ships (utilization) would be tied to active guild membership rosters. Guilds would be then have the following markers.

Charter…………8 or less

Club……………9-24 members

Guild or Clan….25-74 members (25 accounts)

Garrison……….75-249 members (50 accounts)

Legion…………250+ members (100 accounts)...2 Battleship Class Ships Cap

(This would allow a clan/guild to have a Merchant Ship(s) and/or War ship(s) for convoy chores....but not incombination with Pirate ship)

What could members of the above groups have and utilize?


No Ship


No Ship

GUILD/CLAN (guild could NOT have both a city meeting hall and a Ship)

Ship at port only

A Ship with theme of merchant, warship or pirateship

Optional 4 vendors (Theme based similar in rules to last months guild housing Themes )

can be placed for only player-crafted items to be sold

Optional 1 Player Quest Giver with Clan Reward Tokens (usable for designate guild items)

perhaps silly decorative costume items or titles.

GARRISON (guild could have both a city meeting hall and a Ship)

A Ship with which can optionally act as city shop for Horde or Alliance entry

All options of Guild/Clan

Additional 2 vendors can be placed for player-crafted items to be sold

Additional 1 Player Quest Giver

LEGION (Ship is either advanced Garrison version in dock OR Battleship unit)

All options of Garrison

Additional 2 vendors can be placed for player-crafted items to be sold

Additional 1 Player Quest Giver

Optional 1 Battle-master turns the ship into Battleship version (triggers higher upkeep costs)

(there would be some mechanics to eliminate the flippy floppy of ship back n forth usage)


Optional 1 Battle-master

High Seas Challenge (few NPC ships to hunt or defend but with most sunken treasures)

Battle other pre-mades….with 250+ members….not a problem

Here the greatest booty/loot/faction is gained…and greatest costs of losses!!!


Sail the seas in search of Pirates, Enemies or Sunken treasures

(most NPC ships to hunt or defend but with least sunken treasures)


Ships are Name-able and will be part of the Armory listing of a Guilds Naval Prowess with its stats and glorious history

Instead of Vendor unit options you have Boss units (7) 1-A, 2-B and 4-C level strength

There is a NPC Crew and Player Crew

Player Crews have 3 key roles to fill....Helmsman(Steering), Rigger (Speed) and Engineer (Repair)

Helmsman has a birdseye view of sea he can zoom out and zoom in based on his Boss Captain level (circle of map radius)

Rigger has a crew assignment scale which controls number of NPC Crew to aid Repairs and Speed based on Boss First Mate level

Engineer has a shipwide overview to see damages and can direct NPC Crew to repair the ship quickly based on Boss Quartermaster level

Swabbies are the ship defenders

Gunners man the Cannons

Marines are the boarding assault units

Player Crew will gain Honor by killing enemy player crewmembers.

Jumping Overboard or leaving Battleground during a battle will count as a kill for attacking ship.

Being pushed overboard can occur....beware of sharks...and quickly climb back aboard via ropes (ressurect via ships doctor if available)

Once slain…players can view in ghost mode or be resurrected by NPC Ships Doctor (3 times)

Once all Boss units are slain the ship is defeated, plundered and scuttled (cool graphics)

Sunken ship is sunk....lost....levels that the ship was at remain the starting point for building of new ship.

Ships sail with guild emblem on Flags and basic themes for colored sails (Black=Pirate, Red=Horde, Blue=Alliance, Green=Merchant)


All ships can defend themselves if attacked and will not lose faction…only gain

Pirates would have a Black River Goblin Vendor at the Bloodsail Base Port for upgrades based on the Pirates High Seas Faction

Pirates gain the most plunder gold and High Seas Faction but repair costs are the greatest.

Pirates gain bonus gold also from sinking Merchant ships.

Horde can attack Alliance and Pirates but NOT other Horde or Alliance respectfully.

Attacking a Merchant Ship will change ships designation to Pirate permanently

Merchant can attack Pirates ONLY BUT are the only ships that can SALVAGE sunken ships and treasures from the deep.


Merchant Ships gain NO High Seas Faction but do gain Venture Bay Faction…and use salvage items/treasure for upgrades

Repair Costs are Cheapest for Merchants and thier Venture Bay Faction determines access to purchase upgrades at the Dockmaster.

Horde and Alliance gain High Seas Faction and are eligible to do Bounty Hunting Pirate Chores.

Pirates can attack EVERYSHIP and will additionally Crew gain Bloodsail faction BUT will lose faction of matching cities fleets they attack and lose Bloodsail if they are sunk.

Defeating a ship gains the Ship (Clan/Guild) High Seas faction points (Pirate or Horde/Alliance)

High Seas Faction is used access to upgrades....this is a faction that is awarded to the Ship(s) which is actually the Clan/Guild not a player.

There is a ton of FUN to be had here in terms of decoration, costumes and lets not leave out NEW PORTS OF INTEREST (new home base Island of Bloodsail Pirates!!!) heh around the realms….these ships have to dock somewhere to spend their booty!!!!

Where to start…well….have fun with the dreams….I hope to see you on the high seas…

* looks through spyglass at ship sails in far off distance *

“Have the gunners prepare the broadsides…..drop the sails mate’s….thar be a fish to catch to port!!!”

Primary Areas of Ship Upgrades

SPEED (+2 upgrades available)

Pirate 150-200-250

Horde Alliance 125-175-225

Merchant 100-150-200

DEFENSE HULL (+4 upgrades available) (millions HP)

Horde Alliance 3-4-5-6-7

Pirate 2-3-4-5-6

Merchant 1-2-3-4-5

OFFENSE DAMAGE (+4 upgrades available) (factors)

Pirate 3-4-5-6-7

Horde Alliance 2-3-4-5-6

Merchant 1-2-3-4-5

OFFENSE RANGE (+4 upgrades available) (factors)

Horde Alliance 3-4-5-6-7

Pirate 2-3-4-5-6

Merchant 1-2-3-4-5

NPC CREW LIMIT (+5 upgrades available)

Merchant 25-30-35-40-45-50

Horde Alliance 15-20-25-30-35-40

Pirate 10-15-20-25-30-35

CLAN/GUILD CREW LIMIT (+3 upgrades available)

Horde Alliance 10-20-30-40

Pirate 10-15-20-30

Merchant 10-15-20-25

NPC BOSSES CREW (+4 upgrades) (100,000s HP)

Merchant 1-2-4-8-10

Pirate 1-2-4-5-8

Horde Alliance 1-2-3-4-6

HOLD SIZE (+4 upgrades available)

Merchant 40-50-60-70-80

Pirate 30-35-40-50-60

Horde Alliance 20-25-30-35-40

The Main Sail of the Ship will be of the following designated colors:

Merchant Green and Gold (Gold piles)

Pirate Black and White (Skull & Crossbones)

Horde Red and Black (Horde Symbol)

Alliance Blue and Yellow (Alliance Symbol)

NPC ships of the same class would be lighter shades of the Player sails

Guild Emblems would be displayed on flags at back of ship and on main mast.


Guildmasters can set the level of officer that is eligible to purchase upgrades using the Clan/Guild Venture Coins donated from membership.

Venture Coins collected by members individually can be donated to the Guild Bank.

Venture Coins awarded from Naval Quests automatically are deposited into the Guild Bank upon completion of a Ships Quest.

Venture Coins received from selling of booty, plunder or salvage to the Dockmaster are deposited in Guild Bank.

Venture Coins received from selling of booty, plunder or salvage to the Alliance/Horde Venture Bay vendor go to the player selling items.

Total Venture Coins received by a player works toward Achievments (like number of Honor kills in PVP) that would allow the player to control one of the levels of Bosses on the ship during a battle!!!

10,000 Venture Coins collected (individually) = C Boss Level access & "Sailor" Title

25,000 Venture Coins collected (individually) = B Boss Level access & "First Mate" Title

50,000 Venture Coins collected (individually) = A Boss Level access & "Captain" Title

100,000 Venture Coins collected (individually) = "Admiral" Title and Personal Dingy (non attackable) upon defeat at sea (good for sea fishing!!!)

Dingy Options = Floating bathtub, Giant Rubber Duckey, Giant innertube or simple little boat.

A ships HOLD is where supplies are kept to repair the ship as well as support the crew in terms of weapons, ammunition and booty that is gained via conquest or salvage. Upon returning to port these items can be restocked, used or sold to the port authority in return for Venture Coins.

Venture Coins are the method of commerce for all ships upgrades, equipment and crew costs.

When a Primary Area of Ship Upgrade is purchased the ship will be placed into drydock for the work to begin the upgrade fitting.

The following are the drydock days requirements and can run concurrently:


SPEED 14 days

HOLD SIZE 7 days






Area Enhancement Options


Sails, Rudder, Roping, Paint,


Plating, Braces, Figurehead, Bulkheads


Cannons, Cannon Balls, Firebombs, Harpoons,


Scopes, Stabilizers, Wind Gauges, Rifling


Armor, Projectiles, Melee, Magic


Armor, Weapons, Mana Pool, Action Pool


As the Ship is sailing the High Seas there are 3 CRITICAL roles that must be filled by players.......Helmsman, Rigger, Engineer

These 3 have to work in concert to deal with any unforseen or seen dangers that appear on the horizon or from the depths of the sea....not all dangers are on ships.....Sea monsters are REAL DONT YA KNOW!!!

The Helmsmans top down view comes most into play for the battle events obviously in terms of steering the ship into positions to broadside the opponent and/or avoid being broadsided themselves. The naval dance to the death but also in avoiding perhaps natural obstacles and/or getting into the correct position to attack a monster or prepare to salvage a sunken vessel or treasure.

The direction, speed and efficiency of the movement the ship has comes from.....construction materials but also how the NPC Crew is dedicated.

Crew delegation is the job of the Rigger. With use of a set of sliding scales the Rigger is able to assign the NPC Crew to various areas of focus.

Repair, Sails, Oars (slave work for extra speed or emergency manuvers), Combat (Cannon, Catapults, Harpoons)

*This allows for voyages with less than a full complement of Players possible....while Players are much more acurate....NPCs can succeed at some quests

The Crew focus is then important to the Engineer who has to deal primarily with the ships damage control directly. Again while Players are much more competent at putting out fires and plugging holes....NPC Crew can do this job well but need to be available from the Riggers delegation.....in a battle though there can be losses.....Players can ressurect a few times on a cruise.....NPCs cannot.

The view an Engineer has is like a schematic overview of the ship with a topdown and side view that would highlight a problem and as the problem escalated would turn more red from white highlighting. Fires spread though and hole send in water and both need to be dealt with differently. There would be a scale system to direct the compliment of NPC Crew to the following main damages.....Sail, Hull or Fire.

NPCs would work like Pets do in terms of attention....deal with the first or what they are designated on....then to the next closest or redirected need.

Sometimes a complete fix might not be possible depending on the crisis.

Again Players could help out in Repairs.....but there is an EVIL TWIST here!!!

Tailors are needed to Repair Sails

Engineers are needed to Repair Hulls

Blacksmiths are needed to Put out Fires

and...remember that Oar emergency?....well anyone can do slave work....so if there are no NPCs left and you need to REVERSE or a quick burst of speed or turn...grab an oar slave!!!

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Mar 08

Colin Mor’s comments Realm Defense and Siege of Capital Cities.

Greetings and welcome to my monthly WoW Suggestions post…and this month I continue to look into the area of COMMUNITY activities and areas that the GODS (Devs) can expand to further deepen and strengthen the WoW experience. As all past online game engines have learned the 3rd & 4th years are the stretch years and in those times community and guilds are stretched across great areas of possible play areas and/or contents. The successful game engines never forget the community and guild area and keep options open for the guilds/communities to have options that benefit their groups directly.

So this month I look specifically at realm PvP and some options that could bring some realm options to the guilds/clans and overall faction sides for even the mercenary (non-guild players).

Sieges and City Defenses…..while there is word of Siege options coming in the future….lets work on that premise as it would relate to the capital cities for the realm overall.

Monthly Siege Campaign.

Each of the Faction Capitals would have a Siege-Master and Siege Quartermaster that both would work in concert to focusing the attack upon the opposing factions city designated. Players and Guilds/Clans would turn in materials similar to how the opening of the gates system occurred in the past with commendations being earned for player efforts.

Commendations could be turned into the existing NPCs for race faction gains as in the past or they could be turned into the Siege-Master as a “vote” toward which opposing capital city would be targeted for a realm siege during that calendar month. (only 1Capital city could be attacked per month).

Once the city to be lay siege upon is designated…commendations then become means to build up siege equipment and NPC reinforcements. Additionally once a city has been designated….defenses of that city can be built up by use of commendations by players….or they continue to build up to lay Siege themselves. Once a Siege begins upon a city….existing defense levels are enacted and no further improvements could be made to the city defenses….now it would be only players that would need to grow in numbers and fulfill the respawning defenses.

So….where is the guild/clan benefit? It would be in the system accumulating the guilds memberships tally of commendations turned into the Siege-Master and Siege Quartermaster. Recognition and reward for this effort for the guild/clan would be in that either the Siege Equipment or NPCs would be carrying the top guild/clans symbols and names into battle. Rally Banners also could be aquired for commendations which would appear as the clan banner and would summon 10 NPC Siege Camp Defenders…very helpful for defending the camps from counter attacks from within the city. Upon success of attack or defense the guild/clans would receive recognition for their efforts with large Honor gains, Faction rep gains, guild-bank gold and monthly titles. (Defenders or Destroyer of -------) Utilization of this form of mechanics and reward could further be tied to more long-term rewards…even including back into my January and February posts on guild housing décor and ships etc.

Preparing for Siege (attacking and defending) and the accumulation of supplies…should change monthly….this will reduce the stockpiling for future months events and if a realms faction fails to achieve enough stockpiles to start a siege…well…it does not happen and the efforts for that month would NOT carry over to the next month. There will be realms that are heavy on one faction than the other….most likely those will be able to more easily begin a siege….which is fine…since that does give the defenders opportunity to defend while still being able to focus on building up their factions Siege preparations.

To win the Siege event from the Attackers side:

1) Break down the City Wall (a status bar would be visible from the system)

2) Break down the Gate (a status bar would be visible from the system)

3) Defeat the NPC Defense Reinforcements (default city defender counts + additional player built up NPCs)

4) Capture 3 strategic points within city (utilize system area capturing method)

5) Defeat the Capitol City Leader (who will attack with personal bodyguards once the prior 4 are complete)

To win the Siege event from the Defenders side:

1) Destroy all attacking Canons/Ballistas

2) Destroy all attacking Battering Rams

3) Defeat the NPC Attacking Reinforcements (default siege counts + additional player built up NPCs)

4) Capture 3 strategic points within the Siege Camps (utilize tower capture/destroy method)

NOTE: this point would activate a timer for the Siege event to end.

5) Defending Capitol City Leader must survive

Siege Equipment

Canon/Ballista (Attack City Walls)

Battering Rams (Attack City Gate and NPC Transports)

Catapults (a 5-Player group or Plauged Cow/Bomb Launchers heheh)

NPC Forces

Ground or Air

a) Melee

b) Magic

c) Bosses

Siege Masters would be the means to join a Siege event…only through them would a player be eligible and sent to the event OR allowed to defend the city being attacked. If your side is attacking then ANY capital city Siege Master would send you to the battle event. If your side is defending then ONLY the Siege Master in the city being attacked would allow you to join the battle. Once you are participating in the event…you cannot use Flight paths.

Below would be an additional longterm benefit for participation in the realm Siege events….

1) Successful Completion of a series of Realm Sieges on ALL of the opposing factions Capital cities

2) Participation within Sieges slaying a determined number of NPC Defenders

3) Accumulation of a determined number of commendations turned in

4) Exalted status in ALL the races in the Players Faction

5) Maximum Level progression (whatever it is)

…would gain the player access to a Legendary Heroic Weapon.

Defending cities is a players core duty and there would not be any Legendary reward…only through the Offense.

So here is where I look to you Longtooths, Warmongers and Elders…..some rewards ideas and/or types of Bosses etc…including graphics etc…..best example I see is the scene in LoTR III where Minos Ter whatever spelled was being sieged….ehhehe rawr.

Ill keep workin on this and enjoy your thoughts and input as well.....thanks in advance.

Can you imagine what it would look like if you were flying INTO Ogrimmar as it was being attacked.....or while I cannot imagine it since I never have played an Alliance and flown in their areas....what it would look like flying into Stormwind as a Horde Siege is upon thier city......oh what a sight.

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Apr 08

Guild Battleground Glory Bonus

Battlegrounds are becoming one area that the casual gamer is able to utilize in order to upgrade his weapons, trinkets and armors. While the Wow experience continues to grow in scale and added new dungeons and raids; these are more often not a viable option for the player who does not have the ability to schedule consistently a set block of time weekly. This same player though may still desire the group and guild life and in continuing my emphasis on community and guild options….Battleground Bonus is an area that these casual gamers can help their guild/clan overall and realize a bonus similar to the various faction benefits that the power-gamer or regular gamer can achieve within the Raid networks.

The system currently awards tokens to the players for their success and failure of a battleground match. Reputation within the battlegrounds is gained and has a finite limit, as does the number of tokens a player can hold in their possession overall. Across the multiple characters a player may control this may vary by character and/or even faction side…. alliance or horde. One factor though can bind across all or some of the players characters and that is guild/clan association. Some casual gamers may not ever reach the limits of the Wow leveling and find a niche or level group that fits their desired gaming plan. The famous or infamous “Twinks” exist across several of the level groups and there are even guilds created only for these Battlegroups.

Utilizing the Guild Bank system that exists now where all membership is able to access the guild bank interface a new Guild Glory slot could be created. This slot on the guild bank would allow the donation of tokens to the guild in order to gain the guild a factor of glory for the members’ recent activities. This would be an accumulating weekly factor that would reset during the standard Tuesday maintenance. The following week would bear the result of the prior weeks Guild Battleground Glory.

Rewards for Guild Battleground Glory would be similar to the zone buffs that the players participate in PVP to activate across certain zones of Outland and be rewarded to the top clan/guilds of each faction side.

Members of these guilds would receive the reward buff upon entering the designated battleground as the system verified their membership in the guild/clan noted as last weeks most glorious. Each battleground would have the below glorious guilds.

Across all Realms

#1 Overall Guild Battleground Glory = +15% Stamina & Battleground decorated with guild/clan logos

Realm specific Rewards

#1 Realm Guild Battleground Glory = +15% Defense

#2 Realm Guild Battleground Glory = +10% Defense

#3 Realm Guild Battleground Glory = +5% Defense

Guilds or Clans could then try to focus their membership to achieve such a reward…planned over time for a mass submission or consistently in the guild/clans that are Battleground designed.

Again the key is to create areas that the players themselves can affect for their collective guild/clan…their community they build within the game itself. Now having an actual impact and result that is visible to all who participate…everyday, a few days or just one day a week.

Now if a guild was able to sweep all 4 of the battlegrounds and be designated #1 Overall for their factions side? Well that would be quite an achievement and with it something quite amazing should be their reward. Sweeping a realm as the #1 in all 4 battlegrounds

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January 09


In the past year I have been vexed and countered with posts on the Blizzard suggestion board being removed without a note from the Emissaries of the GODS....over and over and over....so I halted my posting and went back to gaming and planning my 2009 onslaught of ideas and projects for the "world" of warcraft population to ponder and dream about...

Not giving up my main core beliefs.......Clan/Guild....Community Opportunities

With the Lich King expansion in full swing there are some new facets that are welcomed and sounded familiar.

pet/mount tabs like keyring....no need for bank slots

many tokens turned in to currency....wallet of sorts...no need for bank slots

While they still need to address TABARDS!!!.....ie Colin Mor's Footlocker idea....works just like the tokens and pet/mounts.

The new lands offer more adventure but also I see have a great option to solve the question of "how would you pay or gain items etc for some of you idea? Gold? Rep? Faction? etc etc...

Well....for the Clan/Guild Housing I still believe Faction rep across the guild should unlock the "theme aspect".

Now in the gathering of items...for buildings or ships in the Naval idea.....one only has to ask the question....

"Which group within World of Warcraft are the "collectors of all things shiney and in turn would be willing to sell thier own family members for a price?"


Northrend has a port called Venture Bay...where these Goblins have set up a commerce based on Venture coins....and do not care whom they deal with....Alliance or Horde.

So.....utilize this PORT city (hub for commerce so to speak) that REQUIRES control of the area to make vendors available...and deals in Venture coins.

These Venture Coins could be then donated by the player who gains them into the guild bank vault which would then be able to purchase decorations for housing/fortresses/dungeons or Ships/Commerce/Battleships and some of thier cosmetic upgrades......leaving some mechanics of the "dread" a dungeon gains and Davy Jones rep that would be utilized for more powerful upgrades.

Nothing Ventured.....Nothing Gained.

(I wont repost the naval idea or the dungeon idea....you can read about it above in this thread.)

See you soon.....on the inside!!!

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January 09


What/When = April Fool's Day Dungeon

Why = For the evil fun of it...and give an ironic twist use for Baby Spice

How = Entry to the Dungeon thru the toy shop keeper under influence of Baby Spice or Small Feast

The Toy Shop vendor then tosses the player into the basement which begins the Dungeon run....players then adventure and work thier way through and out of the evil twisted toy shop basement, doll house, toy box and work bench areas (kinda like Nax with areas).

Once inside the dungeon all the toys are giant with evil crazy twists to them....they are toys and parts that are not fit for selling or display.

There are goofy loot awards on bosses that are cosmetic in value....odd toys/pets, mounts, trinkets, recepies and clothes.

Some toy/pet suggestions (literally infinite in bizzaro options)

Headless dolly on a string pet

teddy bear with one eye as seen in Ogre camps

pet rock

sling shot

Fly swatter that can nock baby supah heros outah sky or bubble gum flyers

Jump rope

Hulah hoop



Paddleball (TYRANDIUS)

Mister Dwarvish Potatohead (KADIANA)

Slinky (KADIANA)

Lawn Darts (you'll put your eye out!) - throw them at people! (KADIANA)

Paintball gun - shows a 'splotch' on other people's armor for a few minutes (KADIANA)

Some goofy mount ideas (when used shrinks player to baby size)

Horse head on stick

Orc Bigwheel.....can connect to Lil Red Wagon

Lil Red Wagon

Shaggy Dog pulling Skateboard (KADIANA)

Gnomish Tricycle Engineering Pattern (KADIANA)

Crayons to recolor your gear or yourself! (KADIANA)

Some fun recepies

Engineering=Mechanical pet dog with wheels as hind legs

Tailoring=Diapers to be cast on other players who can make em dirty and throwable....giving opposite effect of Old Spice


Cooking=Bubble Gum that allows character to float short distances

Leatherworking=Spanking Belt

Alchemy=Blowing Bubbles

Some fun Clothes (lots of Costume possiblilities....ya know kids like dressin up!!!)

Supah Hero Cape (Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) allows baby flying

Clown suit

Bizzaro Clown suit

Referee Shirt usable for player tournaments

I will add to this list from great suggestions you add to the list of goofy loot awards...have fun thinkin of the possibilities!!!

(Crushers Suggestions)

CLICK HERE for The Official WoW Suggestions Post by Colin Mor....lets hope this doesn't get deleted

Edited by Borg

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A few suggestions:


Mister Dwarvish Potatohead


Lawn Darts (you'll put your eye out!) - throw them at people!

Paintball gun - shows a 'splotch' on other people's armor for a few minutes


Shaggy Dog pulling a skateboard (street surfing!)

Gnomish Tricycle (engineering pattern, maybe?)

Vanity Items:

Crayons (recolor your gear or yourself!)

I'll add others as I think of them.

Edited by Kadi

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-Miniature Faction Figure: Based on faction (Orcs get Thrall, humans get King Wrynn, Forsaken get Sylvannas, etc). They'd be BoE so players can trade them, and they function like the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (ie - REALLY small companions).

-Miniature Fel Reaver: I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet...

-Abomination Construction Kit: Much like the Ogre Idol from the TCG, dress up as an abomination! Size would be scaled to that of a small, randomly colored non-elite abom. Combat would not cancel this effect.

-Cult of the Damned makeup kit: Ever want to look like a Death Knight but not re-roll one? It wouldn't feature glowing eyes, but facepaint like you'd see on NPCs such as Noth, Hyjal Necromancers, etc. Effect disappears as soon as you submerge in water.

-Poorly Tied Shoelace (trinket): Causes the player to "trip". Basically Feign-Death without the aggro dump and target clearing, plus a much shorter duration.

-Roadblock-Clearing Dynamite: Lays a stack of powerful Venture Co. brand dynamite on the body of a player or NPC. Causes the corpse to explode after several seconds, but will cause no AoE damage like the DK equivalent.

-Noisy River Duck: Summons a duck companion that waddles by your side. Various colors. Clicking it makes a familiar noise...(thought: why doesn't Azeroth have ducks?).

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goofy mount

pogo stick

toy suggestion

sit & spin


one of those bouncy ball things that have the handle

inchworm, like so: http://www.rideables.com/catalog/product/g...id/24/image/10/

a mini trampoline (i have no clue how to implement this, i just think it would be fun)

fun recipe

Inscription: (like baseball cards) Boss Cards - could work toward an achievement like fishing coins from the fountain. The cards don't "do" anything except show an image of the boss and its "stats". When you "view" the card, a window pops up similar to that when looking at the faded photograph in the Linken quest line from Un'Goro. The "stats" of each boss could be silly things like their "hometown" (dungeon), hopes, dreams, desires, or "commonly heard saying" (using a good line from their fight script).

Edited by Mali

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Fishing Boat (2 person) adds fishing buff

Fishing Net (550 fishing required) catches multiple fish or items

Fishing Bucket (24 slot) unique bag


Rubber Ducky Floatation Ring Water Mount (sits around players waist)

Rubber Swan Floatation Ring Water Mount (sits around players waist)

Boogie Board Floataion Mount (player lays on board)


Scuba Snorkle n Mask puts all objects onto radar map

Scuba Tank allows breathing underwater

Flippers add swimming speed buff when worn


Deck of Cards (5 player Party Poker Game) uses Venture Coins

Toy Sail Boat

Toy Submarine (water toy pvp)


Wooden Pegleg (vanity Pants) makes appearance of one wooden leg

Pirate Hook (Vanity Glove) makes appearance of Hook as hand

Pirate Hat, Patch n Parrot (Vanity Hat) puts parrot on shoulder






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As I have enjoyed the achievement challenges and listening to other players comments ingame/inchats/live and on my home board and guildsite....a few thoughts have combined in my old noggin that might be an interesting option for discussion and/or implementation.

Many players have been pleased with the option of starting thier Hero class out in the 50s....many seek more options.

Many wish they could create new alternates at higher levels to begin with (questing be damned hehe) so as not to have to grind thru the 5,6,7 versions of collect 20 heads and bring em back for this stewpot and youll get 2000 xp.

Many enjoy collecting pets.

I think some of you are already onto what Im gonna say....

Childrens week is coming....we will have option to have a "companion npc" (pet)...well make there be an option (goldsink if you wish) to adopt an orphan npc (sounds better than buying one)

This NPC will work like hunter pets and level up though as you travel and with your regular playing character which you enjoy using for raids/pvp/grinding/gathering/adventuring.

You would need to have a free character slot which upon hitting the level cap (say its 50) would then take that open slot

When you adopted the orphan you were given simple options of race....male/female...class....(barbershop will deal with adult features)

As the Adopted Orphan is adventuring with you during your normal dailies etc (perhaps you will need to go do some easier ones for them to get some exp scored hits) the Orphan does his melee/range/spell attempts upon your target (no worries bout losing agro there) but watch out for any area affect that could damage your Orphan.

Some interesting and funny results could occur....misfires (hit you in butt or light you on fire by accident)...perhaps a tantrum or two....hopefully your Orphan doesnt get bored too easily and wander off in attention.

Anyhow...much goofy fun could be built into the process of raising your lil orphan...till the day he ends his growth and experience gain...then graduation rawr....he/she now is your new family member (character option) and you take it from there all the way up to 80

At least this is a way you can STILL play your primary character for whatever you need AND that time then goes toward building up your new alternate.....and NOT just getting a higher starting point for nothing.

Hmmm...betcha dueling Orphans will be a new flavor indeed.

CLICK HERE TO post support for Colin on the Official WoW Suggestion Board

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Post made 12/30/2010 on WoW Guilds Achievement Thread



Good Morning Adventurers and GODZ (Dev team)....

Well its been nearly a month of the new expansion and the expansion overall has been alot of fun and challenging to us players and a nice fresh look for us that were here back in the first ever beta 6+ yrs ago. *thumbs up for the GODZ*

For us adventurers and guild members throughout the realms it is a new wrinkle the guild advancement and achievement system...again I applaud this addition. (given my years of suggestion posts on something for guilds that their coordinated efforts could be rewarded in some fashion)

As we have enjoyed the new merging of the cinema movies within the game and our own character(s)...it did get me to think of a nice guild achievement idea that would go hand in hand with when the guild makes their first Heroic/Raid achievement.

Have the system capture the last say 5-10 seconds of the event in a mini movie from some point of perspective that then becomes a record/icon on the guild achievement page that members could view and review in the future...sorta like the trophy case coming alive.

This would only occur if the WHOLE group/raid was members of the guild itself.

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GUILD REWARD = The Guild Quest Giver

As another guild reward for achieving perhaps the completion of a very high level of total quests done by all guild members or dailies....leave that up to the GODZ (Devs)....I offer the suggestion of a NPC Quest Giver.

One NPC would be in each of the major cities for all the races that would react to the player like the current guild rewards vendor.

The Guild Master could create the Quest type and designate the reward (guild rep or various other listed reps) based on the Quest type etc...any gold award would come directly out of the guild bank reserves. Any Collection Quests the items collected and turned in could go into the guild bank as well as long as there was room.

Having one in each of the cities would then become another level of achievements that could open up a second, third, etc NPC Guild Quest Giver option for the guild to utilize.

The ability to even create epic Quests of gathering, reputation achievement, slaying, etc tied to any number of chores could even be the criteria for completion of the chore....endless options for player created events.

Breathing even more life and community activities into the realm.

below is another listing I recently posted on WoW Forums...


As we have the Companions and Mounts....a means to list what yet has been achieved in terms of Tabbard award/purchasing/finding.

For years I had been speaking about a "Foot Locker" that worked like the old Key ring...way to store your tabbards awarded or purchased.....while I still think that is a cool idea...It may be easier for the devs to just have a listing that we could then use as a checklist in terms of "done that/seen that/worn that/got that"

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