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TS and Windows Vista Issues

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I can hear everyone, but they cannot hear me. Seems to be an issue with Vista. Looking at the forums for TS there were a few posts that stated "Right click on the TeamSpeak Icon, click properties. Check the box "Run this program in compatibiliy mode for:" choose Windows XP(Service Pack 2).

Check the box "Run this program as an Administrator".

Which I've done and it did work for about.. 20 mins.. and then suddenly stopped... :D

Looking for any advice on this matter, or what's perhaps worked for you. I keep checking the TS forums hoping for a fix, but no luck as yet. :(

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I never had the chance to try it (I know you got it resolved by running TS in compatability mode), but I formatted and went back to XP Pro. There are too many things that I use that haven't been updated to work on Vista yet.

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