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Those who cant seem to register to forums

Guest Charlie

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Guest Charlie

Im not sure what really to say about those who cant seem to get authorised into the forums. Perhaps Balandar will leave some words of wisdom on this subject.

I have no control over the authorising of the forums sadly. It was quite sometime ago that i had to get authorised but i know many have been waiting very long still.

*note to the forum creators* Please help those who need it, my hands are tied on this one. Ive tried many times to guide members on it and i am not sure what is happening, I have checked member list ,many still say ''await authorisation'' .So please leave an icq number or a post on correcting this problem for the members who await the ability to post.

Thank you very much.


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I had to create three accounts before I got one that worked. The first one the confirmation link sent to the email address didn't work, the second one was my fault (sort of) I used my work e-mail and of course our spam blocker wouldn't let the confirmation email through, and finally the third one worked.

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