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Treasures of Tokuno


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The Treasures of Tokuno campaign has returned. Ever wanted a rune beetle carapace, or kasa of the Ra-jin? For one or two weeks, this campaign is back. Details can be found here.

By this, you can expect that we as a guild will be doing several hunts in tokuno this coming week, and i encourage you all to hunt by yourselves there as well, as much of this armor is excellent. Until i get home from class, -Kodoz

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Hopefully the "second phase" will make dyes available. The site doesnt show them as being available at this time.

Also, it doesnt seem to be up and running quite yet. Either that or they majorly decreased the drop rate 0_o

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There are no artifacts dropping in tokuno dungeons, only in the overland. Also, thank goodness, the hideous bright dyes are not a choice this time. However, the 10 use pigments of tokuno that spawn will be a normal armor color, all of which can be seen if you check the www.uo.com website and follow the announcements about them.

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