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Crushers and our Raiding buddies, there have been some very disturbing things going on lately and I am tired of dealing with it under the cloak of whispers when it happens week after week. There has been some occasions of my raiding team in whispers and guild chat making snide comments and being down right rude to others of our raiding team. This is NOT acceptable EVER. If you have a problem USE YOUR CLASS OFFICERS - or turn around and talk to an Elder. Do not make hatefilled or innappropriate remarks. We are a group of mature raiders most of the time who have proved that we can be casual RPers and still raid successfully BECAUSE we have awesome people among us and usually little Drama. This Drama can and WILL stop if people dont run their mouths the minute something goes against the norm or what any individual feels they deserve. THIS INCLUDES GOSSIP - Knock it off. To Quote a Class leader from EpiK (crypted's raiding group)

" Like your mama told you, If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

The Golden Rule is something you damned well better understand as a member of Skullcrusher or intend on raiding with us EVER.

Do Unto Others as you would Have Done Unto you.

Read this, understand it and /sign.

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*Tries to pick up the chief's small writing pen, but fumbles it in her large fingers. Gives it her hoofstamp of approval instead*

To all Crushers and our fellow raiders, feel free to come to me to grumble/whine/cheer/group hug/roast-a-gnome whenever you like. :cry:

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Verissi elegantly signs

Tobalaya licks it, signifying approval

Waldonnis nods, signs, and goes back to sleep

Hoofstomper gives it a bearhug

Truffles, Feathers, and the blue kitty approve, so Kelani does as well

Rodala can't read yet, but agrees once it's explained to her

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Ey, if you dont like Raeda (( HAHA that'll never happ'n )) come talk to ol' harney, (or haq if you have to ) ima good listener an i'll try to help and


/love for all! ((SNAP! ima sappy dork!))


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/snaps off a dried tendon from his arm

/dips tendon in the green slime of his home, The Undercity

/signs in big letters

/kills gnome in honor of the signing

/secretly knows he would have killed the gnome anyway just for fun

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