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LATE NOTICE!!!! I know...


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Zul'Gurub has for too long been unvisited by the Skullcrushers. The Zulian Priests grow overly confident. I propose that we venture into Zul'Gurub for a hard hitting raid - just a hit and run operation really - and remind them that the Skullcrushers are no small threat, we are a predominant threat to the faceless one.

Invites start at 9pm

First Pull at 9:30pm

Last pull at 12:30am

Want to see:

3 Warriors, at least 1 tank type

3 priests, at least 1 shadow to do DPS

4 Druids, at least one owl and one bear form.

2 Shaman

2 Rogues

3 Mages

3 Warlocks

These numbers are NOT hard and fast numbers, but just what I have the best runs with. If we gete this balance, we will go for (in this order - time dependent): Bat, Snake, Spider, Tiger, Panther, Hakkar.

If we make it that far, we can go back and get Jinn'do and the Bloodlord.

Sabrianica will be doing the invites. Sign-up is up.

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Late Night ZG Score Card:

Snake: Dead, 2nd attempt*

Bat: Dead, 1st Attempt

Spider: Dead, 2nd Attempt**

Tony: Alive

Panther: Not attempted

Trash Mobs: Dead


* 1st attempt involved 13 people.

** 1st attempt reset due to miscommunication.

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Dude we kicked ass last night. Almost took Venox with 13 people. if we had wrangled the snakes faster we would have done it. I was refreshing to hear Halamesh say those things about the Crushers. And I quote "Any raid with 10 crushers is no PuG", we showed em how crushers do it man, with finesse. That flawless second attempt at the spider boss was awesome. Killer leading Sab, excellent execution everyone! Sorry I had to leave before tony, but Wife rep > WoW. Lets start earlier next time!

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