The Elven brothers, Part VIII

     Swirling pools of calming green and vivid shades of violet and gold wound around each other within the restrictions of a twirling glass sphere which hung low from the high vaulted ceiling. Lights that spun from the orb flung themselves against the pale white alabaster walls of the tower meshing into a violently moving myriad of visions. Each of the blank surfaces depicted a single specific place in space and time as it was seen by Menel from above.
     On the west wall a group of men dressed in the armor of rangers journeyed through high yew trees and through thick underbrush towards a strange abby in the distance. On further, depicted to the north, a mob of orcs swelled on a white island as they trapped a fair human woman and set up their makeshift camp on a newly fallen patch of pure white snow, befouling it with their sloppings. To the east a young magician walked silently through a patch of herbs, often reaching down to pick up a few choice specimens and placing them gently into the velvet pouch at his side. As Aluim was wisked further into the chamber of undulating colors he could see the southern wall and the merchant it depicted there, selling his goods to the many different customers who passed by his shop, never letting the permanent smile fall from his face. 
     Aluim had the sudden feeling that he had been seen on these walls not too long ago. The night of the fallen stars seemed etched behind each one of the visions like colorless scratchings on the canvas that was the rounding wall of the tower. His keen emerald eyes narrowed as he sought to find meaning in these stirring images of the world. He looked again to the rangers and saw them reaching their destination and saw that many swyrel gathered there as well, he looked to the orcs and saw a group of elves spirit away their captive as they endeavored to make an escape, again he saw the young magician and now noticed the lone arael that watched him gather his herbs from a nearby copse of trees, he looked to the shopkeeper and noticed that his features were keen and sharp. He realized that the globe, that was like a kaleidoscope shining its mosaic on the wall, saw only elves and the efforts that they were making to reach peace without war.
     The visions began to shift as Jondadin twisted the shimmering orb slightly and suddenly on the west wall Aluim could see his brother Veldren and the arael that he was with. He saw the human knights that called out to the elves and how they reacted. He witnessed the sudden surge of bees that sent the knights out of the glade and how his brother questioned the resolution. Aluim smiled knowingly as he heard Marylvin's response echo in his ears. 
     "Marylvin naa right", Veldren whispered to himself, "Amin do nys know tanya sen naa fyln..."
     He slowly closed his eyes as he fell into deep thought. Was that why his father hadn't attacked Sythssys on sight the day he died? Was that why the raiders that killed his mother didn't have to break into his home? Was this really what the Mother had wanted for her children, to be slaughtered by evil beings while they ponder whether they are honorable or not?
     The world seemed to shift as he thought to himself. It was as if the game was the same but all of a sudden the rules had changed and no one had told him. Somehow, he thought, Aluim had always known these new rules because it seemed as if he always acted in ways similar to what Marylvin had and yet he thought he knew everything that Aluim did, he thought he had taught him everything he knew. This epiphany was nearly devastating to Veldren and he was just about ready to wander off in a rage when he heard a voice in his head.
     "Vys naa right", the voice whispered in enchanting tones, "Marylvin didn't call out to vys...amin did."

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