The Elven brothers, Part X

     The colors that had been swimming freely on the western wall of the tower suddenly stopped and the colorless scratches that showed the night of falling stars were all that was left for Aluim to look upon. He nearly fell to his knees as he spun around to Jondadin with questioning eyes. The old swyrel seemed at a loss for the strange blankness of the wall, his only response being the mindless scratching of his temples. Nysrelor was stunned at the sudden void as well but as he neared the blank wall to investigate the problem, he was more interested with the strange scratchings that he found there.
     The Espel looked with concentrated intent to the visage on the wall. He seemed enthralled by the strangeness of it all but turned to Jondadin with suspision in his eyes. "Mani naa this?", he questioned him with a stern voice, "Sut did this get sinome?" Aluim, curious for the answer, looked to him as well.
     Jondadin's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he finally saw the strange anomaly. He squinted to see the subject of the vision and then he looked to Aluim's face. He looked to the wall and then to Aluim. "Aluim..", he said in a hushed whisper," Aluim..." He looked to Nysrelor and pointed to the picture of Aluim on the wall. "Tanya naa vys, Aluim?", he said to Aluim as he pointed.
     "Ays", he answered, knowing that there was no other way to answer them. He sighed deeply with the weighty thoughts of what this meant for him. He closed his eyes with his ponderings and suddenly the other walls went dark as well. He heard a sharp gasp and he quickly reopened his eyes. The walls were bright with color again as soon as his bright emerald orbs were open and the two elves that were there with him were looking at him with open jaws.
     "Mani?", he questioned but Nysrelor and Jondadin didn't answer him. 
     For a moment he was still with his confusion. He looked again to the etched wall and saw that there was again a picture twirling upon it but it was not of his brother. Again he turned to Jondadin and asked to see Veldren but the old swyrel didn't move. He and Nysrelor simply stood silently watching Aluim's every intent. In his frustration Aluim went to manipulate the orb himself.
     As his diminutive hands made contact with the smooth surface of the strange glass orb a shattering crack of lightning showed on each of the four walls. The sound from the four bolts crashing in on them simultaneously nearly knocked each of them to the floor but Aluim stood his ground. He could feel the eminence of the Father flow through him and guide him across a world yet unknown to him. Instead of visions to be observed on a tower's wall he saw visions in his mind's eye and knew every detail of them as if he was there himself.
     Sparks of blue lightening shot off the orb in arched strings of energy. A single azure bolt collided with Nysrelor and Jondadin and sent them to the hard marble floor. Aluim was shimmering with the blue energy and it seemed to be connecting him with the orb like the tether from a new born child to its mother. Suddenly the room was dark and Aluim was nowhere to be found.

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