Drow Translations

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Drow to Common

[severe]pain jiv'undus
a(seldom used,except for emphasis) NATHA
above,up,over phor
achievement,work completed XUNDUS
achievements,works completed xundussa
across naudal
after p'luin
against qua'laen
agree qua'l
agreement,treaty INTHIGG
aim,goal,hoped-for event ILINDITH
alike esaph
all JAL
ally,non-enemy ABBAN
also,extra,additional mziln
although d'ril
am uil
ambush,sneak attack thalack'vel
among,within,into WUND
and(often shortened to lu') LUETH
another jalbyr
any jala
anybody jalkhel
anyone jaluss
anything jalbol
apart,alone MAGLUST
apprentice,servant wanre
are(often shortened to ph' or phu') PHUUL
arm da're
armor(magical or physical) ky'ostal
around,about BAUTH
arrest,capture ply'uss
arrow b'luth'ol
as(often shortened to iz' or 'zil) IZIL
assassin velg'larn
assassinate,to kill by treachery ol'elg
assassination,death by treachery ol'elghinn
at,by a
attractive,beautiful,handsome ssin'urn
back RATH
backs RATHA
backstab rath'elg
band,group AKH
be,tobe TLU
beauty ssin
because p'wal
been tlus
before p'los
behind RATHRAE
beside tu'suul
best,foremost ALURL
better,superior ALUR
between tu'fyr
beware!-warning! SARN!
beyond tu'jol
bite tril
bitter riknueth
blade(dagger,knife,sword) VELVE
blood vlos
body khel
book,treatise,work of knowledge zhaun'ol
both(often shortened to tu') TUTH
bow b'luthyrr
brazier linthre
brother dalninuk
but jhal
care kyon
carefulness,wariness kyona
cast,throw,hurl LUTH
cauldron linth'el
caution,distrust ne'kales
caution,stealth OLIST
cave,cavern har'ol
chalice,goblet,glass shanaal
chest mamulen
child dalhar
children dalharen
city(generic) che'el
clear thinking,calm,bravery,good behavior HONGLATH
climb Z'ORR
cold inthuul
come doer
commission a'quarth
commissioned a'quarthus
comrade,"trusted" friend ABBIL
confidence in weapons,battlemight,strength at arms,valor SARGH
conquering,victory,to win or prevail ULTRINNAN
considering talinthin
continue,continued,endure ELENDAR
contribution fielthal
coup olis'inthigg
coward rath'arg
cowardice,dishonor rath'argh
cut,sever,break harventh
danger SREEN
dark olath
darkness(natural or magical) OLOTH
dart kyil
darts kyilen
daughter dalharil
dead elghinyrr
deceipt waerr'ess
deliberate rampart,
shield,or other barrier
destiny,the will of Lloth ELAMSHIN
did xunus
die el
disagree qua'lae
confrontation(not yet open conflict)
do,to complete or accomplish XUN
dodge,to dodge BAUTHA
dodging,avoiding bauthin
doing xunin
done xunor
don't xuat
down,under,below,beneath HARL
dragon tagnik'zur
dwelling,non-nobleHouse el'lar
dying elggor
each weth
earth(element) har'dro
eat cal
either usbyr
electricity,lightning nizzre'
escape,to escape do'bauth
escaping do'bauthin
ESP,telepathy z'talin
every ril
everybody rilkhel
everyone riluss
everything rilbol
evil verin
excrement,offal,carrion IBLITH
eye sol
eyes solen
face jindurn
favor,grace(esp.with Lloth) elamshinae
fawn,flatter,curryfavor s'lurpp
fawning,flattering s'lurppin
female(gender) jalil
few stath
fighting with weapons or hand-to-hand melee
fightingwithmagic melaer
find,discover,uncover RAGAR
fire,flame chath
flesh siltrin
fool WAEL
foolish,unaware/unwary WAELA
for whol
forgiveness,pardon nelgetha
from(sometimes shortened to da') DAL
fun,play(amusing cruelty,"animal spirits") JIVVIN
future(time) ulin
gem euol
get inbau
go alu
Goddess(other than Lloth) QUAR'VALSHARESS
going aluin
good,a good person bwael
grace suliss
graceful suliss'urn
grave,battlemarker PHALAR
grimoire,spellbook faerz'ol
guide,key,inspiration MRIMM
had inbalus
hag,harpy,bitch(directed to a female) elg'caress
hate,despise phlith
have inbal
he uk
head karliik
heart xukuth
help xxizz
her ilta
here ghil
heretic,traitor,non follower of Lloth og'elend
hers ilt
herself iltan
him ukta
himself uktan
his ukt
holy,sacred ORTHAE
hot sseren
House(of a titled noble family) QU'ELLAR
I,thisone,myself USSTAN
if ka
in WUN
incense cha'ol
infront,facing,in the fore front ALUST
inn,tavern el'inssrigg
inside wu'suul
instrument velnarin
it ol
item(abstract) hyrr
unidentified,mysterious or important)
its olt
itself oltan
join,bond valm
key mrim'ol
kidnap,hold for ransom ply'usaerth
kill,slay,destroy ELGG
large izznarg
leg da'ur
liar uln'hyrr
lie(untruth) ulnar
life,alive DRO
light,brightness SSUSSUN
like saph
likewise,as you wish asanque
lock,to lock mri'kul
lover(female) mrimmd'ssinss
lover(male) mrannd'ssinss
lusting,loving ssinssriggin
magic FAER
magical FAERL
magical cloak PIWAFWI
magical wards(esp.of a House) ky'ov'aer
magicalitem FAERBOL
magicspell faerz'undus
male(gender) jaluk
many mzil
may,might,perhaps XAL
me ussa
medallion,amulet ilinsar
meet,encounter THALRA
meeting,council,parley TALTHALRA
memory zha'linth
mine usst
being(especially a nonintelligent creature)
more MZILD
most mzilst
mother,to mother ILHAR
much mzilt
music ssinsuurul
my ussta
neither nausbyr
neutral noalith
no NAU
nobody naukhel
none naust
not naut
nothing naubol
now,present(time) nin
of(sometimes shortened to d' or de') DEL
off tir
old zhuanth
on,upon PHOLOR
one in my place USSTIL
onto pholod
opening,door,gap OBSUL
opposite indarae
opposite,different endar
or xor
order(exercise of authority) QUARTH
ordered,commanded QUARTHEN
other byr
our udossta
ours udosst
ourselves udosstan
out DOEB
outcast DOBLUTH
outside do'suul
outsider,non-drow colnbluth
passion,lust,greed SSINSSRIGG
path,known way COLBAUTH
piracy,thieving op'elgin
pirate op'elg
place.location k'lar
plan,stratagem,scheme INTH
plane zik'den'vever
platter lintaguth
plot,conspiracy olis'inth
poison elg'cahl
power/will/servant-creature of the Goddess(Lloth) YORN
prison kul'gobsula
prisoner,captive kul'gobuss
punish sarn'elgg
raid,attack from afar THALACKZ'HIND
reckless(ness),fearless(ness) STREEKA
remove drewst
rival,opponent,enemy OGGLIN(n)
rivaling,opposing ogglirin
royal,imperial valsharen
royalseal sharulg
safe,safety sreen'aur
school,institute(generic) magthere
scroll narkuth
seduction,allure,charm ssinss
several blynol
shadows,concealment afforded by varying light VELDRIN
shall zhal
she il
side suul
silence venorsh
silent venorik
similar indar
since yol
sister dalninil
skin waess
small inlul
smart,nottrusting ne'kalsa
snag,hitch,blockage(to will or actual blockage) KULG
so ji
some fol
somebody folkhel
someone foluss
something folbol
son dalharuk
spear,javelin luth'ol
spider ORBB
spy,tospy vel'xunyrr
steal olplynir
strike,punch,hit zotreth
strip raldar
striving,effort,work XUND
subjugate,conquer har'luth
such folt
suicide,death in the service of Lloth,aHouse,or a community STREEA
supreme,highest,conqueror ULTRIN
surprise BRORN
surprises BRORNA
survival dro'xundus
survive,to survive dro'xun
sweet ssinjin
sycophant s'lurppuk
take,seize PLYNN
temple,of the temple(property,work,ordecree) YATH
than TAGA
that nindel
the(often shortened to l') LIL
their ninta
theirs nint
them nina
themselves nintan
then,past(time) zhahn
there gaer
these nindolen
TheUnderdark Har'oloth
they NIND
thief olplyn
this nindol
those NINDYN
throat rinteith
throne sharorr
time draeval
to ULU
to honor,to dedicate,to praise,to thank,to bless bel'la
to inspire,to guide mrigg
to learn,to know ZHAUN
to perform sexualintercourse(slang) vith
to rival,to oppose ogglir
to trust(especially misplaced or foolish) khal
tocreate beldro
toforgive(rarely used) nelgeth
together ul'naus
togive BELBAU
tohold mir
tokneel harl'il'cik
topoison elg'cahal
toride Z'HAR
torture jiv'elgg
tothink,to consider TALINTH
towalk Z'HIN
toward ulan
trapdoor obsu'arl
 to Lloth's will
trick,ruse,trap GOLHYRR
trip,journey,expedition Z'HIND
trust(especially misplaced or foolish) KHALESS
ultrin when applied to Lloth only ULTRINE
slave(esp.non Drow)
unseen,hidden,invisible VELKYN
until hwuen
us udossa
usual,traditional ELEND
wanderer,lost,unknown NOAMUTH
war,open fighting THALACK
was zhahus
watch,wait,guard KYORL
watchful kyorl'urn
watching,waiting,guarding KYORLIN
water niar
we udos
weak yibin
wealth,coinage,treasure,profit BELAERN
weapon sarol
well al
went,gone alus
were zhahen
wet loniar
what vel'bol
when vel'drav
where vel'klar
which vel'bolen
whine,complain elg'car
whining,complaining elg'carin
whip,scourge elgluth
whom vel'ussa
whose vel'dos
will orn
wine jhinrae
wisdom,knowledge ZHAUNIL
with xuil
without xuileb
wizard,magic-worker(of either sex,any race) FAERN
yes xas
yet quin
you DOS
young waelin
your dossta
yours DOSST
yourself DOSSTAN


a at,by
ABBAN ally,non-enemy
ABBIL comrade,"trusted" friend
AKH band,group
al well
alu go
aluin going
ALUR better,superior
ALURL best,foremost
alus went,gone
ALUST infront,facing,in the fore front
a'quarth commission
a'quarthus commissioned
asanque likewise,as you wish
BAUTH around,about
BAUTHA dodge,to dodge
bauthin dodging,avoiding
BELAERN wealth,coinage,
BELBAU togive
beldro tocreate
bel'la to honor,to dedicate,to praise,to thank,to bless
b'luth'ol arrow
b'luthyrr bow
blynol several
BOL item,thing(unknown,
unidentified,mysterious or important)
BRORN surprise
BRORNA surprises
bwael good,a good person
byr other
cal eat
cha'ol incense
chath fire,flame
che'el city(generic)
COLBAUTH path,known way
colnbluth outsider,non-drow
DAL from(sometimes shortened to da')
dalhar child
dalharen children
dalharil daughter
dalharuk son
dalninil sister
dalninuk brother
da're arm
da'ur leg
DEL of(sometimes shortened to d' or de')
do'bauth escape,to escape
do'bauthin escaping
DOBLUTH outcast
DOEB out
doer come
DOS you
DOSST yours
dossta your
DOSSTAN yourself
do'suul outside
draeval time
drewst remove
d'ril although
DRO life,alive
dro'xun survive,to survive
dro'xundus survival
el die
ELAMSHIN destiny,the will of Lloth
elamshinae favor,grace(esp.with Lloth)
ELEND usual,traditional
ELENDAR continue,continued,endure
elg'cahal topoison
elg'cahl poison
elg'car whine,complain
elg'caress hag,harpy,bitch(directed to a female)
elg'carin whining,complaining
ELGG kill,slay,destroy
elggor dying
elghinyrr dead
elgluth whip,scourge
el'inssrigg inn,tavern
el'lar dwelling,non-nobleHouse
endar opposite,different
esaph alike
euol gem
FAER magic
FAERBOL magicalitem
FAERL magical
FAERN wizard,magic-worker(of either sex,any race)
faerz'ol grimoire,spellbook
faerz'undus magicspell
fielthal contribution
fol some
folbol something
folkhel somebody
folt such
foluss someone
gaer there
ghil here
GOLHYRR trick,ruse,trap
har'dro earth(element)
HARL down,under,below,beneath
harl'il'cik tokneel
har'luth subjugate,conquer
har'ol cave,cavern
Har'oloth TheUnderdark
harventh cut,sever,break
HONGLATH clear thinking,calm,bravery,good behavior
hwuen until
hyrr item(abstract)
IBLITH excrement,offal,carrion
il she
ILHAR mother,to mother
ILINDITH aim,goal,hoped-for event
ilinsar medallion,amulet
ilt hers
ilta her
iltan herself
inbal have
inbalus had
inbau get
indar similar
indarae opposite
inlul small
INTH plan,stratagem,scheme
INTHIGG agreement,treaty
inthuul cold
IZIL as(often shortened to iz' or 'zil)
izznarg large
JAL all
jala any
jalbol anything
jalbyr another
jalil female(gender)
jalkhel anybody
jaluk male(gender)
jaluss anyone
jhal but
jhinrae wine
ji so
jindurn face
jiv'elgg torture
jiv'undus [severe]pain
JIVVIN fun,play(amusing cruelty,"animal spirits")
ka if
karliik head
khal to trust(especially misplaced or foolish)
KHALESS trust(especially misplaced or foolish)
khel body
k'lar place.location
KULG snag,hitch,blockage(to will or actual blockage)
KULGGEN deliberate rampart, shield,or other barrier
kul'gobsula prison
kul'gobuss prisoner,captive
kyil dart
kyilen darts
kyon care
kyona carefulness,wariness
KYONE alert/alertly,wary/
KYORL watch,wait,guard
KYORLIN watching,waiting,guarding
kyorl'urn watchful
ky'ostal armor(magical or physical)
ky'ov'aer magical wards(esp.of a House)
LIL the(often shortened to l')
lintaguth platter
linth'el cauldron
linthre brazier
loniar wet
LUETH and(often shortened to lu')
LUTH cast,throw,hurl
luth'ol spear,javelin
MAGLUST apart,alone
magthere school,institute(generic)
mamulen chest
melaer fightingwithmagic
melee fighting with weapons or hand-to-hand
mir tohold
mrannd'ssinss lover(male)
mrigg to inspire,to guide
mri'kul lock,to lock
MRIMM guide,key,inspiration
mrimmd'ssinss lover(female)
mrim'ol key
mzil many
MZILD more
mziln also,extra,additional
mzilst most
mzilt much
narkuth scroll
NATHA a(seldom used,except for emphasis)
NAU no
naubol nothing
naudal across
naukhel nobody
nausbyr neither
naust none
naut not
ne'kales caution,distrust
ne'kalsa smart,nottrusting
nelgeth toforgive(rarely used)
nelgetha forgiveness,pardon
niar water
nin now,present(time)
nina them
NIND they
nindel that
nindol this
nindolen these
NINDYN those
nint theirs
ninta their
nintan themselves
nizzre' electricity,lightning
noalith neutral
NOAMUTH wanderer,lost,unknown
obsu'arl trapdoor
OBSUL opening,door,gap
og'elend heretic,traitor,non follower of Lloth
og'elendar treason,heresy,opposition to Lloth's will
OGGLIN(n) rival,opponent,enemy
ogglir to rival,to oppose
ogglirin rivaling,opposing
ol it
olath dark
ol'elg assassinate,to kill by treachery
ol'elghinn assassination,death by treachery
olis'inth plot,conspiracy
olis'inthigg coup
OLIST caution,stealth
OLOTH darkness(natural or magical)
olplyn thief
olplynir steal
olt its
oltan itself
op'elg pirate
op'elgin piracy,thieving
ORBB spider
orn will
ORTHAE holy,sacred
PHALAR grave,battlemarker
PHINDAR monster,dangerous being(especially a nonintelligent creature)
phlith hate,despise
pholod onto
PHOLOR on,upon
phor above,up,over
PHUUL are(often shortened to ph' or phu')
PIWAFWI magical cloak
p'los before
p'luin after
PLYNN take,seize
ply'usaerth kidnap,hold for ransom
ply'uss arrest,capture
p'wal because
qua'l agree
qua'lae disagree
QUA'LAELAY disagreement,argument,
confrontation(not yet open conflict)
qua'laen against
QUARTH order(exercise of authority)
QUARTHEN ordered,commanded
QUAR'VALSHARESS Goddess(other than Lloth)
QU'ELLAR House(of a titled noble family)
quin yet
RAGAR find,discover,uncover
raldar strip
RATH back
RATHA backs
rath'arg coward
rath'argh cowardice,dishonor
rath'elg backstab
RATHRAE behind
riknueth bitter
ril every
rilbol everything
rilkhel everybody
riluss everyone
rinteith throat
rothe Underdarkcattle,
slave(esp.non Drow)
saph like
SARGH confidence in weapons,battlemight,strength at arms,valor
SARN! beware!-warning!
sarn'elgg punish
sarol weapon
shanaal chalice,goblet,glass
sharorr throne
sharulg royalseal
siltrin flesh
s'lurpp fawn,flatter,curryfavor
s'lurppin fawning,flattering
s'lurppuk sycophant
sol eye
solen eyes
SREEN danger
sreen'aur safe,safety
sseren hot
ssin beauty
ssinjin sweet
ssinss seduction,allure,charm
SSINSSRIGG passion,lust,greed
ssinssriggin lusting,loving
ssinsuurul music
ssin'urn attractive,beautiful,handsome
SSUSSUN light,brightness
stath few
STREEA suicide,death in the service of Lloth,aHouse,or a community
STREEKA reckless(ness),fearless(ness)
suliss grace
suliss'urn graceful
suul side
TAGA than
tagnik'zur dragon
TALINTH tothink,to consider
talinthin considering
TALTHALRA meeting,council,parley
THALACK war,open fighting
thalack'vel ambush,sneak attack
THALACKZ'HIND raid,attack from afar
THALRA meet,encounter
tir off
TLU be,tobe
tlus been
tril bite
tu'fyr between
tu'jol beyond
tu'suul beside
TUTH both(often shortened to tu')
udos we
udossa us
udosst ours
udossta our
udosstan ourselves
uil am
uk he
ukt his
ukta him
uktan himself
ulan toward
ulin future(time)
ulnar lie(untruth)
ul'naus together
uln'hyrr liar
ULTRIN supreme,highest,conqueror
ULTRINE ultrin when applied to Lloth only
ULTRINNAN conquering,victory,to win or prevail
ULU to
usbyr either
ussa me
usst mine
ussta my
USSTAN I,thisone,myself
USSTIL one in my place
valm join,bond
valsharen royal,imperial
vel'bol what
vel'bolen which
vel'dos whose
vel'drav when
VELDRIN shadows,concealment afforded by varying light
velg'larn assassin
vel'klar where
VELKYN unseen,hidden,invisible
velnarin instrument
vel'ussa whom
VELVE blade(dagger,knife,sword)
vel'xundussa security,intelligence,
vel'xunyrr spy,tospy
venorik silent
venorsh silence
verin evil
vith to perform sexualintercourse(slang)
vlos blood
WAEL fool
WAELA foolish,unaware/unwary
waelin young
waerr'ess deceipt
waess skin
wanre apprentice,servant
weth each
whol for
WUN in
WUND among,within,into
wu'suul inside
XAL may,might,perhaps
xas yes
xor or
xuat don't
xuil with
xuileb without
xukuth heart
XUN do,to complete or accomplish
XUND striving,effort,work
XUNDUS achievement,work completed
xundussa achievements,works completed
xunin doing
xunor done
xunus did
xxizz help
YATH temple,of the temple(property,work,ordecree)
yibin weak
yol since
YORN power/will/servant-creature of the Goddess(Lloth)
zhahen were
zhahn then,past(time)
zhahus was
zhal shall
zha'linth memory
Z'HAR toride
ZHAUN to learn,to know
ZHAUNIL wisdom,knowledge
zhaun'ol book,treatise,work of knowledge
Z'HIN towalk
Z'HIND trip,journey,expedition
zhuanth old
zik'den'vever plane
Z'ORR climb
zotreth strike,punch,hit
Z'RESS power,strength,
z'talin ESP,telepathy