Basic Elven Translations

Common to Elvish

Elvish to Common

and ar'
as vee'
at ie'
farewell namaarie
Grey Elf Espel
he ro
her, hers he
High Elf Swyrel
him, his ho
I, me, myself, my amin
it, its ta
mine haba
no nys
of en'
okay or alright Lwe (LA-we)
or ri'
Sylvan Elf Arael
thanks hantale
that tanya
the (common) i'-
them, their sen
then san'
there eller
they ron
this sina
to a'
us, we, ours lye
what mani
when iire
where manke
who ya
why mankio
yes ays
you vys


a' to
amin I, me, myself, my
ar' and
Arael Sylvan Elf
ays yes
eller there
en' of
Espel Grey Elf
haba mine
hantale thanks
he her, hers
ho him, his
i'- the (common)
ie' at
iire when
Lwe (LA-we) okay or alright
lye us, we, ours
mani what
manke where
mankio why
namaarie farewell
nys no
ri' or
ro he
ron they
san' then
sen them, their
sina this
Swyrel High Elf
ta it, its
tanya that
vee' as
vys you
ya who