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    Vanilla WoW Server any interest?

    Hi All, long time no see. So, as the title asks, anyone interested in playing on a Vanilla Server? Specifically, this group: https://www.elysium-project.org/. If you were following Wow news in 2016 there was a hugely popular Vanilla server that shut down willingly when Blizzard applied so pressure and then starting having talks with Blizzard about setting up Blizzard supported legacy servers. Those talks didn't bring results so the people combined with another group and that's were i'm playing now. I have re-created Gordantell on the Nostalarius PVE server, and might be making totally new toons on the upcoming, completely fresh, Elysium PVP server. Anyways, if anyone has an interest hit me up here or look for me on the PVE server. Gordantell
  2. Gordantell

    Moving on

    Hi all, Just wanted to leave a note that I'm moving Gordantell to the Bloodmoon Chosen guild. I'm going to leave alts in Clan Skullcrusher so I'll still be around. Good luck all, Gordantell
  3. Gordantell

    Kailand's Retro Runs

    I'd like to sign up for this. -Gord
  4. Gordantell

    Looking for people who want to raid

    Hey Evila, I'm looking to raid. I can do thursday and Sunday nights (and maybe Monday/Wed depending on college classes). -Gordantell
  5. Gordantell

    Insane in the Membrane

    On that note, I'd like to give a shout out to Ascoli, Kailand, and Smedlock for the help you three gave with earning this Feat of Strength. Also, I have a bunch of cards left over. Ascoli? Any Interest? Kailand? I know you were thinking about it. If any of you three want the left over cards let me know. Gordantell
  6. Gordantell

    A Tribute to Insanity!

    I love catching upon achievments. Count me in. -Gordantell
  7. Gordantell

    Champions of Ulduar!

    I'm interested too. Though I don't have experience with every boss. I'm a good listener and will read up. Gordantell
  8. Gordantell

    Undying run

    Sounds like fun, count me in. Gordantell
  9. Gordantell

    To heck with the Warcraft movie

    Nice find there Sky, this was awesome.
  10. Gordantell

    Calling all Latecomers and Alts

    Hey folks, The Monday alt/latecomer raid is looking for some new people. We have been doing the weekly and had made some progress into ICC (past first 4). If your interested let me know. Gordantell
  11. Gordantell

    Calling all Latecomers and Alts

    Sorry I missed this post. I will add your name to invite roster for subsequent weeks. -Gordantell
  12. Gordantell

    Calling all Latecomers and Alts

    bumping to get more people.
  13. Gordantell

    New ICC 10

    Hey all, please toss a reply here once you get signed up. Crushers in the raid, post a quick reply too. -Keytaro (Gordantell)
  14. Gordantell

    Guild bank Channges

    Hey all, Quick update. The Supersekristash has been renamed "Da Goods" and opened up to access like the rest of the bank. In it you will find raw goods: cloth, uncut gems, the different leather types, ect. Pre-Wotlk stuff will still be placed in the bottom tab. -Gordantell
  15. Gordantell

    Calling all Latecomers and Alts

    We have tanking and heals covered, just need a couple other DPS classes, let me know if anyone is interested. Starting 8pm, going to do teh weekly then either TOC or Ulduar, or maybe both (if Toc goes quick). -Gordantell
  16. Gordantell

    Elrikk says...

  17. Gordantell

    Zuworty 10man Playtime?

    Put Gordantell down on your list. Been pugging all my raids and would love to find something steady. Monday and Wed are the only two days that I can actually raid consitantly so that works perfect for me. -Gordantell
  18. Gordantell

    The Guild- funniest show EVAH

    Ok, If you like this and you are/were a fan of Firefey, Harold and Komar, or anything of that bent then you should love this: Dr. Horribles Sing along Blog I've been watching the Guild since day one and was able to find this wonderful Gem because of it. Gordantell
  19. Gordantell

    Hey buddy, spare an herb?

    Hello Crushers, As some of you may know I embarked a few months ago on the looniest WOW goal you can: "Insane in the Membrane". I am currently working on the Darkmoon Faire reputation and could use some help. I need Herbs, just about any herb will do (Briarthorn and up). If you happen to have some extra herbs lying around I will take em. Here is a golden opportunity to clean out your banks of those pre Icecrown herbs that are just lingering around taking up space and probably atracting more bees and bugs than you care to deal with. I'm also interested in any darkmoon cards you would want to toss my way, ANY (even the begginer ones). And if anyone is planning on turning in a deck at the upcoming Faire please let me know. The trinkets are BOE so if you let me I can turn in the deck for the rep and hand you the card. Thanks all, Gordantell
  20. Gordantell

    Woot for the home team!!

    Yea, I remeber standing there, Jelorian and Blackhed, musing out loud "I don't get it. What was the big deal on this?" *Ducks as all the spirits of level 60 shamans start tossing Shocks at me*. -Gordantell
  21. Gordantell

    Hamfist or Bust

    Hey Folks, Some pressing family stuff is occuring and I won't be able to make it this Monday. Good Luck, Gordantell
  22. Gordantell

    Gords Starting a Library

    Hey all, Looking for Libram of Focus Libram of Rapidity Libram of Protection Greatest Race of Hunters apparently you can only turn this in once. Will Tip. Thanks, Gordantell
  23. Gordantell

    Bank Clean Up

    Hey Crushers, I did a big clean up of the Guild Bank last night, vendoring most of the Inscriptions and almost all pre BC Patterns. -With the inscriptions I'll be leaving any inscription level 50 and above, the lower level insriptions are easy to find and the mats inexpensive. -For the new folks that have been depositing lots of stuff from their retro runs we appreciate your enthusiasm but the Guild bank just doesn't have room for that kind of stuff, we try to limit it to mostly current items and rare mats from BC and above. -The last tab, with the pre WotlK items is getting pretty full. Please feel free to take stuff out if you have any use for it. Some stuff might help for leveling alt skills, ect. If anyone has any questions please feel free. -Gordantell
  24. Gordantell

    10 Nax run for Alts

    Gonna try and put a 10 man nax run together for alts. If your interested please post what toon and what rolls you can do. I'm looking for people that have been gearing up alts in heroics and want a chance to snag some more loot. This is just for this week because of teh cancellation of the 25 man on Mon/Wed. If you don't have an alt, or just wanted to bring a main for some badges, that's fine too. -Gordantell
  25. Gordantell

    Father's Day Gift Ideas