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    Clan Skullcrusher Profiles

    ***Volonazra Skullcrusher***(aka Volnazra) Physical Traits: Medium height and build for an orc. Estimated age 75 to 80. His skin is dark jade green and weathered, scarred, and wrinkly. He bears tattoos of many black tribal glyphs. Jet black hair with long streaks of grey. His crimson eyes are burning and intense. Has a slight hunched over stance and walks with a noticeable limp. His speech has slight impediment due to 9 inch jagged tusks. He speaks the in the old dialect often becoming incomprehensible to any but the eldest of the clan. Early Life: Born and raised on Draenor before the fall of the orcs. Descendant of Nekros Skullcrusher of the Dragonmaw bloodline. A former shaman, taught the shadow magic by Gul'dan himself. Corrupted for many years during the demonic possession of the orcs. He fought in the first, second and third wars following Doomhammer on many campaigns. Middle Years: Vol was captured and enslaved by the human King Terenas. Spent many years as a human prisoner and slave. Eventually freed by Thrall and Grom during their raids upon the prisoner camps. After his rescue, Vol still was gripped by blood lust and rage. He was unable to accept the new Horde laws and ideals established by Thrall. He decided to roam alone and free in the orc kingdom of Durotar. Cut off from the shadow power he slowly returned to the spiritual path of shamanism. During this time of wandering, he found a kinship with a rogue band of orc outlaws and their friends. Whom historians refer to as Skullcrusher Orcs. Emergence of a Chieftain: Soon Vol was looked upon to lead the band of misfit outcasts. First as captain, under Grulg and then became chieftain when he was assassinated. In time, the blood lust subsided. Then, the wisdom of Thrall was realized by the outcasts. It is then that the band formally became Clan Skullcrusher. The first base camp was established and relative peace reached the clan. Soon after, the Clan was besieged by enemies. Scourge, force of nature, and Demi gods alike were crushed by the now mighty clan. Exodus: Over time, the inner demons took hold of Vol. Time came that he needed to return home and face them. Magical study and the combined power of the clan allowed Vol to pass back through the Black Gate. He left the Clan in the hands of Maube and the wise elders. Not much is known about the details of this exodus. Vol speaks little of it, only to say he won a spiritual battle personally and helped pave the way for the clan in outland. He garnered many new allies for the clan, meeting with the Sin'dori Scryers and helping establish the outposts around outland. It was noticed that upon his return, Vol was more omnious, fierce, and powerful than ever. Present: He find himself once again with his beloved family. He welcomes shedding his blood, and pouring out his soul energy; side by side with those he loves. Valiantly they face the dangers of Outland, the forces of the Legion, and the vast armies of Illidan. He is fearless when backed by the Clan. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, he'll fight to keep his people safe and free until the ancestors take him from the plane of the living.
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    Winter's Veil

    Ho Ho Ho Glad to see the Clan keeping tradition alive! Happy Holidays to all.
  3. Wez takin da fight ta annuda wurld. Only da bestest and da meanest clompers should even fink 'bout comin along. Deres no time for sissy cave squatin snotlins. We takin only da 'ardest Skullcrushinest lads 'round. Skribul ya mark ova 'ERE. An we'll mak sure ya git right ta da front lines. WOOGAH! Preview weekend was a blast. I centainly would like to have toons on both Order and Destro. Yet i have to say the most fun was the Greenskin newb area. First thing said to me was: "Oi, wot you lookin at git face" Laughs from the get go. 15mins later, I was clompin stunties in my first scenario (aka battle ground). It might be the newness of it, but, seems to me that they have tried to make the game anti grind also which is refreshing.
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    Ulphin's son on Youtube

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    I'm Engaged!

    Awesome! Congratulations Chad.
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    hi everyone, How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well. My family and I are healthy and happy.
  7. As we all know, AD is riddled with immersion and policy breaking behavior and names of characters as well as guilds. It always has been an irritation, but now-a-days its just plain out of control. What Im asking you all to help with is reporting the problem by way of ticketing. Report often, report en mass, report until it hurts. Hopefully you all know it is up to us to police the server. Heres how:Click the lil red ? question mark, click report to GM/open a ticket, choose Behavioral, choose Verbal, write an detailed and thorough message. done. I ask that you dont just report a single name per ticket. Make a list of names (both character and guild names), and report them all at once. Saves you time and energy. Response times are rather long; lots of tickets this time of year. If you are online long enough, you will be contacted by a GM. When you are contacted, remember: dont panic. Remain calm and answer the questions. When they ask "Is there anything else I can assist you with?" (they are required to do so, happens every time) Use that as an opportunity to report even MORE. If you dont have more names in mind, type /who [zoneofchoice]. Low level zones are the worst effected usually. Personally, I will go with /who barrens and any other mid teen - low 20 area. Post here any thoughts and experiences to pass on. As well as, any real abominations that need reported extensively. Happy reporting.
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    Clan Gathering

    Please join us this Wednesday in Durotar as we once again gather together a 8pm server time.
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    I am I, Vol Quixote

    For years now it has been my quest, or "impossible dream", to build a guild unlike the countless other guilds. The dream was to stay grounded in lore and based in role-play, to be active in end game, and a force to be reckoned with in pvp. Most importantly, I wanted members who hold themselves to a much higher standard of conduct than the average player. So, I struggled, following my vision quest. Carrying the banner of a gaming utopia. Thanks to many of you around today, and many others along the way, the journey has been remarkable. It has been my privilege to lead you. However, Ive been jousting that windmill a long time now. It is time a champion picked up my lance and flew the banner, for I am in need of a rest. In a short while, I will be leaving WoW for an indefinite time. I would hope a champion among you emerges to carry on the dream. I call for someone of true quality. Someone of respect and virtue. Someone brave enough to face ridicule and disrespect. Someone strong enough to care for the weak. Someone wise enough to make judgements which unite and strengthen the guild. Someone mad enough to joust windmills even when they know they're not giants. Your Friend, James
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    SSC / TK Epic Patterns Up For Sale!

    I propose the use of guild funds to purchase these, and other, patterns for the good of the guild. We can easily develop a lottery or other system to distribute them. Then everyone can have access to the items by providing materials to the crafter.
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    Will be gone this weekend.

    Have a good time!
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    Helpful Druid Macros

    cheater cheater punkin eater
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    Star Wars as told by a 3 year old!

    When she said, "Dont talk back to Darfvadar. He'll get ya." my two girls and I all laughed. Maybe its time i introduced mine to the Star Wars?
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    yes, yes, oh yes

    just had a nerdgasm, thats right the big 'N' dont click here without a hanky handy.
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    Council of Honor

    We'll try again to hold a gathering this coming Sun. @ 2PM. If the server cooperates this time.
  16. Volonazra

    Council of Honor

    On Sunday, we gathered on the banks of serene Aletian Pond. We reintroduced the Oath of Blood ritual and inducted several new Grunts into the clan. We discussed communication and opportunities available to anyone that applies themselves. We reiterated the importance of thoughtfullness and community support.
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    Vacation Time

    The old orc searches madly for his pouch containing the aphrodisia herbs. "Ah gruk me nub smoke all dem yit. WER kuld dey be?"
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    I'll be gone for a few weeks.

    No worries Garris. We'll be here when you return. BTW, you (or anyone) can purchase Timecards and other WoW stuff through this web site (see the market) and help with the cost of site though commisions.
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    Add THIS to your bucket list

    wow! WINGSUIT almost as good as a jet pack.
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    Slay them all

    That site delivers
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    The father of RPGs leaves this realm.

    Today, gaming legend Gary Gygax passed away. He was an American writer and game designer, best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson, and co-founding the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR, Inc.) with Don Kaye in 1974. Gygax is generally acknowledged as the father of the role-playing game. He was quoted as saying: "I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else." I owe so much gratitude to him. I was introduce to the idea of gaming via D&D. I remember the feeling of awe, as my imagination was awakened upon opening those manuals. I have since then been gaming in some form all of my life. I will never forget what Gary gave to the me and the world.
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    Council of Honor

    Ill be hosting a short Council of Honor this coming Wednesday at 7pm server time. Gather on the bank of Pool of Aletia southside of Silvermoon.
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    Council of Honor

    the meeting was canceled due to server issues.
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    Happy Birthday Kalea!

    Happy Birthday Kalea
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    Zuljin Down!

    It iz nub often wen da death ub a enemy mak Vol hab regret. But, him wunt alwayz enemy ta Horde. Nub. Bak juzt few yeerz, him waz powerful chief ub our brudda ologs agh mak many viktury fur da Horde. Rejoice in yur viktury Crushaz agh frenz, but remembah ta honor whu Zul'jin wunz waz.