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    Picture hosting?

    I dont know if this will help, or how much space you need? But I have 5mg on stringedthings.com and 5 mg on snowriverhostel.org and 5 mg from my cable isp provider. If this can be used in some way, I would be happy to help. Strenghth and Honor! Nenia
  2. Nenia

    Signature help, please

    And if you dont, I have plenty of space to host it for you. Just send me a pigeon 176978579 Nenia
  3. Nenia


    Alaska! Alaska! We are going to try and make it to TX in the spring maybe April, May. But we have a chance at a house and some land here, I'll know more this weekend. Soo.. that may hold us us back. As I told Tass on the phone, any of ya'll are so very welcome to visit! We will pick you up at the airport, the cruise terminal, house ya, feed ya. (can you tell we've been here a year now?) I'm in the tourism industry, we can fish,hunt, take boat cruises, horseback rides, gold panning. And Hudson is right it is beautiful here. If anyone would like to see, I'll post some pictures on the boards. and there are some here, this is my mother-in-laws place. Snow River Hostel Ohhh, Thank you Tass. Keep thinking Alaska Nenia
  4. Nenia

    Need any PS?

    Nenia would be happy to go Tass. She hasnt been on a champ. And you know I would never be mad at you!
  5. Nenia

    Pgoh Guild Trades/Enhancement Night

    Lora, My Smith or tailor can be there for any time you need. I can also gate for you. So just put me in a spot that needs to be filled. Thank You for oragnizing this! Nenia
  6. Nenia

    A big hug to All PGoH

    A big hug to you to! We are so glad to have you back! Strenghth and Honor! Nenia
  7. Nenia

    Wish me luck

    Good Luck Rusty!
  8. Nenia


    I will pigeon you when I return from taking the children to the doctors this afternoon. It will hopefully be by 8 est. Strenghth and Honor Nenia
  9. Nenia

    Bags of Sending

    No magenta snake plants at this time. I'll gather some more seeds and see what we get. If any one would like to do the seed quest let me know.
  10. Nenia

    Plants sought

    Oh My, didn't water the plants. *shudders* I have the plain and dark purple campion flowers. I have centuray plants also, but none white or black. Pigeon me when we can meet and you can look through my garden. 176978579 Ariadne
  11. Nenia

    happy birthday kodoz

    Happy Birthday Kodoz!
  12. Nenia

    happy birthday Hadrian!

    Happy Birthday Hadrian!
  13. Nenia

    Bags of Sending

    Ays Hudson, Hadrian, Legelas is a friend of the solen colony, and we would be happy to show any member all the quests. There is also an Alchemist in PGoH that loves it when the Elves do the seed quest. She has quite the garden growing in Malas If any PGoH members are in need of rare fire, aqua, magenta, or pink plants, please let me know. Strenghth and Honor! Nenia
  14. Nenia


    Hantale for the warning Hudson. It is greatly appreciated.
  15. Nenia

    Happy Birthday Kaatya

    Happy Birthday Akroma and Kaatya! Hope you both have a Great Day. Happy Birthday!