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  1. Fingon

    Happy Birthday Borg!

    Hi Bal, I got an e-mail invite to join in Starwars The Old Republic. Figured I would pop on and say hi. I will not be joining this, I am rarely on my pc anymore outside of work. Here is an update on myself: I have 2 little boys now, one is 2 & 3 months and 1 is 2 months. I took up cycling a couple of years ago, so I do a fair bit of riding in the summer (joined a bike club and ride about 100km a week with then then I commute 13km to work and back, with my older son in tow in a trailer for 2km to daycare). I set up a trainer last winter but I didn't use it that much. I am planning on using it more this year. Which brings me to my next question for you: I know a couple of people I know in Ottawa have done p90x and I have heard nothing but good things about it. So your P90X 2 add caught my eye, I am curious, what is the daily time commitment to p90x & p90x2? What kind of set up would I need to make? I am thinking of turning a corner of my basement into a workout space. Regards, Glenn / Fing
  2. Fingon

    Happy Birthday Borg!

    Happy belated Bday Borg
  3. Fingon


    Wow, Seeing this does bring back memories. Believe it or not I had a dream last night about UO.... That hasn't happened in ages. I doubt I will reactivate over my dream though. Had to do with spending so much time in the Trinsic invasion many years ago. Fing, Aka Glenn
  4. Fingon

    MyUO - Use it!

    That brings back memories looking at those skills.
  5. Fingon

    Trying out the 10 day trial...

    Will do, I underestimated how long it is going to take me to download the demo. I am guessing tomorrow will be my trial.
  6. Fingon

    Trying out the 10 day trial...

    Kailand, where are you in Ottawa? I live at Baseline & Greenbank.
  7. Fingon

    Trying out the 10 day trial...

    Oh trust me, I am fully expecting to take a dirt nap following them around. Hours and hours of killing litches & dragons in UO makes me know what to expect.
  8. Hey, I am downloading the 10 day trial. I doubt I will play after this trial is up. But I just wanted to check out this game to see what all the raving was about. I am an ex PGoH member from back in UO & DAoC. Anyhow, I just wanted to see if my old friends Wolf & Martok would give me a tour. Glenn, Aka Fing
  9. Fingon

    I just happened to find this

    Hey guys, I was just cruising around look at some stuff and I figured I would drop in and say hello. Some of you may remember me, some may not. Anyhow, Hey Wolf, those Leafs aren't looking to hot right now. Are you still living in Toronto? Hey BrightBlade, how are you and Scout doing? Anyhow, i'll check back later. Fing
  10. Fingon

    Kleen da bagronk!

    Do I have to log into the roster? How is it going old timers. I am still active on DAoC, can't wait to see what WoW has to offer.
  11. Fingon

    18x18 in PGoH City Malas for Donation

    Hey Liz, playing with you was a blast back in the day. You are probably on of the people I know who actually let Liz's skill just go up by use rather than training, I had alot of respect for that. Good luck with where ever life takes you, Fing
  12. Fingon

    Raising money.

    If you havn't gotten a house yet you can have mine. I was going to just redeed it. Its not the biggest house but its free if you want it.
  13. Fingon

    Anyone in need of housing.

    Yeah i'll check SWG out, hopefully we can get something going there. Well no response as of yet for selling the house, ah well, can't say I am not surprised. I guess I am going to clean up my house and then deed it or something. Anyhow, take care.
  14. Fingon

    Anyone in need of housing.

    Yeah Prom, BB, Balazar, Martok, Wolf and I go way back. I will be sad to not see them really that much anymore. But I just don't have the desire to put any of the newer skills into my characters right now. Mindless leveling and skill training was done long ago for me. PvP in UO died in my opinion with the Renisance patch. It was great while it lasted though.
  15. Greetings everyone. Some of you may know me, some may not. Basically I wanted to know if anyone in the guild was in need of a house. I am planning on shutting down my account in a couple of weeks. I havn't been able to maintain any sort of interest in playing UO unfortunatly. It gave me 3 1/2 really enjoyable years, but I just can't go back to it. I just want to say thank you to everyone who I have met along the way. Be it the old timers or the newer blood. I'll be checking here, icq (4175839), MSN (glenn_nugent@msn.com) if anyone is interested in the house. Other than that if anyone ever wants to say hi or get in touch with me just drop me a msg on icq or hop on DaOC if you are able and say hello to me there.