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  1. Lord Ser Brightblade

    64-bit OS required for Alpha

    Windows 7 64 check dual 460m check Dunno how well it will run on my system if i get it but no upgrades in forseeable future.
  2. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Bah missed it all

    Missed the Beta! Thinking of preordering I hear its awesome. Guessing Borg is going Empire how bout other people? BB aka Chris
  3. Lord Ser Brightblade


    Figured I would pop in and take a peek and see whats new with PGoH. How is the land of UO? Neat new stuff? Stories? -BB
  4. Lord Ser Brightblade

    The time has come...

    The time has come for Brightblade and Scout (2 accounts) to either fade away into the history of UO or to come under new ownership. The accounts are currently active with varying degrees of time left (months). If there is interest please post here and we can make arrangements. I am looking for the price of a few pizzas (food of the gods) or better. Over the course of 10 years or so both accounts have accrued quite a bit of goodies. I think Brightblade has about 14 soul stones for instance. Brightblade has pretty much (I honestly believe all) veteran rewards still to choose from and Scout probably has a few as well. Im not setting a price per se but obviously the more the better especially since there is creditable time on both accounts. If there is truly interest I will even post how much time per account. Anyway this does not mean I'll be gone from the boards I still lurk on them......I just need to pay attention to friends and family and that has left me with little time for pleasant diversions such as UO the past year+. May Honor Guide and Bind Thee always. Lord Ser Brightblade and Scout Finch a.k.a. Chris and Kate
  5. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Roll call

    I still lurk around the boards and still have a cpl active accounts for the time being (here is to hoping for some new fun stuff from UO).
  6. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Black Bush!

    This is just too funny not to share. Black Bush!
  7. Lord Ser Brightblade

    What day is best for you?

    My playtimes will continue to be extremely erratic for the time being. A move is ucoming for me as well as family events and whatnot....
  8. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Charlies rl problems cont.

    Thats what Scout had to say
  9. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Mixture of Things

    If it brings recruits and adds to your fun then yea. Hope recruitment keeps up would be nice to see the ranks swell again.
  10. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Kodoz' Birthday

    eeek I missed it. Happy birthday albeit a little late
  11. Lord Ser Brightblade

    For the betterment of PGoH

    Role-play events are a good way to also recruit so you do many things with such events. With more recruits you can fill in empty ranks.....
  12. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Promotions within Guild

    Awesome stuff. Hope to see people step up and sieze the opportunities. Also hope to see some fresh young faces joining the guild!
  13. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Happy New Year

    Aye.... A happy and healthy '06 to all!
  14. Lord Ser Brightblade

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone has a fun, safe and happy holiday!