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Guest Charlie

New memories ( Sennah T'Nae story )

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Guest Charlie

I had an awesome rp last night with Dante Darkheart ( who used to be from Cats ). Sennah was crouched behind the counter of Dante's finding her typical 5 bottles of ale when a serpent peeked its head over the door wooden gate to the back of the counter. When Sennah noticed it she quickly grabbed her bow, which was leaning against the wall, and notched an arrow to strike when the snake began to talk. It told her that she was someone who was also close to Dante.

She began to speak of how Dante had begun to take his true place following the Guardian. ( an evil deity ). The snake said how much Dante liked Sennah and it began trying to talk her into doing dances praising the Guardian. Sennah raised her brow and drank her first ale in one down completely as she normally does. She told the snake she had no interest in dancing for any deity. The snake did not give up trying to persuade her to dance offering her wealth, fame, and of course Sennahs love of life.... as much ale as she would desire. Sennah countered all of the snakes temptation with an arrogant statement that she can get those things from any of her wealthy friends.

The snake then tried to tempt her by saying that it would make Dante very happy for her to join and asked if she trusted him to which she quickly replied with '' Fully? No, and I know Dante feels the same way towards her''. With that the snake realized it would not be her who would be able to temp her. "Dante picked up some tomes from his home shard of Catskills, and that she should at least look at the dances in the tomes, you may find them something you may enjoy doing." Sennah said to her she'll look them over but has no interest in doing them. With that the snake left in hopes Dante will successfully tempt her.

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