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Guest Charlie

The song that was dedicated each big hunt

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Guest Charlie

For a while Kodoz and I was talking to DJ Sandman of the back then UO Radio, I'm still actually friends with him. When we were going into a big hunt I would contact Sandman and dedicate this song to the guild, It gives me the feeling of togetherness we had, the family I grew with from very early in my UO life. It was this guild that I realized how much fun rp was, and sharpened my skills in both rp and fighting (though I still wasn't a really good fighter hehe) from Kodoz. The days I first met PGoH was in Britian with Doddz, then I had seen 3 members standing in Skara Brae talking to each other, it was soon after that I had joined the guild. Anyway, now that I no longer have the resentment, I think of the love I had for PGoH and here's the song dedicated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7450mAgltg[/media]

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