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Mare jade Sky Story

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2006-02-20 22:28:46

Mare jade Sky was born in a small house South of the city of the Cove. Jade Mother die at her bith an being that she was a girl her father did not want her. So he left her wrap in a blank on the front door of a young widow mother of two, but little did Jade father know that the young women was a High Elf Mage(Pearl) who as cast out because she loved an marrid a Humman warlord of the tribe of the moon.

As Mare grow in to a young she was trand in to the craft of a mage an lernd it very well, but one day as she was play with one of the widow childer Kat. When a necro mage cast a spell an all lost killed her an her friend. Kat was badly wond an screaming for her mother Pearl came runing out the Necor had walk throw a gate with Jade

Many years later after Mare Jade was take Kat found her wonder around the with the skills of both a mage an necor, but something had chang with Jade. She didn't want to talk to anyone an still dose talk a lot, but can to this day see the pain an sadden in her eyes an Know one has figer out to help her.

Maybe you can. Maybe you can't, but you all can try. I do wish to the best of luck trying

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