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Lady Adara Draven

Death of Mortality

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She crouched down silently, visually mapping the path she would take between the bustle of people milling about. The shadows of the gloom distorted the shapes some but they were detectable enough for her to weave her way through with a practiced ease. Her aquamarine eyes settled on her target like a lioness stalking her prey. Pulling the piece of parchment from the inside of her glove she set it carefully upon the ground - just enough for her intended viewer to see it but not attract too much attention to the scrap of paper either.

Moving silently she wove her way through the streets of New Haven, using the discreet shadows of each building to better hide her lithe form. Her path led to a large building made of onyx stone that had its own illusion of forbading yet possessed an oddly welcome air in the streams of moonlight dancing through the clouds overhead.The gentle hush of the room was welcoming from the bustle of the overly crowded streets and the soft plush of the carpet fairly screamed comfort to her feet compared to the rocky cobblestones of Haven. Turning to her right she followed the empty corridor up the steps, slipping inside one of the rooms. Making a quick check around the room she saw that this library was indeed empty. The perfect setting for what was to come. The loud clunking of horses hooves floated through the window to her ears.

"Just in time.." she whispered quietly to herself as she mentally prepared her mind for probably what was to be a difficult task. The door burst open with loud bang as it was slammed carelessly against the stone wall. She frowned to herself, eyeing the brown horse that the rider was sitting upon. His armor gleamed like a crimson blot against the black stone, seeming out of place in such a hushed and clam setting. His eyes pierced the room with a recently acquired angry stare, silver orbs seen between the slit offered from the helmet.

"Look.. don' know 'o ya are, betta make ih quick" his unique brogue cut penetrated the silence, his voice scratchy and harsh as if he had been yelling for an extended period of time.

With a wave of her hand she slipped from the deep shadows she was waiting among.

"Seems you have forgotten your manners Eban..." she spoke, turning her attention directly toward him in a nonchalant manner.

"Ah don' care much fer mannas dis nigh'. Dere mages, ihs a quick clean fer 'em anehweh."

She shrugged her shoulders gently.

"I beg to differ but arguing with you seems a lost cause."

"Ih is..Wha' did ya need?"

"Heard you had a little sparring match this evening."

She almost reached for the dagger tucked discretly at her hip as she reflected back upon the attack earlier today. Marcus had come in smelling of that sweet metallic nectar called blood. The desire to defend and protect not only her sire but her partner as well was near overwhelming. Mentally she cursed herself, damping down any thoughts that could hinder this meeting.

"Sparrin match?" he answered. The audacity..to commit the deed was one thing but to fake cluelessness was even worse.

"You could atleast have enough manners to remove your helmet." She tried to keep her tone on an even and calm level. If they were going to speak civilly he shouldn't be clad and bedecked in full armor.

Removing his helmet he set it in his lap, an almost silent and visual threat by merely keeping it within his reach. She took the moment to study the face she knew so well. The hardset almost silver eyes that contrasted against the ebon black hair that fell carelessly across his shoulders. He was as handsome as she remembered with an unmarred face, but beneath that armor she knew he carried more scars than a man his age should.

She felt her lips curling into an amused smirk. It humored her that her past love was now probably her greatest potential enemy.

"Red..suits you.."

He seemed not to notice her comment. He was too busily testing the sharp point of that wickedly twisted kryss, its shading a deep crimson as if a visual note to its enemies of the blood that it intended to spill.

"You attacked Marcus." She didn't like his intentional ignorance of the topic, might as well bring it into the open.

She tilted her head, keeping her eyes carefully hidden beneath the shaded brim of her kasa, curiously awaiting his response.

"Ahn if ah eva seh 'im again..will beh da same thin'."

"Ehs luckeh Thom was dere" he muttered to himself, thinking that she wouldn't hear. He should know better.

"Do you intend to kill him?"

She was more curious as to the answer of that question than anything else right now. Marcus was her world now and Ebans answer would decide whether or not he would progress further up on that list of potential enemies.

She tilted her head, carefully hiding her eyes beneath the shaded brim of her kasa, waiting his answer with a silent yet inquisitive angst.

"Ah inten' ta return 'is favor before ah do."

As if for added dramatic effect he spun the kryss around with the practiced ease of a warrior before bringing it to rest in his lap.

"And what exactly is that?"

He thumped his chest agressively, the resounding sound of metal clashing together grating upon her ears....and her nerves. His threats were sitting idle, she knew he would never harm her. Atleast, not yet.

"Ah wan' 'im ta know wha' ih feels liok."

A cold hardness crept into his tone adding no doubt to the intent of his words.

"And after that?" She replied calmly though the visions of that former incident were enough to start her ranting if she let her emotions get away from her. Taking a mental breath she carefully placed those barriers back in place, resuming the mask she had so carefully constructed.

"You do realize that you do not have the ability to wield the shadows like he does."

Noone did, except, perhaps her..atleast among their House.

"Oh, ah've gah somefin."

"Mind enlightening me?" She highly doubted that he would spill this secret to her but there was no harm in asking on the off chance that she would find out.

"'Ad enough stress fer da nigh', ratha nah talk about ih." He paused a moment before breaking the silence. "Brave ta show up, afta da otha' nigh." Nodding he shrugged his massive shoulders, seemingly unaffected by the encumbersome apperance of his armor.

"Myself or him?" She raised a brow, pursing her lips. Marcus was the primary enemy but she had a feeling she was ascending that list rather quickly.

"Both. Even more surprised a' ya.. ta tell ya da truth." He shrugged once more.

"Do tell." It amazed her that she could still surprise him after all these years.

"Well, when ya sai' "Dis is da las' time ya will beh seein' meh." He shrugged, making references to the other night. His minors threats still stung her pride, she had thought they would always be peaceful to one another. She mentally tamped down those emotions before they overwhelmed her.

"If I did not know better I would say you are pleased with that."

"Why shouldn' ah beh?" He quirked one ebon brow, eyeing her questioningly.

"Last I heard you were threatening harm to my person. That gives cause for concern to anybody.. and especially now moreso than ever since you attacked my husband so blatantly earlier." She schooled her features to mirror a relaxed appearance, softening her tone to keep neutrality.

"Da papers fer war agains' da undead, are in Thoms..a..." He paused as her words slowly settled in. "Don' defen' 'im."

"Whom?" She replied innocently, trying to badger his nerves some.

"Meh attack on yer 'usban' was well wifin reason. 'Is 'ead shoul' beh a' meh 'ouse."

Her anger rose up, letting loose a small crack on her emotionally concrete dam. "If that ever happened Eban you would be seeing me...but not in a way that you would want."

She could feel the tension hanging palpably in the air between them. As if on que a scraggly looking large wolf wandered in, acting as a breaker to the ice.

She blinked, turning her attention slightly to the wolf while maintaing her gaze on Eban. The mutt ignorantly scratched behind its ear. She cringed, visually picturing all the fleas and loose hair that would fly freely from his coat.

"One o' yers?"

Of course not, she thought to herself, the pack of Cade has more respect than that. She reached out trying to get a feeling for the wolf's aura. This was definetely not a normal captive wolf that much she was sure of.

"We are having a private conversation..mutt..and your not invited." She knew the animal could understand her and she was irritated that it had chosen now, of all times, to show up.

The wolf gave a deep guttural growl her direction. Closing her eyes she took a forced breath sensing the agitation rising up.

"Oh fer fecks sake..if ah 'ave ta puh down anotha feckin' thin.." As if that was the worst of your problems..she rubbed the bridge of her nose which created a stimuative ease throughout her whole body.

Dismounting from his horse Eban moved toward the dog, strapping his kryss to the large shield he carried in one arm.

"C'mon boy.." Eban tried to cajole the animal to follow him. "Nice doggeh.."

The animal had enough sense to sit down. When would Eban finally notice this was no ordinary wolf? Any normal wolf would have enough sensability to steer clear of the bustling atmoshpere that Haven offered, unless driven to extreme manners of starvation -which, this wolf was most definetely not.

"Well..ihs a cute litta thin'". He shrugged, putting his shield and kryss on the pack of his horse.

"Hmm, maybeh weh should fin' yer masta er somefin." He looked around with an almost dazed and blank stare. "Ya one o' da mages pups?"

"Its a mutt..a stray..nothing more.." Hopefully Eban would throw it out. She was fast beginning to think that this wolf had been following Eban since it warmed up to him so quickly.

The large mutt layed down with an easy lope upon the tiled floor. Of course...it would sit and add further delay to his crucial meeting.

Ebans face seemed to lighten then as he studied the dog, the glimmer from long ago returning to his eyes. A look that she hadn't seen for many months in those silver eyes.

"Buh ihs a cute litta stray!" His tone reminded her of a pleading child trying to badger its mother into acceptance of something that all children want..a pet. He leaned down, rubbing the wolfs belly with his gloved hands. The wolfs back leg kicked out reflexively in response, acting on instinct to the pampering which brough a large grin to Ebans usually solemn mouth.

She tilted her head once more, keeping her eyes hidden beneath the familiar brim...waiting for the real wolf to come forth. She was tired of these games.

"'Ere, ah'll seh ya up downstairs, ahn finish meh talk in a jiff.. ahn beh back fer food! Ya liok steak? Ah do. Ah beh you do. Don' ya? Ya doooo." His tone was almost obnoxious because she hadn't seem acting so softly since before she was turned.

Standing he patted his leg, trying to persuade the wolf to follow him.

"Look, ah'll beh back up.. buh weh can' talk fer too lon', goin ta geh dis dog a proper meal." Eban nodded more to himself than anything. "C'mon boy!"

Any normal mutt would have followed but this one sat down calmly, not even affected by Ebans cajoling tone and mention of food. She had no doubt in her mind now that this was a shape changer sent to guard Eban.

A low growl of warning trickled from the wolfs throat as she stepped closer. Using the side of her foot she nudged it none too gently, jerking her foot back as it snapped pearly white teeth her way.

She furrowed her brows together, a frown finally breaking her expressionless mask.

"Oh, don' neh mean ta 'im jus' a litta pub. Gah ta beh gentle. C'mon o's a cute pup..YA ARE! Ya you.." If he didn't cease his sickly begging with this mutt she really was going to be sick.

As if to emphasize his words, Eban scratched behind the mutts ears being met with the morphing form of this changer.

"AH!" Ebans yell of surprise was loud enough to wake even though citizens residing in the Abyss. She winced slightly, her ears sensitive to the reverberating of the sound waves inside the stone room.

"Step off me wench." The wolf, now in his human form, spat out venomously.

Instantly she recognized the man as those of the Purple Guardians but couldn't quite place his name. His hair was a dull charcoal, falling to his shoulders with pasty green skin of some elven heritage. He was fully bedecked in armor wtih shield in hand, prepped for a fight.

"Wha' da 'ell man!" Eban yelled in surprise to his comrade. But she was not surprised. She was not stupid enough to fall for the innocent meandering wolf trick.

"I thought I smelled your stench." She replied to the changelings comment, she didn't take kindly to being insulted - especially false accusations.

"I am having a private conversation." It seemed no matter where she met with Eban she was bound to be disturbed and it was fast wearing on her patience.

"At least my stench is worth living for." His hatred fairly sang through his harsh tone.

She gave a graceful shrug in reply. "I beg to differ but it would be pointless to argue with the deaf." This man wouldn't listen to her.

"Eban.." she turned her attention to him partially while keeping an eye on the changeling.

"Why dont you waste your words on that excuse of a man draven." The desire to turn and rip out his throats was so strong. How dare he insult Marcus. She could kill them easily in a matter of seconds and be done with it. She fairly salivated at visual of their blood running down her throat. Wait, stop. This is your beast talking she thought to herself.

She composed herself by distraction, focusing on the conversation at hand to keep herself from falling to the temptation of her beasts frenzy.

"I assume he is one of yours." She pulled her mask carefully back in place, keeping her tone neutral and even.

"Jus' wai' downstairs..juis' a tick. Weh weh're jus' talkin on 'ow ah dropped 'er 'usban.. weh were." The dig stung slightly but she refused to allow it to affect her anymore.

"Have him leave, we are not finished."

"Abouh done" Eban spoke to the changeling, trying to use persuasion.

"Should of finished him off." the changeling interrupted.

"Well, weh almos' are! Ah wan' ta go geh a real pup.. Been wantin one fer a while now, tha' ah thin' o ih." Eban tapped his chin thoughtfully, moved to distraction by a mutt!

She felt the grating of agitation on her nerves at being forgotten.

"Vlad, jus.. two secon's, aye matte?" Ah..Vlad..that was the changelings name. She wouldn't forget it.

Vlad's eyes narrowed suspiciously at Eban.

"Ya don' wan' meh ta geh a dog?"

"Sure..lets go get one." Vlad was trying to draw Eban away once more.

"Jus' one secon', ah'll a' leas' 'ear wha' she 'as ta say."

She waited patiently, pursing her lips in thought. Finally he would leave them alone because this was becoming tedious. You would think Eban was a child, she thought to herself, the way his people meander and direct him about.

As if hearing her very thoughts Vlad leaned forward, tapping Eban's metal clad chest. "Dont forget what man YOU are.. the man I know."

She scoffed, moving her smile to one of amusement. She knew Eban mind, body, and soul. Far better than anyone else could begin to understand him. She had shared his bed, seen the tenderness he often hid away from others.

Eban grinned in response to his comrade as Vlad whispered something, probably derogatory, in his ear.

"Ill be watching witch" Vlad eyed her one last time before descending down the stairs.

"Righ'. So.. lehs 'ear ih, ah wan' ta get a pup."

She decided to change tactics, perhaps infilitrate his home and Olympus by using one of the wolves as a spy. "Eban, if you want a wolf pup I have several under my care. Or perhaps an adult wolf."

"Ah don' wan know Lycan. Deir mean." He muttered to her. "Ah jus wan' a cute litta thin'." The wolf she gave him would be cute in every way until ordered to rip out his throat.

She gave a gentle laugh, trying to lighten some of the tension.

"I assure you they are not all mean." For once their conversation was idle..almost..normal. That was more disconcerting than anything else that the violence could be reduced down to such a relaxed level was a promising sign.

"Cuddleh.. ahn sof'.. ahn, jus' so damn cute. Ya seh 'im as a dog? Feck, wish ih was an actual one." Before, she would have laughed withought forcing it at the thought of this giant man cuddling up to a small wolf pup. But now it only brought the slight twinge of sorrow she felt as she reflected back upon her once mortal life. Now was not the time for that she mentally chastized herself.

"But besides that I have a beautiful female wolf you could have..as a gift.." It was to her knowledge that everyone appreciated gifts, especially free ones.

"Aneh weh." Eban gave a shrug of his armored shoulders, brushing off her offer with ease.

"Nah, ah'll fin' a stray. More meh stlye. 'Sides, woul' beh a bit odd gehin a gif' from you." He gave another shrug of those massive shoulders.

"Why?" She persisted, intent on trying to gain some leway with him. "I do not wish anemity between us and this would be a way to show you so. Allow me that much since soon that might change." Perhaps playing on their past relationshi with one another would work.

"Liok meh mate sai', ya wan' 'im, nah meh. Yer jus' tryin ta win meh ova, cause ya know wha' a cin do." He tapped the hilt of his kryss gently, giving another shrug.

Oh yes, she knew exactly what he could do. He was smarter than she had given him credit for. Time to change her tactics once more and play on his weakness to her feminity.

She forced a smooth laugh from her throat, lightening her next statement.

"Threatening me Eban?" She stepped forward some, moving towards him but not too close.

"Nah realleh, callin ya smar' in a sense." He nodded in accordance with his words.

Well, he really was beginning to catch on she silently commended.

"Why would I try to win over my presumable friends?" She paused, trying to play on some hidden guilt he might harbor as to the circumstances of their current dealings. "Or are we now enemies in your eyes?" She persistently questioned him.

"Frien's? Ah try ta keep frien's wif pulses..Ihs less dangerous." That, more than anything, hurt her to the core. Those words were a sign that she was fast losing what she once cherished as the greatest thing in her life.

She stepped closer, tilting her head back so that finally he could see her eyes. She dropped the mask, letting him into the very window of her soul through her very gaze.

"Surely you do not mean that.." she spoke softly to him and him alone.

She cherished their previous friendship because it had been a remnant of her mortality, the last piece of it. If she let that go then she would truly fall into the role of immortal..undead..merely a corpse..

Her mask was still down when Vlad strode up the stairs.

"Two minutes are up."

She moved her eyes to him, frowning, letting him silently know she didn't appreciate being interrupted. His presence was moving from irritating to intolerable, in her opinion.

"I don't fall prey to time limits." She snapped in frustration, her moment of tactics lost beyond a recoverable means now. "We are not finished."

"Sure you do..the sun makes you respect time limits."

Ebans scratchy broque tried to continue on with their private conversation, ignoring Vlads interruptions. "Nah, yer righ'. Weh aren' 'frien's' fer a 'ole lis' o differan' reasons." The dig stung on a very deep and personal level. She wasn't sure if this was truly Eban or the facade he placed among his comrades. To make it worse he pressed his lips together, stifling a chuckle to Vlads previous comment.

She felt outrage and anger, this was humiliating. Why had she come here? She tilted her head, trying to maintain a calm semblance.

"You are sure? I do not fear the sun nor abide its alloted time." Let them think what they would of that. When she had been a revenant she had walked out in the daylight, Eban knew that much. She was depserately searching her mind for some sort of mental stability to regain her footing on this verbal battlefield.

"Then maybe its time you learn mine."

Vlad shot back, his hand beginning to glow an eery black shade. He was a spellcaster, she realized. Now she was in truly dangerous territory. She couldn't defend herself from Vlad or risk being cut down by Eban. If she moved into the gloom they would only give chase. All these thoughts ran through her head in a matter of seconds as she scrambled about for a solution.

Ebans words broke her mental cluster. "Oooooorrr..." he dragged the word out, obviously as unsure as she was about the whole situation.

"Weh can go geh dat pup ahn no one 'as ta die." He looked nervously between Vlad and her.

She would try the neutral approach this time. If she did not appear threatening perhaps she could walk away unscathed. "I have not threatened you nor am I going to attack you."

Just then Ebans helmet, tottering on the edge of the horses back, clunked to the foor at Vlads feet - graciously breaking his concentration as he leaped back.

"I am here on personal business speaking to one of my friends." She desperately tried to gain some footing, she didn't want to lose this and wasn't about to give up.

"He said you arent friends..or maybe im deaf.." his rejoinder on her previous statement was recognizable as a wicked smile spread across his features.

"Which is neither you nor anyone elses damn business...but Eban and mines.." She felt her carefully placed facade fall away, leaving nothing but the remains of the agitation, anger, remorse, and sorrow she had been harboring inside herself.

"See that is the differance..I am his friend." Vlad resumed his concentration, an eery blinding white glow spreading out from one hand the previous black from the other.

She ignored him, hoping she could talk her way out of this as she looked helplessly to Eban. She was only met with rejection as he nodded in agreement to Vlads statement, shrugging.

"Don' make meh lis' da reasons." But she wanted him to..she wanted to know why she wasn't good enough to retain her mortality through him and the remnants of their previous history.

She felt anger and hurt over her pride at his words"If its because I carry no pulse that is a very petty reason..even for you." . What did she have to do..to prove..her mind cried out in desperation.

"Oh, dere are far more den tha'." And suddenly she didn't care how much it hurt she wanted him to continue.

"If its because of the circumstances involving my marriage that is unrelevant to you and I." She agged on, wanting..needing..to hear those words that would end snip that last thread hanging between them.

"Lehs seh.. firs', ya watched a man puh somefin in meh.. Neva quite swun' tha' way, ahn ih 'urt liok 'ell. Secon', ya didn'a do a damn thin abouh ih. Third, ya defen' 'im even now, knowin wha' eh did."

His reference to that night Marcus stuck the shadow in his chest pushed her over the edge. She had saved his life, taken a beating for him, done everything in her power to protect him and he turned his back on her now.

"Don't you dare accuse me of just watching.." she raised her voice, feeling power in the rising tone.

"Ahn aye yer a corpse, ya feed from da weak ta satifeh yer own needs. Ya wonda why weh're nah frien's?" He didn't seem to have a problem with that when he was her own cannon fodder dinner.

She shoved her finger at his chest, giving a soft growl..allowing her beast a snippet of release from its tight leash. It felt good. "I wear the scars for trying to save your ass Eban." her voice cracked, quivering in response.

Then she was assualted with a bright light, a mixing and blending of shadows merging upon her. There was a sharp pain and a intense burning upon her chest. She faintly smelled the coppery metallic sense of blood as she slipped into blissful unconsciousness.


She thought she heard voices, someone calling her name as she slipped in and out of the bleak darkness of her mind. She finally struggled away from the darkeness, swiming desperately toward the brightened path. She gave a soft groan, eyes fluttering open to be met by the sight of Vlad standing over her, the same shadowy mist seeping from his hand while Eban watched nonchalantly.

She felt the burning in her chest and could smell the blood but it didn't hurt as bad compared to what Eban now thought of her. She moved over, wincing at the burning as she slumped against the bookshelf. She was teetering on the edge of losing control and that frightened her. She felt the a sticky wetness sidling down her chest, through the cracks where her armor had been charred and was now melted to her skin.

"Leh 'er beh.. Ah wan' 'er 'usban ta know abou dis. Maybeh eh'll show 'imself again." She was only a messenger, a sign to draw the attention of her superior.

"C'mon, lehs go geh a pup." his tone was thoughtless of her, more concerned with finding a new mutt.

"Eban.." she choked out her words, trying to get past the urge to frenzy and give way to the beast inside her.

Vlad scoffed at her but she didn't care any longer about him.

"Wha, Adara?"

"I would..watch your back.." she wanted to threaten him to elict some response from his heart.

"No, ya would' watch Marcus' while ya play wif meh 'eart. Ah'm done behin da fool."

"You are the fool..still.." Her chest burned with liquid fire but she had to press forward. "For thinking that..I took a beating for you..many beatings..but.." she shook her head quickly, slumping farther down on the bookshelf, no longer able to muster the strength to continue. It was pointless anymore, he no longer cared. "I'm done.."

"Lets go Eban." Vlad said.

"Goot, as am ah.. Now, ah don' consida ye more den da monsta ya married."

And there lay her underlying fear at losing Eban, her last chance for mortality. She didn't want to become a monster by embracing her immortal self fully. Yes, she wore the mask but it was all a game anymore, she was acting. She mentally reached out to Anfalas as she once again bordered on that teetering edge of unconsciousness, no longer willing to fight.


The warm savory taste of fresh blood was poured down her throat, restoring her back to some semblance of coherency. But now without the distraction she felt the burning of her chest much more distinctly. The beast had been abated is what mattered, she wouldn't frenzy here.

Her hand jerked out, locking around a wrist and her gaze was met with deep green eyes...Anfalas. She was able to mouth out "Carden" as he picked her up into his arms, moving through a gate and moving to Draven Manor.

With gentle affection he laid her on the bed she shared with Marcus. Fortunately he was not present.

"Its burns.." she tried to lighten her words with a forced smile. She couldn't allow herself to appear weak. She could tend her wounds when Anfalas had left.

"What happened?" his concern touched her, the bond acting as a restorative balm to her broken state.

"I was attacked by one of Ebans underlings..that stays between you and me.." she warned gently. She felt his reluctant acceptance through the bond as she nodded in agreement.

"Marcus will know.." she leaned her head back against the solidness of their headboard trying to appear relaxed and ignore the wound on her chest.

"It seems that conflict is only going to continue growing..."

She nodded, exterting only the barest of movement. She reached out for his hand giving it a gentle squeeze. "My rescue..again.." this was not the first time he had come to help her when Marcus was away.

"Eban attacked me as well recently simple for happening to find his home while taking a walk." Anfalas smiled.

She sent her affection through the bond they shared, allowing him to know that she was his most prestiged fledgling..above all others..

"I do my best." he responded, the smile still in place.

"Thank you...I am proud of you." She offered a genuine smile.

"Just dont expect me to be of much use in a fight if it comes to all out war."

"You have your uses." He was by no means inferior or useless.

She waited as the minutes dragged by rather slowly as they discussed the situtation with Kaylor and his new status among the Purple Guardians. It was a..touchy subject..at best for the time being. She and Marcus still had much to discuss over it.

"I must rest now.." she finally spoke softly. She wanted to tend the wound before the flesh sealed over the metal pieces melted upon her chest. She wasn't looking forward to the pain.

He nodded in compliance.

"Goodnight mother." He moved with that agile grace from her chambers.

She grabbed a robe, heading to find Tristan to assist her in cleaning up the mess she had upon herself. Marcus was going to be angry..she knew that much. As soon as she was healed revenge was going to be sought, for any hopes of retaining mortality died away she descended the stairs.

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