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Elder.....me gotz da Elder Coins dun....am me ah Eldah now?

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Excellent.....you have done the Seasonal Elder chores and have an ingame "Elder" title .....one of the longer Festival chores in the realm!!!

But no....you are not a Clan Skullcrusher Elder.

You are as the realm sees it....a character that has travelled the world extensively and have learned all there is about the ancient Elders....right...you did memorize all the information they said and covered in all the storylines and books? If so....Elder Scryll will be your test giver...he read em and like that game on ESPN "Stump the Schwam"......well its Stump the Scryll for you......my bet will be on da Scryll. heheh

When I reorganized the Clan to simplify and create areas that the membership could excell and participate in...it followed what they already were doing and I then looked toward the WoW realm questgivers and lorekeepers and overall NPC titles for something to "connect" to....this helped establish a link and hierarchy that would be in step with the game engines path.

In the past posts here I have covered....Peon, Grunt, Boss and now the next step on the hierarchy upward is Elder.

Additionally I will cover here the Longtooths relationship at this point of the hierarchy....they simply are Elders advisors directly and Council aides.

An Elder of the Clan Skullcrusher is a member of the Council. There are only 8 Council positions and these 8 make up the voting block of the Clan on matters of large scale impact to the Clan. These matters could be related to the bank, membership, guild activites, wars, rules and any issue that the Chieftain would need the support of the whole clan to make happen. Through the Elders there literally is rarely a time where a member of Council is not awake and ingame. Elders have high powers of recruitment/promotion/demotion as well as respect and authority across the clan in terms of orders. The Chieftain works with the Council to plan the future of the Clan in all areas...some ideas become reality...some do not....it is the collective smurts of da Council (Chief und Elders) and thier advisors (Ancients und Longtooths) that make the strength of conviction the decisions that move the greatest Clan of the Realm....>CLAN SKULLCRUSHER OF ARGENT DAWN!!!

The MAJORITY of an Elders work though is NOT in game....it is in preparations and/or operations related to ingame activities for the membership.

The easiest example of this is RAID leaderships and the effort of preparing, study, scheduling, recruiting, placing and producing stockpiles for the Raid itself......busy work for the "GAMETIME" event itself.....and the majority of that is not for the Elder but those participating.

Here is the listing of the Elders seats of the Council


Elder of ARMORY..........Verissi (mechanics, stats, calculations)

Elder of MERCHANTILE..Gordantell (everything bank, item and skills related)

Elder of GLORY.............Scryll (realm lore and quests)

Elder of PEETUB............Kalea (membership)


Elder of WAR................Muato (Battlegrounds)

Elder of CONQUEST.......Baracko (Raids)

Elder of CAMPAIGNS.....Calendor (Raids)

Elder of BLOOD.............Oriahtundra (Arena)


So while ya have dun gud wit dem coins.....und da realm may see ya as an Eldah......ya nub an Elder of Clan Skullcrusher.....not yet that is.

"Hey....what were these Longtooths...you said you would cover that?"; Grunt asks

Ah....yub da Longtooths....dey a tired Elder dat ken no mo stand up (play) anymur und cant dedicate the time needed fur da Elder role (retired and limited game time) A longtooth on occassion can also be a respected Boss as well who for real world circumstances is unable to play regularily but is not leaving the Wow engine completely.

These Longtooths are of strong background in terms of the Clan, lore and game knowlege and mechanics that they are given the title of Longtooth to serve as advisors to the Elders and Council......they like to talk alot....dat why dey longtooths!!!

"Wut dees Captains und Warmongers.....me wunt tu be Warmongah!!!"; lwiddle Peon hollers

Ah....da Captains and Warmongers are a monthly Elder appointed recongition title.....kinda like Employee of the Month system. Members who receive these are begin recognized by an Elder for thier support in the area that the Elder is leading for the Clan.


Elder Scryll recongizes a member for great Roleplaying in guildchat/game/forums etc....he would appoint that player a CAPTAIN title for the following month.

Elder Baracko would appoint a WARMONGER for support of Raids by a player.

There can be 4 Captains and 4 Warmongers each month maximum...unless special instances occur that the Chief deems more should be granted.

(First in Class awards were an example of this.....Chief awarded Captain ranks to the 1st of each class to reach 80)

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