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Peon....wher me start...whut me du?

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So you have been approved to be a Peon within the Clan Skullcrusher aye?

First off......What and Who is your sponsor? (existing Boss, Longtooth, Elder or Ancient)

The existing member who would stand up and take you under thier wing to help answer general questions about the clan, lore, activities and participation expectations etc.

This relationship in an Roleplay way is akin to the Knight-Squire, Master-Apprentice relationship.....depending on your Sponsor that may take on different flavors etc. The key is that this is your beginning opportunity to develope your character within the fabric that is the Clan Skullcrusher tabbard and tapestry.

While the WoW game engine lore and experience gives us countless oppportunities to link and play off of for lore and historical senses....being a Peon is the first opportunity for YOU to begin to develope YOUR story WITHIN the Clan Skullcrusher. You and Your Sponsor are the key players in this endeavor.

Utilizing the guildchat for RP.....Grouping to get your character known and reknown in the clan is important. If no one knows who you are or what you are or what you are bringing to the clan as a team......RP...PVP and/or Raiding prowess.....then when the Peon discussions come up for promotions to Grunt.....your promotion simply will not happen if enough have no answer to give.

There is no magic formula for Peon progression or steps for you to follow perfectly.....we are all imperfect in our own ways...and that is why we look for more like ourselves in the hopes to fill in what we lack.....hehehe Seriously you MUST though keep a few things in perspective. on your journey thru Peon life.

Follow orders.....your at the bottom of the ficticious ladder.

Participate and always HAVE FUN ingame!!!!

Utilize the Website forums for questions that are not quick n easy answers.....keep the guildchat for gametime fun.....crusherooc is for non game conversations.

Dont be shy at grouping, creating a group to do things....just remember to follow orders of the group/raid/team leader if your in a group.

(use sidebar or open opportunities for discussions on issues that may arrise and/or you know a solution for)


Realize the majority of the clan is older than most guilds....our avg age is just over 31....and we have some real old coots too over the 40s line.

We have several married couples that play the game AND many engaged couples......so in general we are older than the kewl dOODZ days.. heheh

BE GOOFY if you want....we are here to have fun....just be aware of anything that could be taken the wrong way....when in doubt dont.

In time you will get to know many and know the lines etc of what not to cross with jokes or banter.

Have I said HAVE FUN and KEEP IT FUN??!!!!

You may find yourself the brunt of some pranks or jokes.....hazing is not illegal in Azeroth....its actually encouraged!!!

The Horde side is the Loyal, Honor, Duty, Glory and Brotherhood side of the game engine.....it is not the GREED, CORUPT or ME ME ME side of the game engine.

We all do look forward to meeting you and learning your story.....seeing what you bring to the clan and how you help us continue to make this Clan one of the best in all of World of Warcraft!!!!

See you on the inside Peon.....prepare to do alot of dishes, laundry and peetub cleaning. (that will be your drinking bowl too by the way)

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