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Skribbulz from Elder Council Meeting

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2009 will have 1 monthly RP ingame guildmeeting which will be during the last week of the month (varied timeslots and day) and cover the standard Peon Promotions, any Boss Promotions, Elder title awards as well as a special Topic which will be declared in advance to allow players to participate in RP around that topic and or discussion.

AFTER the meeting an assembly of those interested will occur and we will work at gaining BLACK WAR BEAR MOUNTS (slaying leaders of ally cities) or Wintergrasp .....a PVP activity.

The INGAME CALENDAR will be utilized for announcements and scheduling of the event....the website will as well in the forums.

Promotion Award satchels will be designed as a goody bag of bank items to help the newly promoted in thier skill growth or overall gameplay experience......Elder Scryll spoke up to be willing to help Elder Gordantell with selection of items from the Clan Vault.

Clan Vault and its security....strong support for the Blizzard authenticator.

Given the recent hacking activities the Bank is on LOCKDOWN

We will in next month begin to loosen up the lockdown currently in place and the item withdrawl limit will be put at...


Warden=0 (mains can send things to thier alts)





This is a matter of security and integrity....providing a safe place for longterm gaming....that includes the stockpiles that our members toil ....in somecases DAYS AND MONTHS to establish.

Application procedure for entry into guild......remains invite only with sponsorship required.

Morgh's real world awards will have a signup to participate in them.....if a player signs up for the program (address/contact information) then upon receiving an award it will be sent to them. If they do not sign up for this program...Morgh will not pester them for pics or info.

Morgh still does need Elder images for the website projects.

To continue the effort to become the WoW Roleplaying guild website within the Blizzard Guild Relations.....we need to produce a knowledge base (RP VERSION) on our website as well as participate more in the Blizzard Forums and have ingame events.....links on the website will be completed as the sections are updated (with some images from Elders)

Akin to this there will be new links for gamecards and Blizzard upgrades etc on the marketplace to simplify members or visitors in aquiring items to help them make their World of Warcraft experience easier and more fun n secure.

Raids and RP events are still open for members to conduct and create new...no one has been denied an opportunity to run either...its all about the players commitment and understanding that it takes TIME and effort to get it down and efficient.

The Lunar Festival is coming up and it is hoped that all Elders (8) are able to complete the event so that they will have the RP Title of Elder available ingame.

As pointed out from many during the meeting....utilization of the website should be urged for large Q n A but particpation in TS conversations is allowable and ingame indeed.....the belief of tiers of levels are non-approachable should be dispelled.....sure there are obvious times its not possible....Raid events, RP events, Battle events etc.....but that is a fraction of the majority of gametime for most. The website is a tool many need to utilize more frequently and easily.

Thank you for your time and gametime fun....we thank you for your support

*does Bartles n James Wine Cooler commercial nod*

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